RP with scaredymedic

Peter hitched his shoulder bag up a little higher, looking up at the little cafe in front of him. It wasn’t a new place exactly - though he had been looking for a new place to go and do some studying. It got boring sometimes in his apartment, or distracting with Dexter constantly jumping up to sit on his hands when he deemed it time for him to be petted. The building certainly looked nice enough - quiet at a little after 1 in the afternoon with most students still at the college. 

Shrugging to himself, he opened the door and went inside.

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With my new stature I could power down anywhere I like. Why not ask Graham? -3- ((Sparx would but unsure if that would be awkward especially since she doesn’t live near them))

Stands still with his mouth agape for a moment and suddenly claps hands together and starts to laugh turning red in the faceplate. “Haa Haa haa…”

scaredymedic replied to your post “-attempts to walk but trips and falls on his pede- ((strange first meeting but i couldn’t help it…))”

-blinks at and stares, tilting her head, then just falls into a sitting position, seems to have no intention of leaving-

The green Seeker grumbled again when the tiny Cybertronian fell again and chose to give up, letting her do whatever she wanted. In this case, what she wanted was…nothing. He gave the her a glower, “What are you doing here?”

It's a Start...

The fox huffed, her frame shivering with heat. Even though snow was every where, the fox was overheating. She had caught something, and it was making her systems all screwy. She was okay at first, just not able to run as much. But now, she couldn’t go a few hours before having to recharge or burning out. 

The fox fell to her side, panting. She needed to find someone or something to help her. But she could barely move.

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Magnetic Pulse was adjusting one of the hover-fins, it had taken damage when he fled his own destroyed universe, on his ship when the femme caught his optic. Oh, what was she doing here? He jumped down and approached her. The two black audio fins on the sides of his helm twitched and his single golden optic brightened. “Hello stranger. Do you need something?” The small, young mech greeted the femme with a wave of his black servo.

A small discovery(Shatterday)

There was something on him…  A…  Data-pad.  “Where did I get a data-pad?  These are so obsele-….."  He just sighs and looks through it.  He finds some scan results and determines the coordinates at which the scan was taken.  The results weren’t too special or interesting, but anything was better than sitting around in an organic forest doing nothing.  He set off for the coordinates which were surprisingly not that far away, he would reach them in no time.  As he walked he took note of his surroundings and how he could use them to his advantage,it never hurt to be ready for an ambush, especially on a non-Technocracy controlled planet.