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do you know any more artists you can recommend *^*

top three favs: mookie000, eicinic, lokh

in no particular order: tealbruise, alcieart, milkbois, shounenkings, garbagebird, mypabulousscarf, yaboybokuto, wakawakatoshi, i-am-weis, 5-30am, last-heroine, mightier, niisancomplex, simple-symphonia, ushjima, lensenpai, manycoloureddeath, oldmenyaoi, flunflun, mxrefreshing, wanidere, miupoke, touwata, hobok, emuyh, schaaf-art, pepplemint, skeleaton, haikyuusetters, sorenlovinsen, anywayimnikki, weiweipon, fabledtactician, k009, sketchere, ricebrandy

these are just the ones I’ve picked out going through my reblogs. if you’re not in this list and would like to be in this list come see me. 



“…I may have been guilty of initially looking at the situation from only HWMW’s point of view. Even if he felt he was humiliated, walking like that with just a month or so left of the season, when he has been with the club for so long… It was bound to reflect badly on the club and he must have been aware of that when he made the decision. His conflict is with other individuals within the club, not with the club as an institution. Yet it’s the latter that takes the hit when he walks like that.

Susie Schaaf has a great take on the situation over at Bayern Central. The last paragraph of her article reads like this:

In a club chock-full of massive egos, Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt’s is surely as large as anyone else’s – yes, even Guardiola’s. How else do you stay on top in that environment for four decades? The irrefutable proof of the size of that ego is the manner – and the timing – in which he chose to quit Bayern Munich.

Again, I still think the club could have handled this better. But for a long-serving employee and club "legend” like HWMW, this was a overly dramatic way of stepping down.”

- ‘dancing bear show’, who is infinitely more articulate about this than I am

Me bajó una pena enorme por una canción que normalmente no me haría sentirá nada, estoy hasta sintiendo un nudo horrible en la garganta, quiero llorar, gritar, llamarlo y rogarle que nos veamos, abrazarlo y que todo vuelva a ser como antes, que me abrace, toque, bese, solo abrazare y dime tos lo que me decías antes, quiero sacarte no quiero pensar en ti nunca más, pero cómo, perdí el hilo de todo.

Rezension: »Darkmouth - Der Legendenjäger«

Rezension: »Darkmouth - Der Legendenjäger« #zuendegelesen #Rezension #Darkmouth #ShaneHegarty #OetingerVerlag

Quelle: Oetinger Verlag

»Darkmouth – Der Legendenjäger« ist Auftakt einer neuen Kultreihe von Shane Hegarty und ist 2015 im Oetinger Verlag erschienen.

ISBN: 978-3-7891-3725-9 (Hardcover)
Preis: 16,99 € [D] 17,50 € [A]
368 Seiten
Sprache: Deutsch
Genre: Kinderbuch
Original: Darkmouth, 2015/ Hapercollins, UK
Übersetzer: Bettina Münch
Illustrationen: Moritz Schaaf


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Oakland Mayor Urges Local Firms To Mentor Youth By Creating Year-Long Internships

Oakland Mayor Urges Local Firms To Mentor Youth By Creating Year-Long Internships

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced the start of the city’s summer jobs program on Friday.

The mayor made the announcement to about 50 business, government and non-profit executives at the Waterfront Hotel in Jack London Square on Friday morning.

“We’re focusing on quality,” Schaaf said. She’s encouraging employers to think of the program as a mentoring opportunity for youth…

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[Box] Vegane Pflege

Vor ein paar Wochen fragte mich Anne Schaaf, die Frau hinter Wolkenseifen, an, ob ich ein paar Produkte für ihren neuen Onlineshop Vegane Pflege testen möchte. Da habe ich doch gerne zugesagt und war gespannt, was sie mir denn in die Box packen würde.

Dass ich Wolkenseifen liebe, dürfte den regelmässigen LeserInnen meines Blogs hinreichend bekannt sein. Dass ich mich mehr und mehr für das Thema…

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Citywise: Oakland boxer honored after winning WBC title - Contra Costa Times

Citywise: Oakland boxer honored after winning WBC title – Contra Costa Times

Citywise: Oakland boxer honored after winning WBC title

Contra Costa Times
Flores’ vacation plans were known when he accepted the short-time gig at the beginning of Schaaf’s term. Landreth starts in July and will be the first permanent city administrator since Fred Blackwell, who left last year after serving for just a few
Citywise: Oakland boxer honored after winning titleDaily Democrat


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6over Movie More Max Schaaf of 4Q

6over Movie More Max Schaaf of 4Q

Have you ever seen this video named ‘6over Movie More Max Schaaf of 4Q’? This is an awesome video posted by someone on YouTube.

The title says it all that I don’t need to explain what’s the content of this video.

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ps: if you know some good motorbike channels or playlists on YouTube, don’t hesitate to contact…

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FC Bayern München 3-0 Eintracht Frankfurt: Lewandowski stars in comfortable win
#jsoccer #TakashiInui [VAVEL]Anderson Bamba and Nelson Valdez took Zambrano and Meier’s places, and Marc Stendera’s return was accommodated for by Takashi Inui to the bench. The visitors were left slightly frustrated early on, no more than Schaaf, who felt that Bayern were having a …

Imgur é um dos mais conhecidos serviços de hospedagem de imagens da atualidade. Criado em 2009 por Alan Schaaf, o serviço conta com uma vasta comunidade de usuários que avalia as imagens postadas, dando mais ou menos destaque para cada uma delas e, com isso, as tornando mais ou menos visíveis. A ideia geral aqui é como um grande fórum no qual milhares de pessoas se encontram diariamente. Memes, imagens engraçadas, montagens e muito mais estão sempre em processo de avaliação por parte da comunid