you don't have to try so hard | dixie+george & avery+scarlett

Dixie smiled a little bit as she slowly opened her eyes. For a moment she thought it was a dream that she was back at home with George. Her smile spread more when she say that it wasn’t. She slowly leaned him, kissing him softly.

Avery smiled some as he dropped of his son at school, nodding his head a little bit. “Yeah, I’m sure Uncle George remembers that he’s supposed to pick you up after school,” he promised, kissing his son before he got out of the car.

I dont dance | george + dixie & scarlett + avery

George smiled as he stood there as the parents seemed to take the millionth picture. They always got pictures in this same area for some reason. He leaned in kissing his wife for another picture before he pushed her hair back and rested it on her stomach. 

Scarlett smiled watching her friends. They were adorable and cute. She really hopped they had fun tonight she smiled as she took a picture with them when she was told to get into the picture. 

plant your roots in it | dixie+george & avery+scarlett

Dixie pulled her legs up into her chest. She hadn’t even left her parents house in at least a week. She just kept waiting for the day that she got the divorce papers from what she was sure was going to be her soon-to-be ex-husband; maybe she just wasn’t meant to be happy. She quickly pushed up from the couch. That was it; she was going to take up her aunt’s offer and move in with her. She quickly took the stairs two at a time to go pack.

Avery sighed some, pushing a hand through his hair some. He needed to go and do something for work, but he needed someone to watch Jordan. George hadn’t been himself lately and even Whiskey seemed depressed. He grabbed his phone, pulling up his messages before texting Scarlett. ‘Hey, I need a babysitter. You free?’

baby when i'm with you...|| george + dixie & scarlett + avery

George looked at the preacher he was pretty much glad that this meant that they wouldnt ever have to deal with having to hide from her dads eyes. She was going to be his after this and there was nothing no one could say. He smiled at his bride not even caring how many people actually showed up for this thing. He smiled as he caught his nephew dancing, or he assumed the swaying back and forth was dancing.

Scarlett was more glad this thing was inside then outside it was boiling out there and this dress would kill her. Watched as the preacher talked about love and young love. It was quite romantic really.

baby when the top drops | dixie+george & avery+scarlett

Dixie giggled some, pulling her husband in for another kiss as she messed with the doorknob slightly. “It’s after school hours and the nurse isn’t even here on Mondays. I think we’ll be fine,” she mumbled out against his lips before pulling away so that she could see what she was doing. She pulled out a bobby pin and finally got the door to pop open. She quickly pulled him inside, closing the door as she leaned against it and locked it. “See? All the privacy we could want and a bed.”

Avery stared down at the papers on his desk. He really needed to talk to his brother and sister-in-law and figure out if he was going to even be allowed back in the house. And if he wasn’t, he needed to figure out what he and Jordan were going to do. He needed to put a roof over his son’s head after all.

times a changin' | george + dixie, scarlett + avery |

George shook his hair some at the girls knowing it was wet still. Smiling when they screamed at him. “Just dont screw it up” he told the girl shaking his head. He had asked for this after all. He wasnt about to let the hairdresser do this for him after all theyve been after him to cut his hair since he could remember.  ”Av just make sure they dont chop my ear off” he called out to his brother.

Scarlett was with her friend in the bathroom she had the clippers in her hand. “You sure George I’ve only seen my mom do it for my dad before” she shook her head some when he said he was sure that he trusted them both. 

it’s a small town throwdown | dixie+george & avery+scarlett & abigail

Dixie smiled some as she finished packing up the things for the cheerleading squad since the girls had gone off the congratulate the boys. She glanced up at the sound of cleats, assuming it was her husband and buddy, but instead she was face-to-face with a few guys from the other team. “Good game,” she told them simply, going back to the packing. Her head quickly snapped up when it was clear that they weren’t going anywhere, especially with saying thing about ‘Evansville’s golden girl had fallen from grace’ and that she should give them a little bit of sugar. “Look, I’m a married woman and I think you should go.”

Avery smiled some, watching his son cheer for his uncle and the team. “Yeah, Uncle George helped them win,” he assured him, wrapping his arm around Abigail a little bit more. “Thanks for taking this drive with us,” he told her with a smile before kissing her temple.

Quittin' You || Avery + Scarlet, Dixie + George, Abigail, Taylor

George sat on the couch he just watched the blonde his brother was dating. Seriously. He was still dating her. He really didnt like that girl and now she was in his home. He didnt know what was worse catching his brother with a 17 year old multiple times or with his teacher.

Scarlett had only come over so she could hang out with her friend and maybe swim in the pool, but soon after she entered the house George pulled her in the same room as Avery and Abigail. She assumed he was trying to get Avery make Abigail leave with her being there. It only made her uncomfortable.

Abigail looked at the couple and smiled, “You have a nice home” she told them. It was pretty much the only time she’d been invited inside and agreed to go in. After all it wasnt like he would want to try anything with his brother there.