The Signs as Types of Learners

Aries: Linguistic learners. Opinionated and needs some help being enlightened to other ways of seeing and thinking about things; but has a passion that drives them to great lengths through reading, writing, and sharing ideas and stories.

Taurus: Procedural learners. Needs to sit down and really focus on one thing. One track minded, can’t multitask; but when focused, very systematic, task-oriented, and determined to get things done.

Gemini: Spontaneous learners. Interested in and open minded about everything and therefore spontaneously gets to know a little bit about everything. May need to narrow things down to truly get into the depths of a subject.

Cancer: Resourceful learners. Very curious and detail-oriented.  Know where to look and are able to find things on their own. Personal experience and collection of information is the best teacher.

Leo: Naturalist learners. First, seeks guidance and likes help. Tends to overthink, so may need directions to start, but are then very thoughtful in their work. Able to come up with insightful analyses on their own through connections to real life examples and situations in nature.

Virgo: Logical learners. Likes things laid out in front of them.  Need guides, formulas, outlines to make sense of subjects and then experiments and exercises to work things out and observe patterns and relationships.

Libra: Visual/spatial learners. Being artistic, appreciate visualizing concepts and situations to help make sense of the world, and then drawing, building, designing to really interact with different ideas.

Scorpio: Intrapersonal learners. Needs time alone to concentrate. Investigative by nature. Talented at exploring the depths of a subject on their own and don’t necessarily need or want help. Resourceful and good at connecting the dots. 

Sagittarius: Straightforward learners. Reliant on being told how things are and having things laid out in front of them to follow. Needs reassurance and guidance from time to time but great at systematizing things and applying rules and definitions. 

Capricorn: Interpersonal learners. Enjoys study groups and discussions, bouncing off others’ ideas and contributing to one collective effort to progress an understanding of an idea or situation.

Aquarius: Auditory learners. Great listeners and collectors of information in this way. They care and that is what drives them to put time and effort into learning how to do things the right way.

Pisces: Tactile learners. Needs to be kept busy with tasks and projects to keep them on track and to apply what they learn to truly feel like they understand it. Goal-oriented and hard working.

Writing Long Essays

I ended my winter quarter with an 8-page essay for my Psych class. It seemed like an impossible task mostly because I’ve never done it before and I hated the subject. However, after playing around with the topics and scheduling, I think I figured out the most comfortable way of doing it. There is no quick & easy way to do this, so I just had to get over myself, sit down and do it.

~ I went to the library, opened up my email and started writing. Just whatever came to my mind concerning the subject, very disorganized, mostly bullet points. I didn’t open a Word Doc because I felt less pressured to do it in an email. One word of caution though: save the draft every once in a while. God forbid the internet stops working and things get deleted.

~ I did all the research before hand. It really helped with knowing the general idea and looked back at my notes as I was writing.

~ I picked the second, “full 1st draft” way of writing. Somehow I felt like the process was going super smoothly, so I just kept on going. Before I knew it, my single-spaced email turned into an 8-page essay. Winner!

If you are looking for writing tips, check out Jacqueline’s Nitty Gritty English.

School Subjects for the Signs

Aries: gym
Taurus: choir/ band/ orchestra
Gemini: pottery/ hands-on art
Cancer: cooking/ home ec
Leo: speech/ debate
Virgo: business math/ other math you can actually use in real life
Libra: history/ mythology
Scorpio: creative writing
Sagittarius: world studies
Capricorn: government
Aquarius: drama/ theater
Pisces: painting/ drawing

Dress Codes

You guys realize dress codes are enforced to prepare students for a professional work environment right? Wearing revealing clothing isn’t appropriate for a professional work environment. It has nothing to do with “oppressing women”. And no, it doesn’t only target females. Males also have to follow a certain dress code (ie they can’t sag their pants or wear chains in most schools).

Shut the fuck up about dress codes being oppressive, because they’re not.

03.29.2015 || 6:59 pm

Alrighty friends, here’s an in-depth look at my bullet journal, the process I use, and my specific pages for the past few weeks.

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To start things off, here’s my cover:

The paint is chipping just a wee bit, and I need to get a perfect method down for painting the covers, but I decided to dress up my Moleskine, as I have multiple and they all look exactly the same. When I get a better method down, I’ll post a tutorial so other people can decorate their Moleskines too!

If we open the cover, we have my legend and the start of my index.

As my schedule will be changing next semester, and thus so will the colors I’ve been using, I’ll probably make a new legend at the start of the summer or next semester. As for my index, I have it separated into two columns, one for the description of the item, and one for the page number.

It also covers two pages.

As you can also see above, I have my schedule for the semester written out, with the squares colored in with their coordinating pens from the legend. I have the name of the class, the time it begins, the time it ends, and the room it meets in listed. I think I may add the professor (or TA for labs and discussion) next semester since I’ll be taking even more classes. We’ll see.

Next we have my monthly layout.

I chose this layout because I had originally intended on having a task list for the month along the left-hand side, but next time I will definitely be cutting that and using the whole two pages for my calendar view.

I also have a condensed monthly view.

This is used for a easier way for me to see how packed which parts of the months will be, and stuff like that.

And now we move into my daily pages.

The first (above) are really quite boring.

And sometimes my colors align extremely well.

Sometimes I get distracted during studying and start doodling professional lettering into my pages.

This one is by risarodil, and you should go check out her stuff—it’s amazing! I’m currently out of color ink, else I would have printed it and placed the original with her name on it in my book.

This page is my favorite.

Crowded yet organized, colorful, bright. I have a test tomorrow and a project due the day after, hence the boxes of studying to-do lists (which I LOVE by the way—they’re super helpful).

As you can see, I put the number of the day and which day of the week it is along the side, with the number in a circle along a “ribbon” and the day listed in orange (go Pokes!) across the top of each day. I also color along the ribbon different colors (actually the order the colors are in the Staedtler pen case) to help separate the days a little more visually.

The supplies I use are:

  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens, porous point, 10 count
  • Moleskine hardcover journal, large
  • Pilot G2 05 pens
  • Staedtler 925 Drafting Pencil, 05mm HB
  • Pilot Frixion pens (the kind with the Japanese writing all over it).

Let me know what you all think, and feel free to show me your bullet journals!

If i ever have a daughter and i get called into her school because she’s violating the dress code- like showing her shoulders or some other unreasonable restriction, i am going to ask the principal/teacher/ whatever if they’re sexually atracted to my daughter.

"What?! No! If course not!" They’ll proclaim.

"Then why can’t she wear a damn tank top?"

"School policy…dress code…blah blah blah excuse."

"Well, you can either admit you’re sexualixing a bunch of young girls and that’s why you want them to cover all their flesh or you can let them wear what they want. Because teenagers are going to be attracted to other teenagers whether their nude or in a burka. This is about you. Admit her shoulders titilate you or let her go back to class."

I feel like things will be resolved quickly when confronted with actual truths.