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Rivals from different schools, Hummelberry and Blaintana organize car wash fundraisers across the street from each other at the same time (please see the banana stand wars from Arrested Development for reference).

“I cannot believe the nerve of them.”

Rachel stands, her hands on her hips, glaring across the street at the atrocious act of indecency across the street.

“We very clearly made our stake here. They’re being rude and underhanded.”

“And it wasn’t underhanded of you to sneak into their rehearsal the other day?”

Rachel colors. “That was different.”

“Yeah,” Kurt grins. “That was you.”

She huffs and turns around, dramatically, stomping back over to where Finn and Sam are squirting each other with the hose. Kurt glances across the street. The Cheerios were probably the biggest enemy New Directions had at this point in their high school careers.

They’d survived the jocks and the slushies and being called losers by the entire school by finally bringing home a Nationals trophy and getting almost the entirety off their back. Almost being the key-word. Because no matter how many trophies they brought home, no matter how many titles, the Cheerios would still follow Coach Sylvester's lead and hate them for reasons Kurt honestly didn’t understand.

He hears a shout of laughter and his eyes focus on Blaine Anderson, co-captain and one of, scratch that, the cutest guy in school. He was, for once, out of the uniform, wearing bright red McKinley High swim trunks and a black tank-top. He was also soaking wet and everything was clinging in exactly the right place.

“Kurt!” Rachel snaps from across the parking lot. “Snap out of it.”

Reluctantly, Kurt turns to wash another car.


“Could you be any more obvious, Anderson?”

Blaine looks over at Santana, who’s staring at him with one hand on her hip and a knowing smirk on her face.


“You haven’t been able to stop staring at Hummelsexual over there since we got here. Why don’t you meander on over there and ask him out?”

“Okay, firstly, don’t call him names because that’s rude. And offensive. Secondly, you know Coach would kill me if I ever interacted with anyone from New Directions. Quinn would help her bury the body.”

Santana rolls her eyes. “Are you or are you not my best hobbit?”

“Uh…I am?”

“Exactly. Do you honestly think I’d let you get caught? I know how to cause a distraction up in here.”

“Are you going to go all "Lima Heights”?“ Blaine teases, with actually draws an honest laugh from her. "Seriously, why are you doing this?”

“I’ve watched you moon over Kurt ever since New Directions became a thing. And, believe it or not, I actually care about you being happy. Now, get that fine ass over there and ask your boy out.”

“And just when I think you’re being sentimental,” Blaine mutters. “Alright. Give me a distraction.”

Santana grins evilly. 


Kurt hears the screams and the crash before he sees it. His head whips around, and he sees that a car across the street actually rolled into one of those light fixtures.

“My car!” Mr. Schuester yells, staring in horror.

Rachel frowns. “Mr. Schuester, why did you let the Cheerios wash your car…”

He colors, obviously flustered. “I-it was for the good of team spirit and…”

He trails off, darting quickly across the road to surmise the damage. Rachel looks murderous and Kurt knows their advisor is going to catch hell when he comes back.

“Hi, Kurt,” a voice says, and everything Kurt was thinking flies out of his head.

Blaine Anderson, still deliciously soaked, is standing in front of him, a little out of breath but grinning brightly all the same.

“H-hi,” Kurt says.

“I don’t have a lot of time because pretty soon no one will be that interested in Mr. Schue’s car-”

You did that?" 

"Well, technically no but…hey, your adviser is getting his car washed by us. Are you really that angry?”

“Point taken. Continue.”

“It was for a good cause, anyway. I was wondering if you’d like to get coffee with me sometime.”

Kurt blinks. “I…what?”

“Coffee. With me.”

“Like a date?”

“Exactly like a date,” Blaine’s smile falls. “Unless you don’t want to them no pressure but I’ve been meaning to ask you out for a while and-”

“You…you have?” Kurt asks weakly. “I mean…really?”

The smile is back. “Yes, really. Would you like to?”

“I’d love you. Too! I’d love too,” Kurt colors slightly. “I would love to get coffee with you, Blaine.”

“Awesome. I should get back but, uh, I’ll see you at school?”

“Not if I see you first,” Kurt says, finally regaining his cool composure and throwing Blaine a wink.

Blaine takes his hand and squeezes it, letting go almost as soon as he grabbed it. “Awesome. See you later, Kurt.”

“Bye, Blaine.”

He watches as Blaine darts back across the street and high-fives Santana Lopez before falling in line with the rest of the Cheerios, watching as Coach Sylvester and Mr. Schue scream at each other.

“I have a date with Blaine Anderson,” Kurt tells himself.

Rachel is probably going to kill him.

i fucking love will schuester this season. he's so amazing.

you all bitch and moan about him being terrible to santana and telling her she needed to commit or leave glee club. she chose not to commit. that was her choice. well maybe she should stop playing both sides. she needs to stop leading the glee club on and choose a side. 

i’m glad she finally decided to choose glee club. for now at least. i love santana, her voice is flawless. but she tends to play both sides and it gets tiring for the glee club when they’re constantly brought down by sue with aid of santana. 

and anything he says to mercedes needs to be said because she’s just being ridiculous. does she not remember the conversation she and rachel had? rachel told her that it’s her dream to be a broadway star and she takes what she wants. she forces herself in. but she doesn’t it with more grace than mercedes ever has and ever will, especially with her boyfriend encouraging her to be conceited. mercedes, stop being lazy and take what you want with grace. healthy competition is what rachel wants. 

ooc- Will Schuester & Others Needed!


Will Schuester needed for this awesome RP! Were all friendly, and caring and ACTIVE! Emma currently ships wemma, so if your a wemma shipper that would be awesome! We have all our Glee kids, but they don’t have a teacher, so please if you’d like to roleplay Will please consider us - I’ve been in many RP’s before but this is by far the best, were like a family and very active and loyal :D If your interested and want to find out more information or to apply please go here: wegleerp

*Smuts allowed - Rated R

*The Glee students are attending Senior Year at McKinley High. Who is dating who? What are they doing to make a living? What goes on during their free time?

All of this is your choice.


P.S. We Have a few more places to fill also, mostly teacher roles like Sue, Ken, Beiste, and Carol (Finns mom) & Also Becky!

Thank you - :)