Random Fandom Thought #394

Loved this week’s episode of Scandal. I know what I’m about to say is cross-fandom, but Cyrus and The Comedian [Watchmen]* have something in common– they both gave no flips about killing a pregnant woman. Mellie needs to relax and tread lightly.

* Well… The Comedian did it because a heffa ‘called him out’ and scratched his face. She should have known who she was dealing with. But that’s another fandom thought for different time.

Olitz Fandom= Support Group

I feel like that is what we are to each other now. Let’s be real for a minute. We want Olitz. We are not getting that. We scrape at and scratch at S1 & early S2 (exception: episode 20) for hope for this couple. We keep wishing, hoping and praying for Olitz to be together onscreen, even though, we know deep down in our heart of hearts, that SR will never put these two together on the show to save her life.

We can keep wishing and hoping all we want, but the only way we can get Olitz the way they should be portrayed, is through Olitz centric fanfic.

I’m just being honest here. This is what we are thinking even though some of us may be not be willing to admit it at the moment. If this post results in my losing a few followers, then so be it, but I have to be honest, and tell the truth.


You’re saying I need help based on a post I made yet you’re under the impression that Tony and Kerry are married and have a child but are keeping it a secret in the media. Have a seat, shut the fuck up and go back to strumming yourself over Tony gifs in your mother’s attic you lowlife


Check out more of the amazing Facebook Scandal character updates made by Gladiator whoareyouandwhyshouldicare to see why Tony Goldwyn finds one of them GENIUS! Whoareyouandwhyshouldicare, this is amazingly hilarious! Keep them coming girl!


Columbus Short, Kerry Washington, and Guillermo Diaz on the set of #ScandalSeason3.

(Watch this must-see video of Huck and Harrison helping Olivia move through a swamp of reporters.)

Photo H/T: Columbus Short + Instagram 

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