And that’s a wrap. This is probably the last Alpha Sapphire update, and I wanted to end it with a personal experience, and at the very, very beginning.

My old Sapphire team is long gone - the cartridge battery died and the repair shop erased the save file ages ago - but I don’t think you ever forget the first team you trained, or your old secret base. 

There comes a point in every person’s life when you revisit a place of your childhood… only to find that it changed, and so have you. Life has a habit of changing all around us; these can be unpredictable, even painful, at times; but if it teaches us anything, it’s to keep our memories close to our hearts - and we’ll never lose them that way. 

So to all of you life has battered or thrown into a sharp curve… keep what makes you happy with you, keep it safe, and I promise you that you’ll be ready for whatever adventures life deigns to send you on. 


Alright, enough drawings of OCs for now! Enjoy a mega Sceptile speedpaint!

By the way I’m gonna be starting with Treecko in ORAS, so soon I’ll have this guy. ouo