Pages from a 1710 school ledger by Philadelphian Grace Hoopes. Her penmanship and flourishes are remarkable! And check out that almost-too-quaint-to-be-true calculation of how many barley corns are in a mile. The book is also a great example of paper corrosion caused by unstable iron gall ink, as you can clearly see in the first image (the whole book looks pretty water-stained too).

From the HSP schoolbook collection [1066].

La Liseuse (1895). William Bouguereau (French, 1825-1905). Oil on canvas.

Bouguereau features a young peasant girl sitting on a simple stone bench, one schoolbook open in her hands and a small pile of others by her side. She is pictured with a playful look on her face as she glances up from her studies. Bouguereau created idealized images of the simple, honest life of the peasant as a form of reassurance in the rapidly industrializing modern world. 


Liu Wei's Works of Art are Made Out of Schoolbooks 

It is one thing for Chinese artist and sculptor Liu Wei to create these impressive cityscape sculptures and it is another thing to craft them from stacks of old schoolbooks. Balancing precariously between the notions of order and disorder, Liu Wei’s sprawling creations depict cities in metamorphosis, something that he has become accustomed to while living in Beijing, China.

How We Got Here: Countdown to the Layoffs
By Claire Lambrecht and Hadas Goshen

Parent and community coordinators, family workers and school aides, mostly represented by District Council 37’s Local 372, are expected to lose their jobs on Friday, in the largest layoff at a single agency since Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg took office in 2002.