1992. Im 15. I see a movie. It changed my life. Ok so that one involved 18yr old Swedish twin sisters…. But then i saw Wayne’s World. And life hasnt been the same since. That movie - and resulting soundtrack - is perfect. Ive searched for the record since 1995 and never found it for a decent price in decent condition or id always lose the eBay auction. Id tell myself - “it will be mine. Oh yes it will be mine”. See what i did there?!?! Last week it appeared in Germany for a bargain and yesterday it landed on my desk. Near mint wax and cover. Like Tia Carrere - its aged a bit, but its still real nice. #schawing #waynesworld #vinyligclub

schaw-lie said:

(I’m assuming this is for that ask meme a while back, unless you are just sending me a music note in which case THANK YOU)

Top 5 favorite songs:

Digital Love - Daft Punk
On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
Find You - Zedd
Overtime - Cash Cash
Hypest Hype - Chase & Status