I don't know if this will make any sense, but....

I’m not ashamed of my scars, but I don’t show them off….
Does that even make any sense?

*EDIT* The reason I said something is because one of my friend’s bought me a TWLOHA tank top for Christmas and I have scars on my shoulders.
^That’s the link for the tank top, if anyone was wondering.

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This us a stupid question but will scar gel actually work? Does it get rid of scars completely? I saw you mentioned it another ask so I'm curious

Woof woof! Corgi’s owner used scar gel on their own scars years ago every day about 2-3 times per day until the wounds healed. They also have another they did not apply scar gel to.

The scars that Corgi’s owner took care of are no longer visible, not even stretching the skin. The scar left unattended is a dark, very visible scar now on their thigh. 

Corgi can safely say it does work. They used Walgreens brand while the wound had just started healting though, so Corgi suggests you immediately care for your scars as soon as possible.

a lot of people are asking what scar cream i use that works really well, its called derma e gel. its amazing. im not sure of the price bc my mom bought it for me but i think its around 40 bucks. so if you need one that works quick, and good.. this one worked for me and my scars are pretty thick and deep so i reccomend it


BioCorneum Scar Gel is effective on acne and surgical scars.  It helps to reduce your scar over time with its patent pending formula.  It one of our favorite products to recommend post surgery.  

Skincare Tip for Reducing Appearance of Acne Scars

Skincare Tip! We are often asked which products are recommended to reduce the look of acne scars. For most skin types, our Microdermabrasion Scrub used in conjunction with our Scar Gel is a great approach. The Microdermabrasion Scrub buffs away dull surface skin while the Scar Gel helps soften, smooth and diminish the look of scars. Have you tried our Microdermabrasion Scrub or Scar Gel? Scrub: Scar Gel:

yo does mederma really work for scars? not like stretch marks but straight up scars? i used to use it for the ones on my arms but i didnt really stick with it so im not sure and the scars on my legs are so fucking big like they poke out of my school skirt a bit on one leg someone tell me DOES IT WORK? 

The Kelo-cote patented formulation is the most clinically tested form of all silicone and scar management products. It is important to know that scarring is considered to be the final stage of wound healing. Silicone which is contained  should be the first line therapy in the initial management of all scars.

Defining gel is known as liquid gold just because it’s soooo awesome!!!It helps with cellulite, stretchmarks, scars, and verifies veins, and even to brighten up tattoos!!!Get yours today and see how amazing it really is!!!

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your scars are barely noticeable! very very lucky! when i saw the picture i thought it was just a picture of your arm. did you put anything on them before to make them fade?

I used scar gel

Here is photo of world renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Madnani, one of the creators of #PureHealPlus, a scar reducing gel, with one of @clydesonmadison’s amazingly talented cosmeticians, Nicole. It was taken Saturday right here @clydesonmadison during the event with #PureHealPlus and @newbeauty #magazine. Another event will be held on Jan. 31st. Make sure to stop by, get your free copy of @NewBeauty #magazine and try the best #scar reducing #gel out there. Even our #pharmacists recommend it. It works absolute #miracles! #ny #nyc #nycevent #madisonave #manhattan #beauty #skincare #scarsbegone #plasticsurgery (at Clyde’s On Madison)