“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents… some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new Dark Age.” 

- H.P. Lovecraft


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EPIC photos of mount….. Eyjafjallajökull…erupting.

Umm….okay….Impromptu nordic tongue twister time!! Say it with meh:

"Eyjafjallajokull is north of Skogar and west of Myrdalsjokull.  It’s main outlet glaciers are Gígjokulland Steinholtsjokull. Eyjafjallajokull is near two other glaciers Myrdalsjokull, and Fimmvorouhals."



I see you sitting there; reading this.
I am always watching you.
I see the guilt that lurks within.
I can see everything you do.

I am inside of your head,
Listening to every thought you make,
Because your privacy is forfeited,
Despite any step you take.

I can see you in the shower,
And when you’re on the phone,
Making plans to defy your parents,
When you think you’re home alone.

I saw you in the park,
When you were at the age of nine,
Push another kid off his swing,
While I hovered behind.

I saw the times you were drunk,
And the times you slit your wrists,
But maybe if you’re lucky,
I just might forgive.

I know every bad intention,
And every evil deed you did.
Even the ones you got away with,
Or the ones you thought you hid.

I know about your dirty sex.
I know about your deep regrets.
I see the way you cry at night.
I saw you cheat on your last test.

I know about the ones you hurt.
I know about the things you stole.
I know about your deepest fears.
And only I can destroy you whole.
Because every action you take,
I am writing it down,
And your results will have consequences,
To your soul will be bound.

For I am always here; judging you,
And planning out your death,
So I can send you straight to Hell,
After you’ve taken your final breath.
So you can suffer even more,
Because you can never escape,
The soul that I created,
And which I control it’s fate.
You sheepish sack of flesh.
I’ll just create some more,
And then take away their lives,
Before their lives they can explore.

I see you sitting there; still reading this.
I am always watching you.
I see the guilt that lurks within.
I can see everything you do.

I am fair and just,
As all will get it’s due.
So remember to behave yourselves,
For I am always watching you.



No one likes me,
But this I understand,
Though I love to taste their blood,
After I’ve bitten off their hand.

I love the smell of flesh,
Meshed between my nose,
As I bite down even harder,
On the meat atop their bones.

I hack them limb from limb,
Or sometimes throw them in a pot.
Sometimes I’ll add some spices,
To ensure that they don’t rot.

I’ll sit down with some wine,
And use a knife to cut the skin,
But first I have to pray,
Before my meal begins.

The way I catch my meals,
Is to sneak up with some rope,
Usually in an alley,
At night and slightly doped.

Whatever I don’t eat,
I freeze just to preserve,
Though I understand these people,
Are not getting what they deserve.
But such is the life of a cannibal.
Can you see it through my eyes?
I need to eat innocent lives,
In order to survive.

I’m not proud of who I am,
But I’ve learned with how to deal.
I just hope those who read this,
Don’t become my next meal.

Scary Stories

you know,

i used to love scary stories,

telling them to each other

long past midnight,

cuddled up under the covers,

between kisses.

i used to love reading them

on the bus

and getting so scared

that i wouldn’t let go

of your hand

until we got home

and you’d hold me safe

till morning.

you know how we watched

scary movies

on halloween?

our very own little tradition;

the smell of popcorn

and your body

as i fell asleep

on your chest.

i used to love that.

but i guess

every horror fan

one day finds

the story that scares them

out of loving horror


for me,

it was the story

you told me

that winter night

- that nobody ever stays.

i’ve barely slept since.

- Ella Mann