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What I’m About:

1) Lover of music (all music as long as its good music)

2) I watch too much TV but I lovs my shows
- Game Of Thrones
- The Newsroom
- Once Upon A Time
- Rizzoli and Isles
- Shameless
- Being Mary Jane
- The Following (just started)
- Greys Anatomy
- Scandal
- American Crime
- American Horror Story
- Sons of Anarchy
- Some Reality Shows
- Empire
- Criminal Minds
- House of Cards
- Orange Is The New Black
- Orphan Black
- Bates Motel
- Banshee
(I’m sure I’m forgetting some)

3) I love a good book

4) Justice for all

5) I love my people (don’t assume you know what I mean)

6) Sagittarius ♐

7) Loyal As Fuck

8) I can agree to disagree.. No need 4 drama

9) I love finding beauty in things (people, places, things)

10) Humanitarian

11) I 😍 pitbulls

12) I Adore many people right now its LANA AF

13) I want a grumpy cat.. cause I am

14) If my phone dies and I dont have a back up 🔋 or a charger its the end of the world!

There’s more I’m sure.. Just got to get to know me.


Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s classic tune, “You’re all I need to get By” played on tonight’s episode of Scandal, “A Woman Scorned” during Olitz’ 21 minute interlude at Olivia’s apartment.

You’re all I need to get by

Like sweet morning dew, I took one look at you

And it was plain to see you were my destiny

With arms open wide I threw away my pride

I’ll sacrifice for you, dedicate my life to you

I will go where you lead, always there in time of need

And when I lose my will you’ll be there to push me up the hill

There’s no, no looking back for us

We got love sure enough, that’s enough

You’re all, you’re all I need to get by

You’re all I need to get by

Like an eagle protects his nest, for you I’ll do my best

Stand by you like a tree and dare anybody to try and move me

Darling in you I found strength where I was torn down

Don’t know what’s in store but together we can open any door

Just to do what’s good for you and inspire you a little higher

I know you can make a man out of a soul that didn’t have a goal

‘Cause we, we got the right foundation and with love and determination

You’re all, you’re all I want to strive for and do a little more

You’re all, all the joys under the sun wrapped up into one

You’re all, you’re all I need, you’re all I need, you’re all I need to get by

Oh babe, oh babe, honey, honey, honey

Yeah, I need you darlin’, oh I need, oh baby

I’m better than that, all I could need, I need tonight

Oh, oh your love

Loved this one lyric: Don’t know what’s in store but together we can open any door. (Oh so true for Olitz!)


The O'Jays - “Back Stabbers” performance on Soul Train. 

Song was played during the last moments of “We Do Not Touch The First Ladies”, episode 312.

“Back Stabbers” Song Lyrics

What they do)
(They smile in your face)
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)
(They smile in your face)
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)

All you fellows who have someone
And you really care, yeah, yeah
Then it’s all of you fellows
Who better beware, yeah yeah
Somebody’s out to get your lady
A few of your buddies they sure look shady
Blades are long, clenched tight in their fist
Aimin’ straight at your back
And I don’t think they’ll miss

(What they do)
(They smile in your face)
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)
I keep gettin’ all these visits
From my friends, yeah, what they doin to me
They come to my house
Again and again and again and again, yeah
So are they there to see my woman
I don’t even be home but they just keep on comin’
What can I do to get on the right track
I wish they’d take some of these knives off my back

(What they do)
(They smile in your face)
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers
(Back stabbers)
Low down, dirty

(What they do)
(They smile in your face)
Smiling faces
Smiling faces sometimes tell lies (back stabbers)
(They smile in your face)
I don’t need low down
Dirty bastards (back stabbers)

“Back Stabbers” (“the pinnacle of Philly Soul”) was released in August 1972.

Song was played in “We Do Not Touch The First Ladies” when it was revealed that SSA Tom is B613 - (the ears and eyes of B613 inside the White House) AND when Adnan Salif’s true boss was revealed  - Mama Pope. \o/

Great song choice!

ET TU TOM??? #traitor #AskScandal

— Tony Goldwyn (@tonygoldwyn)

March 7, 2014

Oh it’s on! #MamaPope and #AdnanSalif = match made in @shondarhimes heaven! I adore Khandi Alexander! Let the games begin!! #Scandal

— Nazanin Boniadi (@NazaninBoniadi)

March 7, 2014

@darbysofficial: THIS GUY–> @bletscher 😳#TomWentShady #BSixThirteen #Scandal”. All shades of gray, right??;).

— Brian Letscher (@bletscher)

March 7, 2014

@tonygoldwyn: ET TU TOM??? #traitor #AskScandal”. Keep me on your right…

— Brian Letscher (@bletscher)

March 7, 2014


Scandal Season 2 DVD and Soundtrack goes on sale tomorrow!

Season 2 DVD Details

  • Synopsis: Experience every breathless, jaw-dropping moment as Olivia Pope and her team of “gladiators in suits” turn up the heat and raise the stakes in “Scandal: The Complete Second Season.”
  • For Olivia Pope and Associates, cleaning up other people’s messes takes a shattering personal toll.  Season Two blows the lid off Quinn’s identity, exposes Huck’s dark past, and uncovers Olivia’s darkest secret - something so shocking and enormous that it threatens the entire nation. From boardrooms to bedrooms, relive all 22 episodes of the explosive second season of “Scandal” including exclusive, never-before-seen bonus features with this riveting 5-disc set.
  • Talent/Cast: "Scandal" stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, Columbus Short as Harrison Wright, Guillermo Diaz as Huck, Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan, Katie Lowes as Quinn Perkins, Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant, Jeff Perry as Cyrus Beene, Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant and Joshua Malina as David Rosen.
  • Bonus Features:         A Closer Look: President Grant’s Assassination Attempt - Get an inside peek at how one of Season Two’s most pivotal scenes was shot (pun intended).
  • Hanging with Huck - Spend the day with actor Guillermo Diaz and get to know the man behind the eclectic yet oddball character “Huck”.
  • Extended Episode - Delve deeper into the drama with an episode featuring additional moments too revealing for broadcast television.
  • Deleted Scenes - Discover more scandalous secrets through several never-before-seen moments from the hit series.
  • Outtakes - Fans will laugh out loud at these funny, unseen moments from the set of “Scandal.”

DVD Extras

  • Save $10 with your Season 2 DVD purchase:
  • AMAZON.COM has the DVD on sale for $29.99!
  • Best Buy has the #Scandal Season 2 DVD on sale for $39.99
  • Walmart has the DVD on sale for $38.96!
  • Target has the #Scandal Season 2 DVD on sale for $38.99, ONLINE
  • Target has the #Scandal Season 2 DVD on sale for $29.99 IN STORES!
  • Target ALSO has the extended version for episode 208, “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.” This 208 Extended Special Feature will be confirmed by tomorrow when Gladiators pick up a copy! :)
  • has Seasons 1 & 2. 
  • Scandal is also available on!

Songs from Scandal: Music for Gladiators Details

  • War - Edwin Starr
  • Green Onions - Booker T. & The MG’s
  • Everyday People - Sly & The Family Stone
  • I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash
  • Tell Me Something Good - Rufus and Chaka Khan
  • Get Down Tonight - KC and The Sunshine Band
  • I Believe In You (You Believe In Me) - Johnnie Taylor
  • Respect Yourself (RAC Remix) - The Staple Singers
  • Crazy - Bettye LaVette
  • You’re All I Need To Get By - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
  • I Think It s Going To Rain Today - Nina Simone
  • The Light - The Album Leaf

Additional Info


#ScandalMusic in “Mama Said Knock You Out” - “Me and Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul. 

3 Reasons Why Fitz Should Sing in Season 2

Gladiators I think I speak for the entire fandom when I say that Fitz MUST sing in season 2 of Scandal! Actor Tony Goldwyn is a man of many talents from directing to producing to acting to singing! Don’t you agree that our pretend POTUS should pull a Obama and sing a little? I would love to hear him hum a line or two particuarly to Olivia Pope!

“Pulling a Obama” examples:

Obama singing Al Green’s Let Stay Together

Obama singing “Sweet Home Alabama”

Obama singing “Call Me Maybe”

If Shonda writes this prediction into the plot, it may come across as life imitating art but who really cares? Here are my three reasons why I think this prediction should get a green light!

3 Reasons Why Fitz Should Sing in Season 2

1. Olivia Pope!

This goes without saying but imagine in their early days of their relationship that Fitz sang a little to Olivia? I predict that Fitz might have sang Sweet Baby to her! I mean, why else would Olivia be so hurt that he called Amanda Tanner that nickname! Singing to Olivia is also a great swooning tactic that’s a bit softer that his manhandling ways!

2. Stress Reliever

If Shonda Rhimes grants us our prediction wish, we might see Fitz humming in the halls of the White House! I know cold as ice Mellie will not like this but Fitz will continue to be himself singing a little! Now I don’t want him to do a song and dance but catching him singing as he’s lost in thought would be nice! Remember I also predict that he will be going through severe Olivia Pope withdrawals before, so what’s a better way to unwind than sing?

3.  A Perfect Introduction to Another Side of Fitz

All we know of Fitz is that he loves hard and doesn’t hide it! Him singing is a great way to introduce another side of Fitz that may have always suspect was always there from the start. Perhaps this gentler side is what Olivia worked with! 

My sincere thoughts:

If Fitz sings to Olivia in season 2 - 

So what are your thoughts, Gladiators? Fitz should sing or zip it in season 2?

Entertainment Weekly Chats About Olivia & Fitz's theme music, The Light!

#Gladiators @EW chats about Olivia & Fitz’s theme music, The Light! I highlighted the points that agree with!

The song: The Album Leaf, “The Light”
The episode: ”Grant: For the People” (107)
The hook: The San Diego alternative outfit’s 2006 track threaded throughout the desire-laden last two episodes of Scandal‘s abbreviated first season. Oscillating between past and present, the song underscored a key moment of sexual tension between Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her boss Fitz Grant (Tony Goldwyn), soon to be the President of the United States. The undulating instrumental’s chill vibe played subtly under four different scenes, shifting to complement the push-and-pull dynamics between Liv and Fitz. It was a deliciously understated yet ever-present expression of their dips and peaks, their years of mutual longing.
Watch it! Get our your fans and your tissues as the desperate longing begins at 20:26 on Scandal‘s Hulu. Liv and Fitz weren’t the only ones with something to hide. See which other character lived up to the show’s name in Mandi Bierly’s recap.
Mandi’s recap:
Scandal’s Hulu:

Thoughts: I’m loving all the latest #Scandal promo and I especially enjoy that the media’s picked up on their theme song! I love how EW pointed out whether this song plays it symbolizes their sexual tension! ;) <3 infinity! Do you agree with @EW?

Watch on

Moment: Olivia walks over to answer her door at her apartment as Stephen confirms that Amanda Tanner’s baby father isn’t Fitz. She’s pleasantly surprises to see Fitz standing at her door. Fitz simply says to her as she clicks off her cell phone - “Hi.”

Quote: “Hi…”


When? Season 1. Episode 5. Crash & Burn

Thoughts: Satisfy your Olivia/Fitz fix with just one word - HI! How these two oozes chemistry without so many words spoken is simply apart of their appeal!


Spies Like Us Music: Rufus & Chaka Khan- “Tell Me Something”

Olivia tells the team something. Huck asks Melvin if he ever feel’s guilty.


Spies Like Us Music: Nina Simone - “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today”

Abby and David have an important conversation. Abby grabs some fax pages relating to David’s investigation and crumples them, she sees Olivia. Abby apologizes to Olivia for something.


Scandal Music from Hunting Season:  Leon Haywood, “Don’t Push It Don’t Force It”

Olivia meets with reporter Kimberly Mitchell, and makes them agree to hold off reporting on Thorngate for 24 hours. Harrison tries to get info on a partial license plate number…


Scandal Music:  Kool and the Gang, “Jungle Boogie”

Olivia, Easton & The Nystroms work on a plan of action to find Jenny. The Nystroms show Jenny’s photo to a news crew.


Scandal Music: James Brown, “Get On The Good Foot”

Edison and Olivia argue over the next move in the Nystrom case. Olivia comes up with a new angle.