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boyfriend: kota (trust me i didn’t cheat)
childhood friends: nagito (okay, sure, why not)
ex-boyfriend: kyohei (…uh…okay)
first kiss: kyohei (makes sense…)
have slept with: kota (i’m loving this.)
love-hates me: nagito (why nagi. i love u ok.)
pet: takashi (why do i think it’s impossible)
best friend: kota (boyfriend-bestfriend wow)
rival: nagi (no wonder he hates me ugh.)

I’ll try to do this often and please please don’t remove credit
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oh and all of the characters belong to Voltage Inc. not me

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I honestly don't know why anyone is hoping for olitz anymore. Shonda proved tonight she's nothing but an ass fucking, two faced little cunt. She killed Derek Shepherd. Her biggest ship in history is MerDer and she bent them over and fucked them without lube. If she can fuck over her biggest ship, I have NO doubt in my mind, she wouldn't do the same shit to Fitz, and Patrick Dempsey was her coin maker

she killed Derek?!?   wait.   Patrick “Derek” Dempsey?!   i don’t even watch Grey’s, and even i know that’s a huge mistake.   what was the fan reaction?   wow.   they probably shut down Twitter.   and as for Olitz…

Olitz.   Is.   Dead.   make no mistake.   Olitz is dead.   Shonda killed it.   and the ONLY reason why i watched Episode 20 live was to see Jake die.   and much to my chagrin, the bastard lives.   SMDH.    -redorkulous

ResinRose BJD Expo Scandal:

Let’s just talk about this shit for a second, if you haven’t heard about it, there was a ANTI-recast (extreme anti) bjd expo called Resin Rose bjd Expo, - back on the US.

During this expo, one of the members (SakuraMitsuki), was accused to attend the meet/expo with two recasts from FL and was violently escorted outside the place pushed down by security guards while she had a panic attack in from of all her friends and all the people she knew from that group.

She complained to DoA
(“Dean of Angels” US forum, one of the most active anti recast places on earth) and since she had bought her dolls on DoAs Marketplace, the Admins took action and traced the origin of both dolls. - They even contacted the legit FL website by email and FL itself confirmed the dolls where NOT recasts.
One of the dolls, a MNF, it’s not even on the ‘recast master-list’
(public and available for anyone to read online), this means that doll was a mold that was NEVER recasted to the date.

DoA Mod Squad made this public on their forum: tracing the dolls back to the first known owner. - But it was already a public topic from the start on places like and I can still remember the first post about the topic where all antis where cheering and congratulating the ResinRose Expo Staff for trowing out that “recast owner”, “that fucking bastard” and every other name on the list… they attacked violently and restlessly, when time will eventually show, this girl had LEGIT dolls.

Now the ResinRose Expo Staff
(trough FunnyLori) offer only a refund of US$30 bucks to the girl for the price she paid to attend the expo (-and we aren’t event sure if they actually refund her that-), but they won’t acknowledge their horrible actions against a human being, neither their will make at very least a public apologize, because they “suggest” she *changed* the dolls and the dolls shown to DoA staff, the ones who where traced back to their origin, where NOT the same she had at the expo. - On top of that, they say “they can’t act like the dolly-police and be vigilant 24/7, that they took reasonable action on the rush of the moment as expo staff and had no obligation to check if the dolls where actually recasts or not. That they wouldn’t have to be this aggressive if Pro-Recast members didn’t exist, and it’s somehow pro-recast community members fault and not theirs, because antis wouldn’t be so paranoid if we (I’m a pro) cease to exist…(or something similar, like massive pro-recast suicide kinda’ final solution).

Excuse me if I lost my nerve a bit here
(and note I’m PRO recast), but you are organizing a private -legit only- and *strongly anti recast* expo, and in the middle of it one of your own members it’s accused to own recasts there, at the meet, and yet you don’t take FIVE, just 5 minutes to use your phone and check the 'recast master list’ to even know if the doll it’s available as a recast..? - I mean, it’s the A-B-C, it’s basic, not rocket science, and you’re telling me it was easier to ruin this girls reputation, day, and possibly the entire experience on the hobby for the rest of her life by dragging her out by 3 men in front of everyone on during the expo..?

Am I the only-one here who can’t make sense of this..?

OK, so, guys…
…antis, please, you are fucking killing each other. This is 'real life’ insane. After situations like this, there is no doubt who is “killing the hobby”.
There is no doubt witch hunts among bjd community members ARE real, and are still happening.

This member had legit dolls with her, she was -innocent of all charges- and you guys still try to spin the entire situation around to make pro-recast people somehow “guilty” of your incompetence and complete lack of empathy and common sense handling a situation during your own expo/meet.

Some think I should be happy an anti-recast community member has left the hobby and there is “one less to worry about” for pros, but truth is I can’t be happy, I can’t be happy because as a human being we are talking about here, and this is plain and simple WRONG. - I don’t care if she had legit dolls only and was the most aggressive anti recast community member EVER, I don’t care if she did had recasts
(at the meeting or at her house), or even if she had a Liv-Doll.
She was treated as a dog or worst, as something inhuman, by her own fellows from her own group, people supposedly to be her friends… and if anyone else, Pro/Anti/or/Neutral recast thinks it’s OK what the Resin Rose Expo Staff did
(and it’s still doing) I wish they die on the most horrible death, because they don’t deserve to be in this planet.
And I don’t care how much hate some might thrown at me for saying this, I still think that. This people are psychopaths who 'by accident’ can work on society and aren’t killing others (by the time being), but they’re still sick bastards, not only for ruining the bjd hobby for EVERYONE, but for ruining a persons life just like that.

To anyone and everyone trying to make this whole situation pass like a “little mistake” or “some innocent and common error” from the staff at the expo, I will only say SHAME ON YOU, for defending and standing up on something IT CAN NOT be defended or excused and should never being forgotten. Reblog as much as you like telling me “I wasn’t there”, the facts from people who WAS there are already all over the Internet. - In fact, I personally hate DoA Mod Squad, and I’m actually agree with them on this one!, I’m also a PRO-RECAST, not an anti-recast like you guys, and I AM DEFENDING AN ‘ANTI’. - So you dear people, go fuck yourselfs, you’re just as guilty as the ones kicking out this innocent girl out the expo and worst than that, later claiming it was her fault because she believes she brought a recast and was still going to the expo regardless there is no evidence of she believing that, so STOP TRYING TO SPIN THE BLAME AROUND, she is NOT the abuser or the horrible person, she is THE VICTIM, and every dirty word that comes out your mouths makes me sick every second I think about it. AGAIN, shame on you people.

That is all I will say about it and I won’t argue my stance so if you don’t like it then keep walking.

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scandal, s04e20:  episode breakdown

Jake is alive.   Huck re-started his heart.   now, he’s going into surgery, and that idiot, Russell has missed every major artery.   hello, Bait, i’d like for you to meet Switch.   ugh, that mutha-fuk’n-bitch-azz Rhimes, you’ve done it again.   and the ONLY reason why i tuned in was to watch Jake die.

now, Rowan knows Jake is still alive because if he were dead, Olivia would’ve called her dad, breathing venomous threats.   so now, stupid Rowan is sending Russell back to finish the job.   ugh, since when do professional assassins report failure and live to try again?   only in the Shondaland Universe.

in the subplot, Olivia has to get “Black Sable” – former Russian KGB out of the spy game for good.   why?   because she made a deal with the Black Market doctor who’s treating Jake.   that’s right.  now, we have TWO storylines dealing with spies.   at the same time, Mellie comes under fire from Sally Langston’s tacky little show for trying to serve the Senate, while still living in the White House – Yawn.

and to you, David Rosen, why are you waiting by Jake’s bedside?   hasn’t Jake been intimidating you for almost a year?   one would think that you would pinch the line on his IV.

later, OP negotiates with the KGB to help them kill Command if they let “Black Sable” retire from the game.   at the same time, Russell gets shot by Rowan because Rowan knew that stupid Olivia would put Russell in the same place as Jake to receive the same medical care – which is exactly what stupid, predictable Olivia Pope does.

then, Fitz calls Olivia, and she was a spiteful bitch, as usual.   ugh, Olitz is dead.   Olitz.   Is.   Dead.   Shonda killed it.   but Olivia did help Mellie with her campaign strategy.   then, she comforts Jake, while Russell is listening.   SMFH.   sentimental soap opera dribble.   and riddle me this, Miss Pope: why are you so mean to Fitz?   that’s the #1 reason why i dislike OP.

finally, Rowan kills “Black Sable” and her family, along with the KGB operatives.   typical.   and i still say this is all Jake’s fault.   if he didn’t steal those B613 files, Rosen wouldn’t be taking this bullshit to trial.   BTW, the Grand Jury for the B613 hearing was post-poned.

and for the cliffhanger, stupid Olivia finally realizes that Russell is B613.   she pulls a gun and asks him about Operation Foxtail, which is something Rowan mentioned, but nobody knows what it is?   and my question is this: who the hell cares?   i’m sick of Jake.   i’m sick of Rowan.   i’m sick of B613.

in the final analysis, what happened to Scandal?   remember that show about a DC fixer in love with the President?   are they ever gonna bring that back?   nope.   now, it’s The B613 Show.   and who wants to see that?