Text 27

lise a teleplay

she is a pretty girl
lise sits between two palm trees in a conservatory
she wears white stockings and shoes, a white dress, a white hat
she is surrounded by four musicians, a string quartet
the string quartet plays the string quartet in g minor by arnold schönberg
lise puts an ivory ball in her mouth and then drinks a sip of cherry liquor and spits the ivory ball into a silver bowl
first movement
lise takes off her dress
second movement
[lise puts the ivory ball in her nicely painted pussy and wets her nipples with spit]
third movement     vomits
lise kneels down and with the help of a feather vomits into the bowl
fourth movement
lise has a basket of eggs in front of her and uses a syringe to begin filling them with inks bright red bright blue dark blue bright green dark green violet and then breaks the eggs over her knees (one after another)

third movement
lise drinks black coffee

Rudolf Schwarzkogler 
3. Aktion „mit einem menschlichen Körper“, Sommer 1965, 1965
40 x 30 cm
Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
© Österreichische Ludwig Stiftung