Notes on a Scandal (1/1)

AN:  Commissioned fic for kacymyth!  1,000 words, Belle is a high school student that gets pregnant—and everyone wants to know who the father is.  Thank you, Kacy!

The rumors about Belle French’s pregnancy had begun to swarm throughout the halls of Storybrooke High.  It was perhaps the hottest piece of gossip the students had heard lately—that the shy, bookish, librarian’s assistant had somehow gotten herself knocked up.  Had her belly not begun to swell, had the school nurse (who was known for bearing a striking resemblance to Nurse Ratchet) not squealed her news to the Principal Mills after Belle had shown her a prescription for prenatal vitamins—no one would’ve believed it.

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Weird Al’s performance at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.  He  adds his own lyrics to the tunes of great shows such as Madmen, Homeland, and Scandal.  His Game of Thrones one is hands down the best.

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gladi8rs reblogged:   No divorce because Jabba the Hutt is not creative enough, far thinking enough, mature enough to realize that the divorce is actually the beginning of the story and not the end point.   She does not want to lift herself out of the soapy mess to create an actually fleshed-out story because she does not know how to write in a sophisticated, polished, interesting manner that has depth.

anonymous said:

Hi! Do you know whether or think that any of the 'Scandal' cast (specifically Kerry or Tony) read any of the related fanfics? If so... any feedback from them or favorites? Lol! Thank you!

I don’t know but if I can slip it in next time I see either one of them I will be sure to recommend scandalousnurse.