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(Photos by Rachellynn Schoen)


This Halloween, Legendary invited horror aficionados Guillermo del Toro and Michael Dougherty to visit some of the most terrifying locations out there to see if they truly lived up to the haunted hype.

ScareHouse is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been named one of the “The 10 Wickedest Haunted Houses in America” by Forbes, ranked #5 in Top Haunt Magazine’s “Top 13 Haunts”, and was declared “One of America’s scariest Halloween attractions” by the Travel Channel.


After much waiting, DeliriumDog's interview with Scorched the Snake, Allez Allie!, and Kathryn Yu, to say nothing of the incomparable Careena Melia, is available for a listen. While the springboard for the discussion relates to haunted houses, the round table chat is firmly entrenched in Sleep No More mythology, secrets etc. Translation: Spoilers abound.

A brief, supplemental companion piece of sorts can be found here.

Two years ago...

…my wife and I were driving from NYC to Pittsburgh and we spent nearly the entire ride swapping stories about Sleep No More. The previous night was our first visit to the McKittrick Hotel and we could not stop talking about it.

Not only did we not stop discussing it ourselves, we had to tell everyone else about it. Labor Day week has been my big week to do sound installation at The ScareHouse and everyone there was subjected to hearing about my new discovery. It didn’t matter that they were quickly sick of hearing about it. I was compelled to share. I eventually coaxed several of them to visit the McKittrick themselves.

Right now we’re driving back to Pittsburgh so I can work on a new immersive experience at ScareHouse. (This time as creative consultant as well as sound.) It will be a much different thing than Sleep No More, but it’s hard to imagine us doing it at all had we not been exposed to the dark enticements Punchdrunk had created. And this journey continues…

I journeyed to Pittsburgh this weekend in order to experience ScareHouse’s newest haunt,  "The Basement".  Scott Simmons (creative director of ScareHouse) and his creative staff (including Glenn Ricci aka Delirium Dog of the SNM podcast) put together a very emotionally and psychologically challenging immersive horror experience for the 18 and over crowd (very strict polices about the age limit).   You can enter by yourself or with one other person to experience a series of 1:1 encounters over the course of about 30 minutes.  You will be touched.  You will be scared (unless you are truly black of heart).  

The world and events which happen inside The Basement make some of your worst fears come true.  Some of the tasks I performed really pushed the limits of my inhibitions and forced me to explore my deepest darkest desires.  It was scary, thrilling, and my willingness to participate was constantly surprising me.  As I made my escape into the cool Pittsburgh air afterwards, I felt elated.

Well done to all involved in creating this experience.  I will never forget it.


My girlfriend and I are going to the Scarehouse tomorrow night! This video will be an accurate depiction of how I will act.

Дом ужасов / The Scarehouse (2014)

Год: 2014 
Страна: Канада
Режиссёр: Гэвин Бут
В ролях: Сара Хансен, Кимберли-Сью Мюррэй, Кэтерин Баррелл, Тиган Винс, Эмили Алатало, Даниэль Баркер, Ивана Стоянович, Дженнифер Миллер, Брэд Эверетт
Жанр: Боевик, Триллер, Ужасы
Время: 01:22:43

Двое друзей решили устроить вечеринку на Хэллоуин у себя дома и пригласили к себе шесть сестер. Однако они не ожидали, что ночью их играм и веселью придет конец, и ситуация совершенно выйдет из-под контроля…… Читать дальше »


ScareHouse is in a building that’s nearly 100 years old, holding decades of secrets and paranormal activity. 

Read more about the history of our creepy home.

ScareHouse is open tonight at 7pm. College students can save $7 off admission on Thursdays and Sundays:  Thank you Pittsburgh!