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KP, why do you think the sex scene with Russell has so many similarities to the ones Liv had with Fitz? Thank you.

Who, me?

I kinda wish you hadn’t asked because this is what’s gonna happen

And I guarantee, that at some point of my explanation, someone will think:

Eh, they might be right. Anyway…

Instead of the similarities, I’m gonna take a cindersinrags  turn on this. I’ll tell you what I liked and what I didn’t like. You should still get you’re looking for (hopefully).


There’s a lot, actually. 

  • *I liked that Olivia told Franklin that her life was ‘complicated’…as she wiped her mouth with the finger upon which DouxBebe is placed, then punctuated her statement by showing him that hand. It’s stuff like that–which adds so much subtext–that makes Kerry such a great actress. 

  • *I liked that Olivia laid out, in layman’s terms, what many of us have been saying since 416: Russell is there for distraction and comfort, not because she doesn’t respect herself. We saw that play out in 418 as well. But in order for Olivia to push the complications of her life aside, she has to perform this Alex identity. Clearly, this is similar to the Julia life she lived in her African island paradise. Upon returning to DC, it wasn’t long before the complicated life of Olivia came calling. 
  • *I liked that Russell called Olivia beautiful, and sexy, but not for the reason you think. Olivia is very clearly beautiful, and sexy. But up until Tom, in 407, we have not heard a man tell Olivia–to her face–that she is beautiful. In 303, Jake remarked that picturing Olivia’s face in the hole is what saved him.  

So, yes, I liked Russell confirming the obvious, because what woman doesn’t like being flattered in that way by a man she actually likes? But I didn’t need it. Nor do I think my Fitzgerald has been slacking.

Stanning interlude:

Fitz clearly looks at Olivia like she hung the moon, and built the universe…

and like she’s the smartest person in the room…

as well as looking at her like she is the fire of his loins:

But not until Olivia’s 410 Vermont dream, did we get this verbal affirmation:

The fact that she’s recalling a real moment from the past in her dream (220 shower scene)– a scene in which she is her naked and truest self–, and she chooses that moment (before she gets dressed, blows out her hair, puts on makeup) for Fitz to call her beautiful? It means that he not only makes her feel beautiful in all ways, but he tells her this. The question is, why don’t we hear it outside of a dream? First of all, showing is way stronger than telling. But, secondly, the Olitz relationship has been bogged down by accusations of sexual exploitation by those who cannot read. If Fitz were seen to constantly be telling Olivia that she is beautiful and sexy, it would have strengthened the claims that he only sees her as a sexual object, or that Olivia’s power, or place in the narrative is over-sexualized. But guess what those same folks were doing when sexual chocolate, Russell, openly admired Olivia in that way:

They dismissed the fact that he was giving her a compliment in the midst of him fake-breaking off their arrangement. But, whatever. So, yeah, I enjoyed it for what it made me think of. 

Stanning interlude /

  • *I liked that Olivia, again, used that DouxBebe-clad finger to shush Russell, whilst insisting that he call her Alex. And thus begins Alex’s sexual performance.

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  • *I liked that they used the seduction music from the 208 Oval scene. I noted that once the kissing began, the music changed. It becomes slightly more aggressively seductive, which fit with the tone of the scene. The change in music comes from 316, when Olivia goes to Jake’s apartment, using subterfuge to get intel to shut down B6-13. Instead of active seduction, as we see here with Russel during the part that is reminiscent of 208, Olivia allows Jake to think she needs him. What we see between Alex and Russell is much the same. There’s a lot of performance in this sexual play. 
  • *Russell has a sexy body. Damn, those arms. The V of his hip bone. Olivia’s bra was lovely. I liked that the scene was kind of aggressive. Specifically, I liked that this scene would allow me to call out more hypocrisy. Because some of the same people who gave this scene two snaps up, in ‘Z’ formation, for its aggression,

are some of the some of the same people who called this “rape”:

They see this:

and act like these moments didn’t happen:

But, what do I know. I’m just a hatin’ ass bitch who actually enjoyed this scene. 

For the most part.


*I mean, I’ve seen it done before, and to better effect. Was it just me, or did it feel like Alex was over-egging that pudding? It felt really performative to me. Like, was Olivia trying to convince him that Alex was definitely worth sticking around for?

*And why was she so urgent about him finding his way into her panties?

*Why was this moment

so much hotter to me than the entire Alexuss scene?

Yeah, yeah, because

Well, if this is hatin’, just let me stay here. 

Scandal: What Marcus Walker Represents to Me

So, I saw this post…

and I had a lot of thoughts. But I didn’t want to spill them all over be-blackstar ‘s post, in case there were negative reactions. I’ll take the hit.  Here are some of my thoughts: 


But Marcus promptly made sure to tell her, upon first meeting (414), that he, the black man, was the ultimate arbiter of blackness (he refused to validate her black card). If people do not see the criticism being offered about hypocritical black men, who want to patriarchally claim cultural ownership over how black women choose to live their lives, I don’t know what to tell you. This Marcus character is representative of every black man on social media, who, from day one of Scandal, scandalized Olivia’s blackness as inauthentic, and sought to belittle her power out of their own insecurities.

I also want people to notice that, despite how Marcus first accosted Olivia in a defensive, blacker-than-thou, ‘keeping it real’ manner (414), Olivia answered his call for help, tout suite. In fact, she did illegal ass shit for him–by cleaning up that murder scene to protect him–specifically because of his blackness. But this is the dude who couldn’t fathom her being ‘a down-ass chick’ (414) because she wields a Prada bag. Well, she was wielding that Prada in a different shade when she excoriated the mess out of that police captain. In fact, she had his back at EVERY. SINGLE. POINT. OF. THIS. EPISODE. That is both power, compassion and generosity. That is a woman who is secure in her black femininity. So, even when this black man made all kinds of assumptions about her cultural authenticity and politics, she did not hesitate to be by his side when he needed help.

All of this echoes a larger pattern, wherein black women persistently take up the causes of black men, regardless of who we’re sleeping with. Yet, when it comes to the intersection of race and gender-based discrimination that black women specifically face,  some black men don’t always offer the same support to us. Stop that mess.

Lastly, it kills me that Scandal review shows like Afterbuzz, entirely missed the point of Marcus’s plight in this episode. They were angry that Marcus was sleeping with a white woman. They found it hard to believe that he would do that, since he was so ‘down’ and all. Moreover, they questioned the believe-ability of having a white mayor, since DC has traditionally had black ones. They were so disappointed in this ‘strong, black man’ they first met in 414. Why did Scandal have to do him like that? Why couldn’t the wife have been black, they asked.

Once again, they are so far away from the point, they need a passport to access it. Scandal presents our flaws, our hypocrisy, our morality, variegated humanity to us. The things that fit with our own beliefs, expectations and desires, we give a high five, we

But that which challenges all of those same things, we shun, or attack the presentation, even when it is we who misunderstand the moment. 

But Marcus seems to have humbled himself, so I look forward to what he’ll contribute to OPA (an assumption). And I definitely want to see him have Olivia’s back.

Aoshima Nagito
  • Aoshima Nagito
  • Voltage
  • Scandal in the Spotlight

A little lyric for those who like to sing along… Do point out any mistakes

青島凪人 Aoshima Nagito

Kokoro kara sagashi teta

Honki ni nareru koi wo

君に 触れた最初のキス
Kimi ni fureta saisho no kisu



Ano toki hanashitate de


Mouhiori ni shitakunai

君のことを 愛してる
Kimi no koto wo aishi teru

All music belongs to Voltage

Kyohei, Iori, Kota, Takashi, Ryo


SCANDAL; teena RED book Girls’ Band Edition - SCANDAL Interview

It’s about your latest work,『HELLO WORLD』, which was released on 3rd December 2014 and has given us the impression of that of a different charm, as compared to all the other works up till now. Which direction will SCANDAL be headed for from now on?

  • RINA: “With regards to our sound, I think we’ve brought the rock sound down a notch. Since we’ve wished to make more natural tunes, we created many more songs that pay attention to gentler sounds. Well, we’ve got sharp-sounding tunes such as「Onegai Navigation」「Runners high」, but we’ve taken in softer sounds properly. I think we’ve made an album that feels really good.

From previously, it’s been said that SCANDAL isn’t bond by any set rules. Has any of that changed from that time on?

  • RINA: “I think, at that point, we honestly wanted to do the things that we want to do, whatever seems fun.

That means you all still value that as an importance, right?

  • RINA: “That’s right.*

Do you have any goals, such as wanting to be a certain sort of band?

  • MAMI: ”I think we’ve become able to self-produce and move along in this rhythm as it is. We’ve been able to incorporate the act of writing lyrics and songs in our lives, so we’ve come to be able to give birth to lyrics and tunes quite naturally somehow. I think if we could grow even closer to that, it’ll be good. Many of the songs this round were also born from us naturally.

Certainly, it doesn’t feel forced. Rather, it is natural.

  • RINA: ”There’s been an increase in more realistic songs right.

It’s something that’s appropriate of your age, isn’t it?

  • MAMI: “That is right. I think it’ll be good if we’re able to come out with songs more naturally from now.

How is it to be a young child of a band (laughs)?

  • TOMOMI: “We’re young children right (laughs). I do think it’s good to be doing music that reflects our daily choices. It feels like it’ll then be able to tie together with the production side too… Up till now, we’ve thought about centering about our lives, so we’ll have songs that’ll liven up the mood during lives or to have it arranged in a way that’ll be this way during lives.

Your aim are lives?

  • TOMOMI: “Yes, we’ve came all this way, creating songs for the purpose of our lives. We never thought we were wrong, but when the time comes to add that to the CD, we’d want to make the best of it on CD-format. It requires thought that differs from that of lives, so we’ve come to feel that it’s fine to have it arranged specially for lives when it comes down to that. There’s the feeling of being given a choice in our daily lives.

How about HARUNA-san?

  • HARUNA: “Since before our debut, we’ve gotten to go overseas in some way or another, but for the world tour this time, I’m extremely happy to be going to a great many places, a total of 8 countries, including places that we’ll be going for the first time ever. I think we’ll like to go to more and more places, and to be a band that is worldwide.

As a band that tows the girl bands’ scene along, what do you think of that? For teena, we welcomed the 5th ‘SCANDAL × teena × ESP Musical Academy Collaboration Project『SCANDAL Copy Band and Vocalist Contest』’ last year as well, and each year it becomes quite a thing. The entries have increased, and the performance level has gone up. It’s interesting, but every year, the song choices by the participants also changes. That means the fans have also matured isn’t it?

  • RINA: “Yes, I’ve really thought of wanting to be a band that people will be glad of liking and will forever think about. For example, the people that participate in the contest; as people who will stand on the stage from now forth, have became bandmen since listening to SCANDAL’s music, and the type of music they like belongs to SCANDAL. I’ll like us to be something others are proud of when spoken of. I’ve come to like it even more than shedding tears, and that’s something I really think about. That’s why, I think we absolutely have to be a band that will have others go, 'This is such a cool band,’ 'I am glad to look up to them,’ 'I am glad to have listened to these people’s music.’

Rather that to say that that is difficult, isn’t it quite some pressure (on yourselves)?

  • MAMI: “However, we strongly think of wanting to be liked without being shy after all.

It feels like it’s being done naturally right.

  • RINA: “That’s right. The feeling of pulling things along, but also not certainly so… We are also embarrased to say that too. Well, we wish to become a band that’ll continue doing the best of things for a long time and we also want to place importance in those areas, but we aren’t overly aware of ourselves as the leading (band) that’s pulling things ahead. That’s why we don’t feel that sense of discomfort when we’re questioned of how it feels to be the ones pulling the girls band scene forward.

I see. But in the 5 times that copy band contests were being held, several groups of participants have even had major debuts. Won’t you hold your heads up high for that…

  • TOMOMI: “We’re really happy that our friends have now increased.

It feels like that, doesn’t it.

  • TOMOMI: “We do think so. The Copy band contest isn’t about forming bands. We’re really happy, at the moment when we realise that it’s a band that can be focused upon.

That is so. After participating in the contest, there are many kids who continue being in bands even after graduating from high-school right.

  • RINA: “For girl bands, I think it’s hard to keep doing it for decades. As a girl, you’re able to exude a variety of factors, but a girl band that can continue for long ends up becoming pretty cool. I regularly think about how that is the absolute best.

With the world tour this year, does it mean that you’ve all set your sights for overseas from now on?

  • HARUNA: “Although there’s no such appeal tactic like,「Know more about us!」; right now, the net is extremely popular and through SNS, we get to receive all sorts of messages from others. For example, people who got to know SCANDAL through Anime theme songs, then begun listening to the other songs and ended up liking us, so doesn’t that make us happy? Despite a mixed bag of occasions, I think that doing this means meeting via music with all kinds of people. I’ve certainly had thoughts of wanting it to be arranged this way with not just those in Japan. It is fine no matter the way that you got to know us, or whether you’re from Japan or overseas. I think none of that matters.

The Copy Band Contest has been decided upon this year as well. However, was it unprecedented for you that this be continued so long?

  • MAMI: “That’s right. Moreover, to emphasise on the amount of times and the chosen songs have gradually became quite the core.

In the very beginning, the songs being performed were the main focus right.

  • MAMI: “After that, it was about having a good control over the effectors and people making proper music. I’m really happy about it.

Not simply all about technical ability, but as a band, the ensemble was also well presented isn’t it?

  • RINA: “Last year’s contest also had a good balance.
  • TOMOMI: “And then, bands that barely grouped together for half a year were there too. I completely did not think they were only half-a-year old.

How does SCANDAL feel, after having formed for half a year?

  • HARUNA: “Half a year eh? We were in complete disorder. At that time, we did 30 minute lives at (Osaka-Jo Park’s) Jo Ten street, but you couldn’t have called that a live. In the past, drum sticks flew in the middle of the live and regardless of us being in the middle of a song, we could give it up to walk away and talk.
  • RINA: “That, could it be our very first live? We didn’t even know of stages for bands. Previously, I did dance and was the MC for the dance team. However, all of us members stood aligned at the front to speak. We had no idea at all. That’s why, we did it without feeling strange or anything.

Next time, won’t you do that (laughs).

  • RINA: “I’m scared of it already (laughs).”
  • TOMOMI: “We went, 'We’ll whip something up for the next song! You’re welcome!’ (laughs).
  • RINA: “That was our norm. Nobody taught us anything, that’s why.
  • HARUNA: “For a dance team and dance school, that was the norm.
  • RINA: “However, for the bands that participate in the Copy band contest, they’ve looked and copied our stuff; be it the matching outfits or infusing dance (on stage), they’ll have thought it was a given for the style of a band. In that sense, this is not about us but I think it’s becoming a new era for girl bands.

For SCANDAL in the past and present, it feels like you’re parting from the (girl bands’) era, doesn’t it?

  • RINA: “I think that the style has changed. It is also interesting to watch the Copy band contest. Like, 'This is the way they see us.’
  • HARUNA: “Essentially, it’s okay for bands not to dance.
  • RINA: “It became the mast (/center-line of bands).
  • TOMOMI: “Even with the matching outfits too right?
  • MAMI: “Whether there’s dance or not, or whether the outfits match or not, you can really see the difference in quality. However, there is no such actual style for bands originally…

TOMOMI-san, the responsibility’s on you (laughs).

  • TOMOMI: “No~, it really was like that (laughs).
  • HARUNA: “However, there were plenty of moments where we truly felt the responsibility. Because we’re of such characters, we use strong words the way we do, but no, no, it’s not a necessity to pass on such a message. There’s no need to stir things up this way (laughs).

A negative influence (laughs).

  • TOMOMI: “I’m really sorry. I shall apologise to everyone else’s parents (laughs).
  • HARUNA: “Everyone, say things like, 'Let’s goー’. Ah, I feel I had been a little bit influential there (laughs).
  • RINA: “That is why I think it’s a must to continue on in good, current conditions. Along with the change of times, I think it is a must to continue on as a cool band and to take responsibility.

For RINA-san, you’ve also held a drum seminar right. For those who’ve attended the lecture, that has also became a good experience for RINA-san yourself, right?

  • RINA: “That’s right. To be hitting on twin drums together with kids that have copied (our music), that makes me very happy. They’ve also drummed in ways that I wouldn’t have, so looking at the way they drum, once again, I’ve came to like this part of myself and it ended up being a day where I got a better self-opinion. That’s why, having an enthralling drumming performance is what I think of all the time.

That’s wonderful.

  • RINA: “The kids that participated in the seminar, all of them were intense. Although there are girls who’re all decked out in white, they put on an extremely rocking performance, which I think is superb right there.

Then, lastly, please give a message to middle and high school girls who are a part of a band.

  • TOMOMI: “As we’re really happy to see girls holding onto instruments, we hope you’ll continue doing so even from now on. It’ll be wonderful if one day, we’re to stand on the same stage.

Original interview at teena HERE, as translated by fyscandalband. Lengthy stuff but thank you for reading ^^ There’s another separate Q&A section, which I will translate later in the day.

John’s Romantic Arc vs. Sherlock’s Romantic Arc

I’ve always seen a lot of posts about The Promise of Love, The Pain of Loss, and The Joy of Redemption, and they almost universally show:

  1. The Promise of Love as S1/S2
  2. The Pain of Loss as TRF
  3. The Joy of Redemption as Sherlock coming back to life for John in HLV

And this is true… ish.

It’s true that that’s The Promise of Love, The Pain of Loss, and The Joy of Redemption from John’s POV, but John is not the main character. The main character is Sherlock, so it’s Sherlock’s Promise of Love/Pain of Loss/Joy of Redemption that’s the overall Promise of Love/Pain of Loss/Joy of Redemption for the whole show.

Because if Sherlock coming back to life for John in HLV (or anything we have already seen) was the main Joy of Redemption then a) the show would be over after S3, and b) Sherlock and John would be happy at the end of S3.

Do they look happy to you?

The promise of love, the pain of loss, and the joy of redemption is the definition of a romantic arc.

For John:

The Promise of Love:

The Pain of Loss:

The Joy of Redemption:

Just like with Irene (who obviously outlined the whole promise of love/pain of loss/joy of redemption for us), The Joy of Redemption has three parts:

  1. Not dead
  2. Surprise, I don’t care about you
  3. Actually I was lying; I’m in love with you

Reminding you of the outline that Irene gave us:

The Promise of Love:

The Pain of Loss:

The Joy of Redemption (again, it has three parts):

  1. Not dead
  2. Surprise, I don’t care about you
  3. Actually I was lying; I’m in love with you

For Sherlock AKA The Main Romantic Arc for the show:

Sherlock has only experienced The Promise of Love:

Since Sherlock (as the main character) has only had The Promise of Love, that means the overall romantic arc has only had The Promise of Love. We still have The Pain of Loss and The Joy of Redemption.

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