I would actually get all A's in school if we didn't get assigned homework.

I can pay attention in a classroom. I can engage in material that interests me and discuss and learn and fully immerse myself.
But I’m not organized enough to take that out of the classroom to the extent that I’m expected to. I’m not the kind of person who can spend hours studying and revising (I don’t usually need to anyway, since I can absorb all of that information IN CLASS). Homework makes me anxious because it carries so much weight on my final grade, and I can’t keep up. It makes me feel anxious and inadequate, and I start missing classes because of my anxiety. And that’s a bigger problem for me, because class is where I learn. Class is where there’s structure and discussion and actual LEARNING. And if I miss that, that’s when I start to fall and keep falling.
A summary: homework is a terrible burden for a lot of students like me who need class time, not independent assignments, in order to learn class material. Homework is bad. Kill it.

URGENT ALERT: In Alabama, teachers are forced by law to lie to their students and say that being gay is a criminal offence. We have a chance right now to end this terrible law.

Lesbian, gay, bi, and questioning youth in Alabama are being fed this false information that hurts their mental and physical health, and makes it more likely they’ll be bullied or worse. 

Alabama lawmakers now have in front of them a new bill to strike this anti-gay section from the law, but there’s only a few weeks before this session is over. If they don’t feel the pressure from the public and the media, this bill will languish in committee and we won’t have another chance before 2014

Tell the tell Alabama lawmakers to pass the “Hate Doesn’t Belong in the Classroom” bill (HB 496) before the next class of students graduates. Sign and share now! 

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EDIT: Here’s a thing you should know that wasn’t stated here before. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The outlawing of Sodomy laws in 2003 nullified the passage within the Code of Alabama. The problem isn’t that teachers are actually forced to tell students that homosexuality is illegal. Change.org has that wrong. The problem is that, though void, this section (section 8) in the Code of Alabama which outlines the criteria for sexual education still exists and is used by some teachers as a way to justify homophobia and the teaching of prejudice beliefs in schools. This petition isn’t to have section 8 nullified- that’s already happened. It’s to get the section removed entirely so that teachers can’t use it as justification for homophobia and prejudice.

  • Teachers:Only 15 minutes of homework per night.
  • Me:And by 15 minutes you mean 30 minutes of homework every night, each subject.
  • Me:Lets see...30 minutes times 8 subjects, is...
  • Me:4 Hours of homework.
  • Teachers:But-
  • Me:Let's see, plus eating dinner, playing sports, and different clubs, ETC.
  • Me:Yep, ONLY 15 minutes.
The school system
  • Me:*gets out water bottle in class*
  • Teacher:Um, excuse me?
  • Me:What?
  • Teacher:You're disrupting the class. That could spill everywhere and drown us all.
  • Me:But I haven't had a drink since this morning!
  • Teacher:Too bad. Have one at break.
  • Me:Ugh, fine.
  • Me:*drinks way too much at break because I waited so damn long for a fucking drink*
  • Me:*really has to pee in class*
  • Me:*asks to be excused*
  • Teacher:Um, how about no? You should have gone during break.
  • Me:Well if you hadn't forced me to wait until break to have a drink I would have needed to go during break. That's how the god damn digestive system works.
  • Teacher:Silence. I am a teacher, therefore I am god. I decide the laws of science in this classroom! Thou shalt pee during lunch.
  • Me:*Runs to the toilets during lunch*
  • Me:*comes out to find the lunch queue so long it loops around the building. Twice*
  • Me:*stabs a freshman in rage*
  • Me:*finally buys my lunch just as the bell goes*
  • Me:*still eating as I reach the classroom*
  • Teacher:What is this? eATING? In class? Aw, hell naw. Bitch got no class.
  • Me:I only just got my lunch, the line was too long.
  • Teacher:Should have gotten in it earlier then.
  • Me:I was peeing! You know, that thing I couldn't do in class for some reason!
  • Teacher:Shush now. Everyone knows learning the right angles of triangles is much more important than you getting fed. That's why we expect you to do everything in the time allocated for food. Now put that food in your bag. You can have it after class.
  • Teacher:*checks my work* Your work this lesson has been very shabby. You should have spent more effort concentrating.
  • Me:My work is shabby because I HAVEN'T HAD ANYTHING TO EAT SINCE BREAKFAST.
  • Teacher:Not my problem. You brought this on yourself. I suspect the internet is to blame for this. It's causing you to not get enough sleep.
  • Teacher:Okay now cum sluts your assignment is a fifty page essay on something I only gave you a page worth of knowledge about. Should take you about three days to complete. Have it done by tomorrow.
  • Teacher:Use Wikipedia and I swear to God I will kill your families.
  • Teacher:Now enjoy the best years of your life, kiddie winks!!


Hello there all who are reading. As you all probably know, schools and school boards can be very annoying, and my school has done something which has pissed off A LOT of people.  My high school’s band director, Mrs. Koziol-Kenyon (on the right in the picture) has been unjustly replaced.  This is a problem not only because she has been teaching at my school for over 14 years and all of us band people are like a family, but because our school system’s band program has been getting less and less support over the past few years.

The downhill streak started when the high school’s band practices were kicked out of the school curriculum and set to after school every other day. It continued to worsen when band was removed entirely from the two middle schools and set before school less than once a week, only kept going by the schools’ music teacher who wanted to continue band.

The past year, however, was different and it led all of us to have good expectations for this coming year.  Band was moved back into the schedule at the high school, the extra practice improved how we sounded, and it was the first year Mrs. Koziol-Kenyon did not receive a pink slip at the end of the year, as she normally does. We even started having summer practices and had plans to send in an audition tape to Disney World so we could play there!  

ALL OF A SUDDEN our hopes and happiness was crushed. Mrs. Koziol-Kenyon got a notice last friday (7/19/2013) saying that she was replaced.  This resulted in her cancelling the rest of our summer band practices which means we won’t have enough practice to send in an audition tape for Disney too.


  1. The school people lied to her and gave her no notice: They told her she had a spot for this upcoming year and allowed her to plan everything out then went back on their word and took it all away.  They also told her to remove all of her stuff from the band room within three days after informing her of her replacement. Does it really seem right to do that to anybody?
  2. The guy who got the job is not qualified in any way: This past year was his first year teaching and he was part of a small group of teachers instructing the fifth graders (who were new with instruments because fifth grade is when you can join school band in my town).  From what I have heard from anonymous sources, he has made children cry and many of them did not like his teaching.  From what I saw at all band night (a night where each band from each school plays songs for each other and our parents and everything) he seems like he is not the nicest person.  When he introduced the fifth graders he did not credit any of the other teachers, he pronounced his name weirdly fancy, and he also said something which everyone believed was an insult to Mrs. Koziol-Kenyon who had directed the fifth graders the year before.  Overall he just appeared to be extremely conceited and rude.  He also may not be qualified because he does not have any high school band experience. He was not even in his own high school band. This will lead him to be completely clueless when it comes to instructing us and I personally believe that the once warm, friendly band environment is going to turn icy and hostile. 
  3. The school did not even post the job: This guy just got the job without it ever being made known to the public that the job was available.  There was a job opening to replace our chorus teacher who retired, but not the band teacher.  The chorus teaching job was given to someone who definitely deserves it but the fact that the band teaching job was never even made open to anyone else makes this situation extremely suspicious.  If it had been open then (and I know this for a fact) Mrs. Koziol-Kenyon would have applied as well as other qualified music teachers from the area.  I have also heard from anonymous sources that he was bragging about working at the high school not just after he got the job, but months before.
  4. IT REALLY JUST MAKES NO SENSE: It feels like they’re trying to destroy the band program and I don’t see why they would want to.  Other schools, in my state as well as throughout the country, have excellent band programs and all of the funding put in allows bands to travel to festivals which provides good publicity to the bands’ schools.  Students who are in band or play instruments are also more likely to excel in their other school work too.  This website here that I have provided a link to states 18 benefits of playing a musical instrument.  Having a band program also provides students wishing to pursue music as a career with experience prior to college.  For example, those who wish to teach are able to experience the atmosphere of a band class as well as learn teaching methods from their instructor and those who wish to become performers are able to improve their playing and performing skills.  There are only positive aspects to having a school band program so no one understands why removing it would be a smart idea.


A few friends of mine have created THIS FACEBOOK PAGE as a petition and it would be awesome if all of you with Facebook accounts could go and like it.  This page will be shown to the superintendent and the school committee to help persuade them that what they have done is wrong.  You don’t have to live in my town or be in band to show your support either.  We just need everyone who is against the situation.  I am also going to tag this with everything imaginable so that as many people can see this as possible. It would be awesome if you guys could tell your friends about this too.  I know that Tumblr can be very powerful when it comes to things like this and it would be great if you could all help.


Teenagers don't get enough credit

We get yelled at and told that we are annoying and stupid and adults think that we are all emo or goth or stupid and immature.

But let me lay down the shit. We go to school 5 days a week. At least half of us wake up at 6:00am or earlier to shower and have breakfast. Some of us get up at 4:00 because they live downtown. We get to school between 7-8am and have 7-9 classes a day or 3-4 classes a day depending on the schedule. We are piled with what they say ‘half and hour of home work’ which we laugh at because we know it takes at least 6 hours to get it all done. We get home at 3-4pm and do home work. We have a dinner break for half an hour and then we continue to do our home work until 10pm-2am or even earlier the next day. We also have jobs because we know that that is our responsibility and we need to pay for our gas money. We also have clubs and study sessions and extracurricular activities. You wonder how we have jobs with the little amount of time we have??

Adults yell at us for messing around and acting out or not doing as we are told. We’ll let me tell you that we try every fucking day to please you at school. You want to know why your child is failing?? Because your putting too much crap on them and expect way to much because they feel like they have to please you so they put too much work on themselves which is more than they can handle, and fail because they don’t have the time. You think we want to fail? because that’s the last thing we want. We are supposed to do our best in high school so we can go to the best collage, that will eventually make us go into debt, and have the same job for the rest of our lives. We have to get multiple degrees so we can change our minds if we want.

Also all of the fucking gay bashing and crap? Like some adults need to get their heads out of their asses because guess what?? Our fucking generation accepts people for who they are. Sorry to rain on your fucking parade.

If we are lucky we get at the most 5 hours of sleep. We are expected to do waay much more than you think we can. But you want to know something? This drives us into anger and sadness and a lost of hope, because parents and adults tell us that we need to do this and that when really if they let us be independent with our lives sometimes without them on the sidelines bitching at us then we might do well because we won’t have the unneeded stress. And medicine won’t help your stress, and you will be lucky if you don’t form some anxiety issues from it because I know multiple people who have.

Teachers don’t try to reach out and help you here. Yeah you might have friends who support and love you, but eventually you learn that trust is just a word and love is just a sound. Because why would we need that?? We don’t deserve love and affection. We are just hormonal suicidal freaks who can’t do anything right because we suck. FUCK OFF YOU SHIT HEADS.

We get yelled at by our parents. Our teachers don’t help or don’t care. If you have one that cares they must be fucking special. Your friends drift away and they don’t know how to help you although they offer. You spend your weekends doing homework instead of going out with friends and your social life turns into nothing although you still have your small friend group at school. And then you eventually give up.

You stop caring about your work as much because you tell yourself it doesn’t matter as much as others think it does. But inside you know it does but you don’t let it get to you because you’re in a constant state of denial.

You turn to other things maybe drugs, violence, music, friends, TV shows, books, art; anything to distract you.

We are the ones who are shaping this fucking country and we are going to be our future leaders and business men and women and you can’t do anything to stop us. So why don’t you let us lead our selves for once?

Welcome to the American fucking school system. I hope you have a fucking blast of a fucking time.

So I got bored in class and drew a thing. It’s not very good but whatever. THe outlines of her face and features are made up of words from authority figures like teachers or parents.
And then it says “so how do authorities shape us? I’ll tell you how. -they tell us it’s okay to be different, to fight conformity. But then when they see that we HAVEN’T conformed, they tell us we’ve failed. And us? We believe them.”

  • Adult:Stop complaining about the school system and do your work! If you didn't spend so much time on the internet-
  • Me:Shut up. Now, stop talking and listen.
  • Me:Now I don't care if I'm being disrespectful anymore because you are all frustrating! Look, even if I didn't spend my time on the internet at all I still would have no idea what I'm doing.
  • Me:Want to know why? Because they don't care! They don't care how you learn or if there's some sort of something wrong with you that prevents learning! They just like their numbers, and because I get a C in math I don't matter anymore!
  • Me:This entire world is messed up, and everyone is mean and nasty! I can't, like, tell anyone what I'm feeling or I get made fun of! I can barely move without being harassed!
  • Me:My 'stupid internet friends' are sometimes the only ones who listen! Who I feel okay telling things to! Don't tell me to stop that. Tell the big white rich men in office to stop ignoring the problems and helping other big white rich men. Fix the system, don't blame the students!
  • Adult:Unruly disrespectful kids! This generation is horrible!
"What your grades say about you" according to the American school system:

A - awesome
B - best
C - crappy
D - disappointment
F - fuck up

But I want you to know that that’s absolutely NOT the case. A bad grade on a test or in a class or on a project isn’t the end of the world, it doesn’t mean you’re a disappointment or a fuck up, or that you’re not smart. You ARE smart, and talented and magnificent and wonderful. You don’t need straight A’s to know that. People make mistakes, and that’s fine!!! We’re only human.