#20 You discover a kink of him



“Oh my god, no (Y/F/N)! They will just lay around in the house.” I giggle as I put the cat ears back into the shelf. “Oh come on! You would look SO cute with them, I swear! The theme-party is tomorrow and you don’t have anything to wear.” She rolls her eyes and stumps her feet. “I know, but a cat is nothing special, I want to wear something nice, something appropriate.” I explain to her and she giggles slightly. “Harry rubs of on you.” I slap her arm slightly and shake my head. “No, it’s my decision, I want to dress up as a sceleton. I saw a very cool edit on Tumblr I want to remake.“ I explain to my very pouty friend and look for make-up I can use and then walk to the checkout. ~LATER~ I just come out of the shower when Harry walks up behind me and behind me and kisses my neck. “Hello my very beautiful and very naked girlfriend.” I giggle and turn around in his arms, to my surprise I found hin with the exact same kitten ears (Y/F/N) wanted me to buy. “Uhm hello my kitten boy.” with a smirk Harry takes of the ears and put them on my damp hair. “Those are a lot more sexier on you than me… Kitten.” I raise my eyebrow at him while he bites his lip. “Kitten?” while asking him I trail my hand down to his crotch and squeeze his slowly hardening boner. Harry takes a shaky breath and nods his head. “Yes kitten, you look so fucking sexy like that.” I stand on my tip-toes and kiss him, grabbing his hand and pulling him to our bed room. “Just imagine yourself with a tail wagging between your legs,we need a tail, okay kitten? Please let me buy you one…”


We are at a special event I forgot the name of, all I care about is that Liam is at my side. As we step out of the car camera’s are flashing us and people are calling our name, something I got used to over the time. As we take pictures I look up at him and couldn’t stop my thoughts to wander off to the event before this event. Where I was on my knees, infront of him, sucking his prick. “What are you thinking about baby?” Liam whispers in my ear and looks into my eyes. I smile and look up at him innocently. “Hm, just thinking about sucking your dick before the event.” I tell him while I smile into s camera and feel Liam grip tighten on my waist. “Excuse me?” He asks ad if he didn’t heard what I just said. “I said I am thinking about your big-” Liam grunts but quickly smiles again, do to the flashes. “Now is not the right time for that, I don’t want my boner all over the internet.” Liam whispers in my ear with a slightly angry tone. “Well what are you going to do about is big boy?” I say back in a teasing tone, just to see his reaction. “Oh, young lady I think when we will back in the hotel your soon cherry red bum will answer your question.” I gulp and try not to clench my thighs by the thought of Liam spanking me. “Got that?” Liam asks and I just nod with a smile to the cameras.


“Uhm, babe… Can we talk?” Louis asks as we start driving to a surprise he told me about. “You are not going to break-up with me are you?” I ask worried and he giggles. “No and hopefully you won’t break up with me either.” I gasp. “You didn’t-” He puts his hand on my mouth making me shut up. “Please just let me talk, this will probably be the only time I will have enough courage to tell you this. I don’t know the name of it, but I have a kink… It’s uhm, I would like to have sex in the car somewhere outside.” He tries to explain to me. “But people could see.” I tell him, wondering if knows the danger if we get caught, especially someone like Louis, a well known star. “I-I know.” He gulps and I feel him tensing up. I know that this means he is scared that I think he is some freak or something because this isn’t the first time he tell me a kink of him. “Would like that? Like the danger in getting caught?” I ask him, trying to understand his kink and slightly getting turned on by myself. He slightly nods and bites his lip, a habit that shows when he’s nervous. “Well tell me, where is our date today?” he looks at me and then quickly back to the street. “In a little field my family owns. I planned a pick-nick.” He mumbles as his fingers start to twitch. “I hope you took a condom with you baby, don’t want to make a big mess in the field, do we?” I giggle as I see him hardening through his skinny jeans. “Are you being serious right now? You would let me fuck you in the field?” Louis asks in disbelieve with a smile on his face. As an answer I put my hand on his crotch.


I have been on tumblr for a while now, while Niall is playing Fifa, my feet in his lap. Recently a blog about Niall followed me and I couldn’t stop myself from reading through the blog, as I came to certain one-shot about Niall having a Daddy-Kink. The one-shot turns me on, I’m not going to lie. It doesn’t surprise me when Niall stops his game and looking at me, holding my ankles down. “What makes your thighs clenching princess, huh? Perhaps something about me, am I right?” With a cocky smile he slowly crawls on top of me. “Maybe…” I whisper and try to hide my phone, much to Niall’s amusement as he easily takes my phone away looking at my screen. His eyes flicking over the text, his eyes getting darker and his cock getting harder. “I am not the only one that gets turned on by that, am I right… Daddy?” I ask and the word rolls from my lips as if I haven’t called Niall anything else beside that. “Fuck princess, do you know how long I have been waiting for you to call me that?” He groans, slightly grinding down on me. “No Daddy, I don’t think so. Maybe you should punish me for not calling you Daddy earlier. Some spanks maybe? I know you like to see my ass jiggle and your handprints on it.” I whisper hotly into his ear, wiggling my hip to get some friction. “Fuck, damn it. How did I get so lucky to get someone as perfect as you?” Niall asks huskily and kisses my lips hard.





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sceleton-hell asked:

Emilie Autumn is awesome hence your music taste is also perfect

I am listening to Mad Girl as we speak actually, you have good timing :) thank you! I’ve adored her music for years, she’s a very talented musician and her lyrics sometimes say more about my own feelings than I could put into words myself. And performing live she’s just wow. 

dazeuniverse asked:

Purple, green, red, black? <3

  • Purple:10 facts about my room

One of the walls are from stone, the others are white, is like a balcony in the living

room, the living room is 5meters tall so my room is 1,80meters tall and is a balcony in the living room, I can hear and see everything, I have a really big library, a wallpaper with one of Chris Royo’s girls, a homemaid closet from white fabric(mama made it), wooden floor, wooden  ceiling, and many white curtains so nobody can see me in ther!

  • Green:8 facts about my body

I have really cute stretsmarks, I have many moles..and I have one mole into my eye!!!!!!, I am really thin, cute small boobs, and nice butt!lmao, I have scoliosis, and I have very strong sceleton(I can do really hard poses in yoga)

  • Red:5 facts about my best friend

I have 4 bfs so I will choose for now the one that is far from me… So, her name is Vaia, she is an actrees in the theater, she is really beautiful, her voise is like kitty and she cooks amazing!!! I miss you mon amour kiss-my-art

  • Black:1 fact about the person I like


Thanks babyyyyyyy <3 <3