Annalise & Scott

A new little fanfic I’ve decided I might give a go after reading the Dexas one, so yeah, I’m not that good at writing, so hope you enjoy.

I had settled down on the sofa with Scott ready to watch a film, I’d loved it recently, Scott and I being alone together, him not letting me out of his sight because Silas was on the loose, he was so sweet, it reminded me why I had fell in love with him in the first place.

Then our happiness was shattered, Rob and Barney had returned from their homes.

'Hey what you guys watching?' Rob asked.

'Oh nothing just some chick flick mate' Scott replied, he was always really different around the lads, he didn't seem as down to earth as he normally was, it really annoyed me when he was like that.

Rob laughed, ‘Has she seriously got you this bad? We’ve only been away a few weeks’ he playfully punched Scott.

Scott gave a weak laugh, ‘Yeah I guess she has’ fighting him off, shooting me his sorry look. ‘Lets stick the footy on’

'Yes, now we're talking' Rob and Barney plonked themselves down next to us both on the sofa.

I was fed up already and they had only been back five minutes, so I just got up and walked to my room and slammed the door shut. I couldn’t be bothered.

'Whats her problem?' I heard Rob smugly ask.

'She probably just isn't used to you guys being back, one sec' Scott replied, I could hear him moving further towards my room. He opened the door and looked at my sympatheticly, he closed the door, sat down with me on my bed and took hold of my hand.

'Listen Lise, you know it's just the guys having a laugh?' he asked.

'I know that but you always suddenly change when Rob's around, it's not asif he doesn't know, I mean he used to be with me, he knows how much hard work I am' I sighed.

'Lise, I know, I shouldn't be like that but it just happens, I can't help it, but I need you to know I love you'

My heart started beating faster, I forgot completely everything I was annoyed about and just looked at his cute, gourgeous little face, looking into my eyes. That was the first time he had ever said that to me, I could feel a smile coming onto my face, he looked at me all confused, so I just moved in and kissed him.

'I love you too, you goof' I laughed and we lay down on the bed cuddling, forgetting about the guys in there.