I Am #Scandal Deprived So I’D SUGGEST YOU UNFOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE: Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram (every media outlet I have access to will be solely scandal today) unfriend me on FaceBook while you at it, block my number if you have it📵, don’t come by my house🚷, unscuscribe from my YouTube channel, don’t even e-mail me. YES, the thirst is THAT real😛. I will be twerking all day today til 10pm EST. I am not here for engaging in any conversations non-related to scandal (I’ll make an exception for anyone who wants to talk about their own personal scandals that they got goin’ on in their lives - I’m here for you, boo)

You’ve been warned. Scandal is finally back👯💃 AND we get 4 uninterrupted episodes (Like that’s something to be excited about - I AINT HERE FOR NO SCANDAL FINALE EITHER!). I am overwhelmed with joy (I’m twerking as I type this🚼), I don’t think I’m ready😳. I been fasting and praying since April 5th and I just hope the outcome of tonight’s episode don’t have me show up at ABC studios in my satin cap with my clique #ScandalTwerkTeam #GladiatorsUnite It’s #SCANDALTHURSDAY!!!!!

Here’s a Scandal🙀🙊: who’s your favorite character & actor on the show? I loveeeee me some Bellamy Young who plays Mellie Grant (who also happens to be my favorite character) Mellie’s so vicious and a FIERCE first Lady - Bellamy plays the part perfectly! She deserves all the awards👸🎉🏆

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