I’m trying to do a thing… Yip this could be the beginning of a long series displaying my take on the whole “Disney Princesses Heroines in their Prince’s counterpart’s clothes” idea. Yes it’s been done like 2 times before… don’t freak out :). I’ll keep adding to this post as I complete new princesses. Xxx

Here, I decided to post one new thing to this blog.

VANELLOPE. She’s cute in every way and I love her. I wanted to try drawing her…but for this specific one, I left it as a sketch, and I left very few things untouched on the sketch which is why most of it probably looks lazy (ex. hands). I loved her color scheme so this drawing was mostly for me to try some digital painting! I’m pretty excited about it, and I hope you all like it.

[EDIT] added candy to her hair, and her hair bow. cleaned up some minor details.


Supanova was awesome as ever awesome cosplays as the usual!
It any body saw me or got a photo msg me~ 
I kinda need to meet new people and ect.
I went both Saturday and Sunday c:

Vanellope Von Schweets <3 

More photos later..

Oh next Cosplay for Oz-Comic Con shall be a surprise.
A delicious Surprise must i add. = u = 
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