school shootings in america

Washington school shooter’s dad faces felony charges for illegal gun

The father of a teenage boy who fatally shot five students and himself in a Washington state high school last October is now facing felony charges after federal authorities determined that he illegally purchased the gun used in the rampage.

Raymond Lee Fryberg, 42,  was arrested on Tuesday this week and charged with unlawful  possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

Okay,usually I wouldn’t make a post like that but I want to help Americans understand why we Germans/Europeans are really fucking mad at them right now.

Imagine a school shooting in America. Imagine European Bloggers not saying a single word of condolences. Imagine us not giving a shit about your problems. Imagine a German Blogger saying: “Well, you know it doesn’t happen that often here in Germany so you should do it like us!!”  

Is that something that would make you angry? Of course. Why? Because this just makes it about us and how superior we are to you because there might be things that work better in our country. And it totally ignores the emotional damage the affected persons are feeling, it shows absolutely no respect for the victims. 

And now I’m gonna tell you something. This is exactly what we felt like because of you. When the Plane crash happened I saw literally little to nothing about it on tumblr, I went into the tag and there were few scattered posts of people grieving and praying for the families/friends who lost someone dear to them. I told myself, hey ok, this is Europe, and American media probably doesn’t even talk about it. But then one or two days later, tumblr wouldn’t shut up about how “European media fails to call the co-pilot a terrorist” and people started trying to educate us Europeans about things that happened in our country. In German we have a term for that and it’s called Gefährliches Halbwissen, which basically means you know nothing/or just a little bit about a topic and act like you know everything. Suddenly people from America who have no idea about white terrorism in Europe/Germany tried to tell me, a German, how my media fails to call the co-pilot a terrorist, how my country pities the co-pilot because he was mentally ill, how we Germans probably feel bad for that poor boy. Those people who did that were usually the ones who said no fucking word the day when the plane crash happened. They did not support us. They did not stand by our side. They did nothing. But when it went from “technical error” to “co-pilot crashed the plane on purpose and is mentally ill” you fucking rubbed your hands and decided that this is the right time to step in and educate us, to make this all about yourself when it’s clearly not.

I’m so mad, you know what European bloggers do when anything bad happens in America? We try to support you, we educate ourselves about the topic, we try to stand by your side, we sign petitions, etc. And what do we get from you? Nothing. Absolutely nothing beside you scolding us because of your us-centric opinions and beliefs. Thank you. 

The fact is, the NRA has created, and is now appealing directly to, a fringe element of gun fetishists whose entire lives revolve around guns, ammo and making sure nobody takes away their freedom. These people tend to believe they are the ‘good guys with guns’ and they’ll stop the ‘bad guys with guns.’ Inevitably, though, many of these people tend to turn out to be the bad guys with guns, killing people with no guns. In today’s America, the percentage of households with guns is near an all-time low. A 2012 General Social Survey poll showed that only 34% of homes had a gun, down from over 50% in the 1970s. Yet, it is estimated we now have as many guns as people in this nation. Basically, if you own a gun, you likely own several.

Therefore, what we have here is a country where the majority of the population has no real use for guns and does not want them in their homes. However, because there is an industry which is seeing huge profits from the sale of guns and ammo to a minority of the population, it is imperative for the NRA to make sure that this group of people has the ability to continue to arm themselves to the teeth in the name of the Constitution and freedom, consequences be damned. Thus, the increased frequency of mass shootings, killings in public places and a general air of fear is a small price to pay for unregulated, rampant capitalism. Isn’t that the American way, after all?

I’m just going to put this out there for all the americans blaming your high gun-death rate on mental illness rather than guns: I’m from the UK. We have the same violent video games and hatred of the schooling system and celebrity culture and all of those things that you’re willing to blame, and we haven’t had a school shooting since ‘96. We have mentally ill people too. The only difference is our gun laws.

Hi kids! here’s a little message for you,
Why don’t you go shoot up your school?
Steal your daddy’s gun and shoot for fun
At the bullies and teachers. Won’t that be cool?
We are the media, who glorify the killers,
And we need more killers as we need more filler
Material. The why’s; the ways in which we psycho-analyse you
(And torment your parents) for doing what you do.
We need people to tune in, welcome back to columbine revisited
A twenty-four hour special, news recycle, the same stories,
Different scenarios. Different schools. So you’re a loser
And a loner, and also a violent video game owner,
Well here’s a rifle and a couple of magnums.
You’re the prime candidate,
See if you can get that death toll up to eight or so,
You know, we’d love to hate you on our show.
Surely being infamous is way better than being anonymous?
And best of all, no-one will know the blame is really on us.

Glory Killings

By Ryan Havers

When will America learn that not having guns isn’t the end of the world?
It seems to be a stupid “We need guns to protect ourselves from situations like this, when people attack us- with guns” mentality.
You do not need guns, it such an outdated concept. Take it from places like England, Scotland, Australia etc

I know a lot of people think that just because the right to bare arms is an amendment here in the US, everybody should have guns and it would unconstitutional to think otherwise, but with all these shootings, I keep leaning on the side of no guns for the US.

I’m sorry, but people simply cannot be trusted in these recent days. I’m not comfortable in my own school anymore, and there’s been talk of shootings every day for a couple years not. It’s depressing and a little scary.

This is how fast a school shooting can happen. You’re getting to school, bored out of your mind, next thing you know, you’re in the cafeteria for lunch. Then a student you’ve known forever walks up to your table, pulls out a gun, and opens fire at 6 students.
If you live in America, this cannot go on. If you can vote, please vote for gun regulations and school security. This cannot continue. How many children have to die before this stops?!
Pray for Marysville Pilchuck.