4/20 is the day of immoral pot smokers, hitlers birthday, and the columbine school shooting
Three bad things
Three sides make a triangle also 3x2= 666
666 is the number of the devil
Hell is where the devil lives, and is also where the pot smokers, hitler, and school shooters go
4/20 is illuminati confirmed

darbage-dagger asked:

I had a quote rrom Eric written on the cover of my notebook and another student asked me who said it and I told him he told the class and teacher. Now everyone is scared of me and I don't know what to do. How should I handle it?

You should just not care at all, who cares if they are scared of you if they question you just give them your explanation. People judge to quickly everybody thinks just because your interested in serial killers and school shooters that you are one or you agree to what they did. It’s frustrating but I’ve been there it will bug you but just shake it off stupid people aren’t worth the stress