Everyone could see the way his muscles worked,

                                     the way we look like animals,

                                                                    his skin barely keeping him inside.

        I wanted to take him home

and rough him up and get my hands inside him, drive my body into his

      like a crash test car. -(x)

Fandom Etiquette

As I engage in tweets and reblogs with other fans, I find myself SMH at the actions of others and I wonder if its the same in all fandoms? Is Scandal a unique experience? Do people simply lack the social training to know how they should act?

1. Unless you are looking for objectivity to weigh in your own opinions, why follow people you not only fiercely disagree with but LOOK for opportunities to tell them they are wrong?

(Note: I have people on my TL that I don’t always agree with. I want to see their opinion too. I think it keeps me objective. But unless they ask me my opinion , I’m not going to bust up their conversation with contradictory, unsavory remarks meant to make my thoughts appear superior to their own.)

2. Why jump in on an existing Twitter conversation simply to tell everyone they are wrong and spark a pointless debate that goes nowhere? ( Don’t get me wrong I enjoy lively discussions but some level of respect for the thoughts of others should come into play right?)

3. Why are your opinions spoken of in the definitive as if they are the only one’s that could be right? Are my opinions less valid now? None of us are experts, right?

4. Why shoot down my opinion, give yours and then disregard my counter-argument under the premise that the only opinions that really matter are the Creator and Writers?

5. Because I disagree with the Writers and Creator, have I become a non-fan? Am I disloyal? Should I be banished from the fandom and shamed into leaving the show entirely? Or am I allowed to think, reason and judge story lines for myself? Am I allowed to engage in critical thinking and come to conclusions that may disagree with yours?

6. Why does it matter what or who I watch for? Who I SHIP? As long as I stay in my lane and you remain in yours, shouldn’t we be able to co-exist without antagonizing each other?

Being in a fandom is certainly a different kind of experience.

Don’t mind me, I’m just ranting.


SCANDAL; “the end of summer” blogpost by HARUNA☆

Yesterday, we appeared as guests on「Senkou Riot 2014」. For these teenagers, this is the final victory or defeat of their Summer. While watching the lives of these 10 groups of finalists, I was touched and all heated up inside. I genuinely enjoyed it…it didn’t feel like a marathon at all, and I was in a complete trance! With all these various bands, it’s a given that they’ll have different colours and ways of singing and presenting themselves, however, everyone really understood about themselves, and showed it with their words and sound…that was the highlight.

I myself, have gone by carrying the dream of being a singer when I was in my 10s. I wonder if I’d have been proud of the me then…that was what I thought! However, without doubt, I like music and it was day in which I think of how glad I am to be able to continue. It has come for us to raise the generation that’s younger than us. More and more, to become cool musicians.

The band that received the prize, the bands that did not, there is no reason for who is better and who is more inferior. As everyone is really wonderful, I hope you’ll just believe that as it is and lunge forward. At yesterday’s live, there were a lot of people who were saved by it. I’m one of those people as well! Even to you whose reading this blog, you’ll always, always love music right!

To bring Summer to a finish, it’s been well-spent and was fantastic. Writing this today, I can feel it’s a recap for all the many festivals and events this Summer. I’m thankful to all the people whose met with SCANDAL’s music! This month, there’s the SCANDAL LIVE HOUSE “10” DAYS「Kyu ni Kite Moratte Gomen. 2014 ~Shinkyoku Yaru Kara Kiite Yo~」. I’m happy that the Tokyo • Akasaka BLITZ is SOLD OUT. As there are still days with tickets left for the Osaka • Dojima River Forum, I think it’ll be great if we could meet again. Summer, it’s been fun\(^o^)/