Gorgeous Photos Simultaneously Capture Life Above and Below Sea Level

“In Australian photographer Matthew (Matty) Smith’s series Over/Under, he simultaneously captures life above and below sea level. The gorgeous shots showcase our familiar world of sunsets, trees, and seagulls in the top halves of the photos, while the bottom portions feature intriguing sights of jellyfish, coral, and schools of fish.”

See more photos at mymodernmet.

(Photo Credit: Matty Smith)


My most favorite nail artist ever, basecoat-topcoat, has worked her magic again. 

This time I asked her to help me reclaim the famous Pink Floyd album cover: Dark Side of the Moon (the title is a whole other issue…). While it’s become a huge image in pop culture, it represents one of the major findings of science (and astronomy) - that white light is actually comprised of a spectrum of wavelengths (commonly know as the rainbow). 

I hereby take back the prism and rainbow for SCIENCE. 

- Summer

P.S. just a reminder that basecoat-topcoat also did my galaxy nails and my Hubble nails. :) 


Here are some wild pulp covers and illustrations from Fantastic Adventures. Highlights include a giant woman riding a giant seahorse, and a smug viking knocking down a space-man.

Fantastic Adventures Vol.13, No.5 May 1951. Cover by Robert Gibson Jones; Vol.13, No.6, June 1951. Cover by Walter H. Hinton; Vol.3, No.6, August 1941. Cover by Rod Ruth; Vol.3 No.5, July 1941. Cover by J. Allen St. John and H.W. McCauley; Vol.12, No.8, August 1950. Cover by H.W. McCauley.  Two interior illustrations by H.W. McCauley and Virgil Finlay.  

-Laura H.