On May 14th 1998, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer were sentenced to one year in prison for violating the Massachusetts Good Samaritan Law. Then, due to a series of sarcastic quips Jerry made to prison guards, and a series finale regarded by most TV critics as “Satisfactory At Best”, Jerry Seinfeld was transferred to a maximum security prison.


(N.) ‘mum-bul-nim  Word you don’t know how to pronounce, usually because you’ve seen it written but never heard it spoken, like “misled” or “awry.” Usage: Marc cringed when Karen told their hosts  that the cabaret was “lowsh.”He realized that “louche” was a mumblenym for her—she’d only seen it in writing, so she didn’t know it was pronounced “loosh.”

—§ Note: MUMBLENYM is an old favorite, and appears in the Wordbirds book—§


(N.) ‘kan-sul-ee-‘lay-shun   The joy you feel when you cancel something you’d never wanted to do in the first place, or when it miraculously gets called off.  Usage: Davina knew she ought to feel guilty for bailing on Mariel’s dinner at the last minute, but a delicious cancellelation surged through her as Clive brought out the Scrabble board.

—§NOTE: This is an old favorite, and CANCELLELATION appears in the Wordbirds book, illustrated by Elizabeth Zechel—§

[Sylvia Plath] is one of the first poets a lot of young women find who they can really claim as their own. What she does is give them permission to express a particular kind of rage that is not self-annihilating and is not simply bitchy. It’s something deeper and more significant and more important.
—  Mark Wunderlich quoted in The New York Times' article, “Seeing Sylvia Plath With New Eyes” by Liesl Schillinger

(N.) 'pro-krast  Procrasts are the comparatively easy, self-indulgent and unnecessary activities you occupy yourself with while putting off more important tasks. Usage: All of Diwan’s college applications were due January 15th, but he had not even begun to work on them. Instead, as the deadline neared, he distracted himself with countless procrasts—working out, Facebooking, and cleaning his room, though his parents hadn’t even asked him to. 

—§For other time management pitfalls, check out the Wordbirds book—and learn about DELIBEROTTING, NETSHIRKING, and DAYTRAPS—§


 (V.) ‘Eye-duh-loathe To bear feelings of admiration mingled with envy and hatred for a gifted, successful, lucky, and/or attractive person whose excellence makes you feel pathetic in comparison. Usage: Yeah, she’s gorgeous— so much fun, and only 24! I can’t believe she got into the Whitney Biennial.  Do you you think she sold her soul to Satan? I  kind of idoloathe her.

—§Note, IDOLOATHE is an old favorite, and appears in the Wordbirds book, illustrated by Elizabeth Zechel—§