really Facebook? My goal is not to be a stalker

Facebook’s new sidebar news feed makes it easier than ever to stalk your friends every Facebook movement. I can see whose walls they are posting on, even if that person is someone I don’t even know. Like, they think I want to get in on that conversation action.

I remember when I didn’t see everyone’s conversations, now I do. This is kind of ridiculous.

Also, guys, you really don’t need to announce where you are at any given moment. Like, what purpose does that serve? I don’t… care that you are currently at the McDonalds on such-and-such street. what? Do you expect me to drive on over now that you’ve announced this? That woud be an awkward conversation:

"Hey Kevin!"

"Oh hey. You came here for lunch too?"

"Well, I saw that you checked in here so I’d thought we’d have lunch together."

"Oh…uh…I’m kind of meeting someone else…"

*cue awkward silence*

I’m waiting for the day where they make it possible to see every website your friends visit.

"Guys guess what? I’m currently looking at School Of World’s Tumblr!" Woo? (totally an awesome comic made by my friend and her friends gaiz)

Facebook, making it easier for stalkers since 2004.

oh wow when you put the first run of shirts next to the secobd they look totally different (we switched brands between print runs to a higher quality shirt; as such there was a slight change in coloration) #schoolofworld