schuylerl asked you:
Dyou tweet? 

Nah. When I’m not sneaking around in cool places I’m just a grocery store manager who goes home to a boyfriend and a cat and a glass of wine or two. So tweets from me would just be “Who the fuck thinks they can return a half-eaten tub of butter with no receipt” and then blurry pictures of my cat trying to seduce houseplants. As someone who believes deeply in obsessive, meticulous documentation: there are some things in life that do not actually need to be meticulously documented, and my life is one of ‘em.

Anonymous asked you: have you ever had a problem with cops or squatters at hudson river psychiatric center?

Anonymous asked you: and are there a lot of ways to get in? 

Hudson River has a security guard who patrols the place and chases off anyone unlucky enough to get spotted. I’ve seen him but never directly interacted with him, fortunately. But I’ve heard that he will call the cops and leave the location to try and get ya. I haven’t run into any squatters there, but I’ve only been twice. As to getting in, it depends on the building– and the ease of entrance shows. If you look at shots from the recreational center, that place is wide open and fucked to hell and back. The intact, uncollapsed portion of the Kirkbride building is sealed better, and in some rooms the only sign of decay is the peeling paint. I’ve heard that the security guy will actually get out of his van and wander around to keep the Kirkbride secure.

leanonstephen asked you: Have you seen the documentary Cropsey? Have you been to Willowbrook? Love your photography.

I have watched Cropsey! A while ago. It was pretty good, I think, but I remember being annoyed because the “creepy abandoned place” footage they use over and over again is the New York City Farm Colony, not Willowbrook. Two separate places, two separate functions. I have been to the Farm Colony, a couple times, but I have not been to Willowbrook and don’t know much about it. Most of it was absorbed by the College of Staten Island, which is right next to the remains of the Farm Colony. The first time I visited the Farm Colony I did go right past what I assume are abandoned Willowbrook buildings on the CSI campus, but the place is super active and the buildings are right out in the open.

ectog6 asked you: Did you ever get a chance to go to St. Augistines monastery on Staten Island?

I feel literal, physical pain over the fact that I never got to see St. Augustine’s. My kid sister actually goes to the school that St. Augustine’s   was essentially right on top of– if I’d been on top of my game in 2009 when she started, I might’ve been able to see it before it got demolished. But I was very much not on top of my game in 2009 (let’s get real I’m not on top of my game now), and I’m going to be disappointed in myself for pretty much the rest of my life.

Anonymous asked you: What are your thoughts on the graffiti/street art you see generally?

Mixed! I think well-thought-out, creative graffiti adds a lot to the exploring experience and sometimes the art I see is the best part of the location. Dicks and weird anti-semitic/racist trash are less cool. There’s a certain amount of sociological intrigue in it for me, in that, like. What fucking compels people to draw cocks and “die n******” over and over again in these places. I am really genuinely curious, albeit still disgusted.
As to the more-innocuous-but-still-mediocre stuff (“jay was here,” “go bearsharks 2010!!!”), the imperative behind that is a little more transparent and I’m not entiiiiiirely upset about it? It’s kinda cool to see all this evidence of human beings, even if they were really shallow, unimaginative human beings with nothing interesting to say. Unless they did it on top of something that would have been really lovely otherwise. Write your name on a blank wall in a random hallway in a building full of identical hallways? Cool. Write your name on top of a 60-year-old hand-painted mural? If I find you I’m gonna fuckin’ break your legs.

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