Here's a weird thing to find the day after watching 'Lord of the Rings' with your kids

Similar small underground labyrinths have been found across Europe, from Hungary to Spain, but no one knows why they were built. At least 700 of these chambers have been found in Bavaria alone, along with about 500 in Austria. In the local vernacular, they have fanciful names such as “Schrazelloch” (“goblin hole”) or “Alraunenhöhle” (“mandrake cave”). They were supposedly built by elves, and legend has it that gnomes lived inside …. It led to a unique gallery with walls made of sand. Initially the tunnel went down vertically for 4 meters, and then it continued in a zigzag pattern. There was a narrow “Schlupf” section at the end of the labyrinth. It reminds the researchers of a vagina.

[Via Cryptogon]