Scandiland Exeter Phoenix Special

My recent subscription to Netflix has refuelled my interest in film and documentaries, so much so that documentary-making is now featuring on my short list of potential ‘I could do this as a job one day’ career choices. 

Exeter’s Phoenix is renowned for its diverse showcasing of Art, Cinema and Music, and the Scandiland season which arrives in November is such an example. A whole season of Scandinavian and Nordic cinema across November, from animations, to disturbing thrillers, and documentaries about cold-water surfing.

It is this collection of surf documentaries which has me most excited. Featuring a short from Mickey Smith (Coming Up for Air), one of my favourite filmmakers who documents the struggles and passions of cold water surfers in and around Ireland and sponsored by Finisterre, the collection of 4 films lasts just over an hour and is followed by free giveaways plus a performance from Finnish folk-punk band, Slack Bird. I’ll be there, if you’re in Exeter, make it a priority - I’m sure it’ll be eye-opening!

I’m looking forward to being in the airport tomorrow - to seeing the departure boards and the cabin crew in their bright uniforms, to wondering where the other passengers are going and why. However I am *not* looking forward to being on the plane itself. Nopenopenope. And as for being in Uppsala? Well, I’m not even letting myself truly think about that yet.

Sat there in the Domkyrka again today and realised that I’m the one thing I’ve got guaranteed in this world but I treat myself like absolute shit and that has to change. Need to take better care of myself.