noicle school au where noiz is the punkass deliquent who barely ever shows up except to take care of the class pet (which is a rabbit) and clear is the new transfer student goody two-shoes who loves animals and they meet when they both come to school early one day to feed it and clean its cage 


Happy 23rd Birthday to one of the most beautiful and genuine girls in kpop, Im Jin-ah. Thank you for being positive and cheering us up with your adorable, loveable and lively personality. Even though you’ve been misunderstood a lot, don’t forget to stay being real because that’s what made us love and admire you. Don’t forget that we’re always here to appreciate your effort and hard work. Please don’t be so much affected by those who dislike you because no matter what happen, we will always stand by your side to defend, protect and love you :) 임진아 화이팅!!  #ImNANADay