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sENd mE ALL thE FF


These are all on ffnet ~ 8’D

Some Xmas fics

Some Random fics

Lemme know if MOAR?


modern day boarding school au where Draco and Harry are roommates and through homework, parties, and late night conversations, they get to know each other intimately.

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So this is the video I made for you guys, since I’m extremely happy about reaching 3k followers.
Thanks to everyone who sent in questions (armyoalbus, forutris, imaginaryarrows, deathlyhalowes, draqomalfoy, jamespotterring, maraudairs, priorisincantatem, ronaldweasl-y, the anons, ruesflower, rain-drops-onroses, scaredpotter!!!) I love you.
I’m sorry for my weird accent that sometimes sounds wannabe british and other times wannabe american. I’m dumb.

Also I found out I forgot to answer one question, so I’ll do it here: Coffee or tea?
TEA TEA TEAT AE ETAEA I LOVE TEA i drink like 3 cups of tea everyday YAY.

Anyways, enjoy you lot! (ily all)

in little over one hour voting time is over in sweden and in a few hours we’ll know what will have happened OH MY GOD I AM SO NERVOUS AND SCARED AHHHHHH

i just really really hope that my vote for the feminist party will be the vote that changes EVERYTHING yes i have high hopes of myself

if you’re swedish and of age.. IF YOU HAVEN’T VOTED AT ALL, WELL FUCK YOU

  • emotionslikeateaspoon's radical accent challenge

Word list:

bath / house / lovely / tongue / down / laugh / garage / zebra / look / owl / aluminium / grass / schedule / stupid / rant / squirrel / blood / bowl /  water / million / turkey / library / duck / either / epitome / food / castle / hour / transport / anorak / room / tractor / sponge / orange / towel / where / gravy / murder / heir / laughter / potato / moon / bottle / patio / lion / authenticity