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Hey guys!  Sorry to bother you with this, but if you could vote for me in this scholarship contest, I would really appreciate it!  As a transfer student, I am not eligible for many loans or grants, so I need all the help I can get.

 I am attending UK for Sustainable Agriculture and am extremely passionate about sustainability, food and health! Every vote helps! Please help me achieve my dreams of a healthy America! Thank you so much! 

Shanelle Davis, a Jamaican student in New York, has made history by becoming the First Black Valedictorian for her high school.

“‘Shanelle, take up a book,’” she recalled her parents saying. “Education was stressed in our house. I had to get good grades.” Her parents, both from the island of Jamaica, couldn’t afford a college education, but were determined that Davis, 17, would be the first in the family to earn a higher degree.

According to the online edition of The Queen’s Courier, the high flying 17 year old has been selected for the honour by Benjamin Cardozo High School and will thereafter move on to Harvard University on scholarships granted by the prestigious university and several other organizations. 

» Congratulations Shanelle!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work! :) «

"No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid!”


Nia and Imani Lindsay are 10-Year-Old Twin Phenoms in the field of dancing. They started to walk at just 8 months old and now they excel in many different styles of Dance including acrobatics, jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary dance. They Both received a Scholarship to the prestigious American Ballet Theatre for a summer program for serious dancers. As Black Children they are defying the odds in field where racism prevalent. Not only are they great dancers but they are very intelligent and have a great sense of self pride and confidence instilled in them by their mother. They Love their natural hair regardless of any of the jokes or questions they receive from their peers or adults about it, they know to ignore it and remain proud. 

They look up to Misty Copeland who is one of the most renown Black dancers in the world and in the history of Ballet. Nia and Imani had a chance to meet Misty and said “she was a great influence, She’s not like Miley Cyrus at all.” (Lol) Congrats to Nia and Imani on their accomplishments and im sure they will inspire countless Black kids that ma have ever doubted themselves and their abilities. SanCopha!

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For everyone still competing in High School speech and debate! This is incredibly important information for you and your teammates. The NSDA unveiled a new scholarship program for students in competitive speech. This is easy money just for being the brilliant speech and debate students.. future leaders of the world.. that YOU are. Check out the website!! And tell your teams/coaches.



Just a few screen shots showcasing some of female-exclusive scholarships and handouts available in Queensland. 

This makes my blood boil right through my skin. 

If you are a female and the amount of males is deterring you away from a particular field of study, then maybe your motivation and ambition for that area of interest isn’t particularly high. You should probably consider other study options. If you are seriously going to let the gender of other students discourage you in such a way, you really aren’t mature enough to be studying in such an environment. Those other students are there because they are passionate and excited to learn something they love, and you want to demonise them for it because of their gender?  

Men aren’t the problem for consistently and overwhelming preferring fields such as engineering and architecture. Why should it be their problem? Why should they be sorry for trying to study and learn about something they love? If anything, females are perpetuating their own problem by not consistently and overwhelming preferring these areas of study (God, I hate the term “male-dominated”). Sitting back and waiting for other females to fill the void is lazy. Complaining about other females not choosing these stereotypically-male career paths is ignorant. You either lead by example, or your opinion means nothing. 

(For those of you are curious: I am a female architecture student)

I fully believe that enrolments, scholarships, job proposals, pay rises etc. should be competency based only, with no regard to the gender of the recipient/applicant. I stand by this 100% because that is what gender equality is. Gender equality isn’t filling up quotas to balance female:male ratios because gender equality is giving credit where credit is due without discriminating against their gender (this can also apply to age or racial discrimination). Denying a exceptionally qualified man a job because the company already has lots of men, and instead settling for a lesser qualified woman because of a thinly veiled excuse like diversity, is discrimination. 

I do think females need to be more encouraged to be proud of their enjoyment of maths and engineering from an earlier age. I don’t want to see young girls being ashamed of playing with robots and other mechanical toys. Yet with gender targeted scholarships like the ones above, it still sends the message that women aren’t good enough to do it on their own. Nothing is more disempowering, and undermining, than babying females with special treatment. It is condescending.  

I want to see women actively seeking these career options because they have a passion for that field of study. Passion is what makes a truly gifted and respectable career woman. You can buy numbers with gender-discriminatory scholarships, but you can’t buy passion. 

- fraudulentfeminist

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Because you should. Netroots Nation is holding a scholarship contest to pay for registration for the conference in Detroit this summer. Being able to go to conferences and network with other activists is incredibly important to talking about fat politics outside of fat community. Sadly, since my work isn’t paid and I do all of this on a volunteer basis I’m unable to afford the $350 registration fee.

You can help get me there by voting for me. <-Click the link and vote.

If you are outside of the US use the zipcode 48202 or google to find another one!

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So this week was a very special week for me because i have my first wall in my life :D weeewwwww 

this is for scholarship (and i do hope i get some) 

it is amazing to see most of my work from this year up on a wall all together :)

thank you for all the friends who had helped me throughout the process, love you all >3</ THANK YOU