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Welcome to the club. Lets sit in rocking chairs and yell at these children to get off our lawn

No but really teenagers are annoying. I really hate college freshman already.

No offense to some of my followers that happen to be that. Just don’t be fucking annoying and act like college is a drunken sexfest cuz it’s not unless you want to be really annoying. And don’t ask stupid questions. Bah humbug.

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Happy Birthday! At least you share a birthday with a Tiger. The only baseball player I share a birthday with is Saltalamacchia (if I even spelled that right). Anyways, party it upppp!

Thanks darling! haah I love his name. We were getting annoyed when they played him cuz everytime he came up to bat his name took at least 5 seconds of air time to say.

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Bryce Harper, Justin Verlander, Mike Trout

Fuck- Mike Trout

Marry-Justin Verlander

Kill- (with kindness and sex and love) Bryce Harper

(omfg what are you trying to do to me!!!!!????Q@?>FWswjfkskhfs)

but seriously, switch Mike Trout and Bryce Harper

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♡: share 5 favourite songs

i couldn’t choose a favourite ever so i’ll just name some i dig a lot
  1. gold on the ceiling - the black keys
  2. basically anything on exile on main street
  3. basically anything on quadrophenia
  4. dreaming from the waist - the who
  5. success story - the who

✓: tell 5 facts about yourself

  1. uh i’m five foot seven
  2. i used to have braces 
  3. i really like spinach
  4. i drink two cups of coffee every morning
  5. i really love max scherzer a lot