• Me [week before school]:*promises myself that im gonna keep a planner this year and organize all of my assignments and date my notes and label things*
  • Me [rest of year]:*shoves all of my shit into one notebook and uses my planner to doodle and then wonders why I can never find assignments or remember to do them*
  • Me when i get home from shopping for school supplies:OH MY GOSH I am going to do so well this year!!! I've got new binders and organizers and 3 packs of pens and 4 sharpies and everything I need! This is gonna be great! I'm gonna get straight A's for sure!!!
  • Me halfway through the year:Ok I have half of a broken pencil and my binder looks like the great paper gods came down from the heavens and took a holy shit on it, plus the highest grade I have is a single B in music.