Luna Y Sol – Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Corporate design & logotype

The guests of the tapas bar combine different dishes to form a menu. We translated this principle to the design and built a logotype and ornament from single geometric forms.

Colors and materials are inspired by the iberian culture.

The logo-ornament is flexible and can be applied to various formats.


210X280 Process – HfG Offenbach
Annual report

The title refers to the only two requirements of the design, the format and the four color print. The word ‘process’ also refers to the production process, which is made visible through various interventions.

After every sheet of the content some sheets of the cover cardboard were printed using the same plate. Each cardboard was printed twice with different content pages and also randomly rotated, which generated as much unique covers as possible. Then the title was screen printed on top.

A self made software deletes some random lines of the source code, which destroys the letterforms of the headlines.


Bees Village – Herbs and Village Blues
Hand made digipak

Sustainability and handcraft are very important for the band. So with our design we took an alternative approach, producing plain CD digipaks made from environmental friendly recycling material.

All text and image content were produced as rubber stamps most of which are reusable. The band handcrafted the albums making every single one unique.


Harrison Crump – Deep Down Inside
Record sleeve

The abstract graphics on this record sleeve were generated with a self made software and filled automatically with random color gradients. In contrast to the graphics the texts run over the edges from the front to the back and vice versa, making them look as if they were applied to the finished record sleeve, just like stickers.


Drykorn – Autumn Winter 2013
Image book & campaign

A self written software placed selected images randomly on the cover and the background rectangle on the back of the book is generated with varying size, position and color. The color of the textile tape covering the spine of the book also varies. So each cover becomes a unique copy.


Daniel Stefanik – Confidence
Record sleeve & CD digipak

A square of facets filled with different geometric patterns. The title is placed in the upper right facette. Patterns and text are printed in black. The graphics including title text were also printed as highgloss varnish rotated clockwise by 90 degrees.

Unfortunately the record sleeves had to be produced twice, because the screen printer thought, the file for the glossy varnish was wrong. He rotated it back to make it fit!

The album was also released on CD and so the design had to be transferred to the digipak format. We didn’t just scale the graphic down, but built the square with less facets. On the other hand five panels plus the CD had to be filled instead of just two. The varnish layer was rotated differently on each panel.


Drykorn – Spring Summer 2012
Image book & campaign

The cover of this book was coated with paper and cellophane and additionally embossed with an ornament. All content pages are completely coated with high gloss varnish and some double page spreads were printed with a spot color matching the cover. The book was sent out in a white branded plastic envelope.


Phil Kieran – Shh
Record sleeve, CD digipak & typeface

The Irish artist Phil Kieran asked us to create a Bauhaus-like key visual. So we developed a geometric typeface, whose colored letters first look like an abstract composition.

A production trick makes you think, the record sleeve and digipak were screen printed.


Eleven Years Cocoon Recordings –Selected Remix Works
CD digipak

We processed the bulky title of this anniversary compilation using a relatively coarse raster. The single glyphs were translated very differently depending on their positions.

The digipak was coated with rainbow effect foil then printed upon black.

We rasterized the rainbow effect that appears on a cd and then printed it back on the cd.


Drykorn – Autumn Winter 2012
Image book & campaign

Just like in 2011 this autumn winter image book is designed to match the book of the spring summer collection. The photo shooting was located at a former film set near Los Angeles, and the images quote the road movie genre in various ways.

Referring to this, the cover was embossed with the original tire tracks of the car in the book.

The layout of the content pages refers to a filmstrip and also the high gloss varnish on all pages makes you think of celluloid material.


Lisa Marei Klein – Der Hahn ist tot / Ein Sommer ohne Schulbücher
Double Catalogue

Two works of art by sculptor Lisa Marei Klein are documented together in one book. Two works, no order, two covers, no backside.

Material and texture are important aspects of the artist’s works. The title is stamped with transparent hot foil into the rough material of the cover and the content pages are completely coated with high gloss cellophane.