Thanks for those who helped me complete the stickers though I don’t like Starbucks' planner for 2011! Hahahaha! Do you guys know Invitation House? They got full of kawaii planners and notebooks and and and stuffs! Visit them at Greenbelt and you’ll surely enjoy every page of their planners! How about YEAH notebooks/planners/etc.? Very cheaaaappppp but they got the quality we need! For those who loves vintage, I recommend Yeah for you guys! :) I have two sketch pads by Yeah, so classic and neat! You can visit them at National Book Stores and Department Stores. Lecture notebooks? Go for Schutzen! :P

So my pastor had a bunch of antique guns he wanted me to look at

He got them for free from a family friend and is planning on making them wall-hangers. Of the five he had on hand, they were

-Khyber Pass Martini-Henry copy

-Van Wartz and Sons blackpowder side-by-side, dated 1841

-unmarked “Kentucky”-style flintlock

-“cannon-barreled” flintlock pistol with St. Etienne markings

-Break-open “Schutzen”-style rifle from Bavaria