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From the tremendously popular Scenes from a Fictional Film collaboration started by hitRECord artist catamaranwestern, this set of 10 postcards depict the riveting, gorgeous, iconic…and completely made up films from the minds of the hitRECord Community.   

Each postcard features a scene and caption on its face and a film summation on the back. 10 postcards per set.

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 Psycho-Fes Live Reading Drama: Scene 02

** make sure you’ve finished PP S1 before downloading this **

Hi! Here’s the second scene from the Psycho-Fes live reading drama. As you may already know, this scene lets us delve into some of Ginoza’s memories. This includes one of the most memorable scenes from S1 Ep21.

Since this scene is best seen in its entirety, I’ll just refrain from putting a preview video. Please go ahead and get the subbed version of the second scene here.

You may notice that some of the lines are different from the translation I previously posted; either the script they included in the event pamphlet is only a draft, or Nojima-san and Arimoto-san took some liberties on a few lines, or I’m just an idiot who really should stop translating things. The content is more or less the same.

Again, I apologize for the low quality. Please note that this is only for preview purposes and personal use.

Thank you!

NOTE: the download link above will only be public for a few weeks. Thank you for your understanding m(_ _)m


what type of camera is that


E. Morse A - Z [3/3]

"You’re alright actually, aren’t you? Most of the lads’ve got you down as a bit of a queer fish. Standoffish, rude.”


And I don’t know
how we separate
the lies here from the truth~


From Indian Lakes and The American Scene

April 6, 2014
Strummer’s - Fresno, CA

The Able Bodies Tour

It’s so exciting to see a band I’ve been listening to since the beginning get to play sold out crowds full of fans just as enthusiastic as I am.