Weeaboos Are Very Offensive

So I live in SouthEast Asia here in the Philippines and I come from a Jap-Fil descent. I’m very proud of it and while I watch anime and read manga, I don’t take it to the extent to that of weeaboos because I know my limits whenever I’m around people who don’t like anime and manga, but many of my schoolmates still respect me and I have many friends within my batch.

Now, I remember being approached by this girl from my batch while I was practicing my strokes and reading about sentence construction in Japanese (I’ve been studying with my dad for 5 months, at the moment I’ve already memorized Hiragana so I’m moving on to Katakana) and she was this girl who I knew was a huge weeaboo. She tried so hard to get close to me just because I was part Japanese, and this really offended me. She would always say, “Oh my gosh, you know this anime!?” and I would just wave her off saying, “I’ve heard of it.” and continue reading or drawing, whichever I was doing at the time she would come to me.

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I was told, ‘My sons cannot memorize their times tables — yet they sing along with Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones, and they get their words.’

—Bob Dorough, who composed, conducted and even sang much of Schoolhouse Rock’s music, on the idea for "Multiplication Rock," the very first series of Schoolhouse Rock shorts. Hear the full interview from Weekend Edition.

Believe it or not, Schoolhouse Rock is 40 years old.