i’m not good at keeping at things (in this instance making the list) but i’ve been keeping up with my workout (but i must admit every week i take two days off, and my period started so bare with me) i finished my day 10 workout of the 21 day fix, 11 left! i’m farther than i am the first time i quit on this workout. also, i decided to do the brazen fit challenge. i’m on to day four. any other sugars want to do it with me? ccshugar, calitrophywife, trufffle, sweetasspring? i’m trying to be a baddie on labor day. thankfully i was born african so my ass is naturally fat so really this is the last link. here’s a list for…the next few days

  • finish the knife pleated skirt i started
  • 21 day fix days
  • brazen fit
  • new hairstyle
  • perfect manicure
  • facials for acne scars
  • buy nyx brow gel

Now that I’ve cut my hair off, the number of strange items in my bag has grown. Now when I say strange, I mean items you wouldn’t expect to find in a student’s backpack. In addition to a severed ponytail, I also have a flask of rum, a bottle of peach juice (to mix with the rum, duh), a small bottle of wine that is labeled chardonnay but is actually moscato, a tennis ball, cough syrup, scar gel, an iPod adapter, and Nerf darts. 

now that i got the binder issue straightened out i’m gonna concentrate on getting rid of my scars i bought bio oil and a scar gel it was expensive for both of them like 40 dollars but my mental state will really improve if i can make these scars less noticeable i know it might not get rid of it completely though i’m not expecting anything 

[healthydiet-healthydiet] Breast Augmentation 5 months Post-Op Update and My Health Tips ...

Healthy Diet Tips‎ : Breast Augmentation 5 months Post-Op Update and My Health Tips- Detox/Diet. Everything you want to know is right here::: 5 months Post-Op Update & Things mentioned: SkinMedica Scar Gel Vitamin C 500 mg. Vitamin E 2000 IU/day

Cream penghilang bekas jerawat ber bpom harga paling murah

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InstaNatural’s Scar Gel Review

InstaNatural’s Scar Gel Review

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The InstaNatural Scar Gel contains a unique combination of potent ingredients to help your scars disappear. It contains: Epidermal Growth Factor which is a naturally occurring protein that stimulates the healing process, Gotu Kola which also aids in restoring healthy skin, while Green Tea, Fucoxanthin, Astaxanthin and Sea Kelp fortify the skin with antioxidants to…

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I just realized how bad my hands look in pictures… Like I have a scar from a burn on the top of my left hand, and a few other scars from various other kitchen mishaps. All of which I’m trying to get rid of. Scar gel. I hope it works.

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With the rough and tumble life the world in general leads, scrapes are bound to happen, and there’s no drug store to visit for scar gel. Her hands and legs are scraped with plenty of scars. She does has one particularly large one on her left forearm from a nasty fall.