scene kid au


this is probably the coolest au set in 2008-2010 you’ll find anywhere trust me

scene kid (+ preppy ibuki) pixels!!

i was streaming and kj showed up and i like FLIPPED OUT because her art is so great and it was what i was basing these things off of like omg 

we all had a good time while i made these for a few hours

and lookie here theyre all transparent for your blog! just make sure you dont claim them as yours.


here’s a color tutorial for a very lovely person!! ehehe I’m sorry if this isn’t very helpful I tried my best in explaining the best I could;;;it’s tough putting something instinctual into words

I don’t have the right to tell anyone on how to color, etc.  This is just how I do it from my experience and what I find visually appealing!! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!! I will try to answer the best I can;;;


cophine au : After getting married, Cosima gives birth to their first child. A few years later, Delphine carries their second child and they live happily ever after.

#totally how it’s going to be btw


is this what you want, anon. is it