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Questions asked by: heartheblackbirdscry

1. favourite album ever?
Die Ärzte - 13 

2. what did you have for lunch today?
pasta <3 

3. if you had the chance, what would you say to the person you hate the most
why should I talk to people I don’t like 

4. would your 10 year old self be proud of you if they saw you now?
idk, I guess no 

5. favourite lyrics?
”Ich bin dagegen, denn ihr seid dafür.
Ich bin dagegen, ich bin nicht so wie ihr.
Ich bin dagegen, egal, worum es geht.
Ich bin dagegen, weil ihr nichts davon versteht.”

6. where do you see yourself in 7 years?
working as a nurse, living in a big flat or house 

7. what country would you like to visit the most?

8. 3 random facts about yourself

  • I’m just 158cm “tall”
  • I’m lazy as hell
  • I’m shy 

9. favourite instrument? 
violin & guitar 

10. what’s the biggest stereotype about the country you’re from?
we talk agressively haha 

11. favourite Batman villain?
I never watched Batman

new questions 

1. all time favourite band(s)?

2. language you want to learn?

3. Friday or Saturday?

4. favourite disney movie?

5. favourite tv show?

6. which superpower: invisibilty or teleportation?

7. what are you looking forward to?

8. favourite colour?

9.  age?

10. where would you like to live?

11. favourite cartoon?













schifty616 asked:


2: omfg…lol..i am creativ xD and a team player and i don´t know :D

4: Folk metal, Power Metal, my family, my friends and my PS3

5: Hip Hop, Rap, boring movies, sometimes my little sister, bullying

9: metalheads, same music taste, kissing

10: shitty music taste, snootiness

13: What would you do if (…)?

22: a little bit tired :)