Ab-Soul Concert

So, I finally have time to speak on my experience at this past Friday Ab-Soul concert. And let me tell you, Soul is just klmdfsaveruvinretv. I had the chance to meet him and talk to him after the show and the shit he talked about was just so fucking insightful and illuminating. The type of individual he his is so genuine, soft spoken, down to earth, etc. If you have the chance to meet him on his current These Days tour, DO IT! It is so worth it.

I had the chance to also hold conversations with Soul’s DJ and the guy that performs on stage with Soul. Again, two soft-spoken individuals. 

I’m not much of a Bas fan but he was there. The guy that performed on stage with Soul says it was surprising that it was Bas and not Cole on the tour with Soul, but Cole may have things going on with himself. He also spoke on Cole & Kendrick mixtape (cause you know damn well I asked), and he said timing. Kendrick working his album. And the possibility of Cole working on one as well. He also told me that this track that Kendrick is releasing tomorrow is “going to change the fucking universe.” 

Overall, the concert was dope. Definitely my favorite concert. Mind you I’ve been to five Trey Songz concerts, Logic, and Kendrick Lamar (which included Stalley, J. Rock, & Ab-Soul).

3’s Up. + Vibes