Apollo 9 Command/Service Modules (CSM) nicknamed “Gumdrop” and Lunar Module (LM), nicknamed “Spider” are shown docked together as Command Module pilot David R. Scott stands in the open hatch. Astronaut Russell L. Schweickart, Lunar Module pilot, took this photograph of Scott during his EVA as he stood on the porch outside the Lunar Module. Apollo 9 was an Earth orbital mission designed to test docking procedures between the CSM and LM as well as test fly the Lunar Module in the relative safe confines of Earth orbit. Photo courtesy of Great Images in Nasa.

Apollo 9 was launched March 3, 1969. Here, astronauts Jim McDivitt (CDR) and Rusty Schweickart (LMP) are training in the Lunar Module Simulator.

Apollo 9 fue lanzado el 3 de marzo de 1969.  En la foto, los astronautas Jim McDivitt (CDR) and Rusty Schweickart (LMP) entrenando en el simulador del Módulo Lunar.

Imagen NASA