Based in New York City, Jonathan Schoonover is a photographer whose images portray a rich sense of colours. Jonathan’s thirst for photography is fueled by his admiration of “capturing a moment of light”.  Read on as Jonathan talks about his admiration of photography

I’m a photographer currently living and going to grad school in New York City. I love making photographs for myself. If other people like them, that’s just a bonus. Typically, I tend to shoot portraits with photo-journalistic qualities, but recently, I’ve been messing around with some more conceptual work. This usually involves incredibly garish colors and a lot of fruit - sometimes deli meat….via

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Those fine folks at Comic Book Resources have the exclusive preview of Adventures of Superman #46 (out on Monday for only $0.99) drawn by mingdoyle (doing KamandI!), brentschoonover (doing 1939 Superman!) and written by that Joe Keatinge guy.

It’s the first of three parts. Part two features more Ming Doyle Kamandi with a 2013 Superman drawn by David Williams and Al Gordon. Part three features 1926 Clark Kent drawn by tulalotaycomics and jasonshawnalexander drawing Superman at the end of all time. 

All under a cover by Jon Bogdanove, responsible for one of my favorite Superman comics of all time

Out weekly, starting on Monday, March 10th!