So, I just found out my grandmother is in love with Scandal...

We’ve never talked about this. No one in my family knows I’m crazy enough to run a whole blog devoted to the show. Anyway, I asked Elizabeth a couple of questions without giving my own opinions, unless she asked. I’m writing out her parts in Jamaican patois because it’s just better that way.

K: Wait, when did you start watching Scandal?
E: A dem gyal [her daughters] make me start watch it. Den me nevah miss it. Every week me watch it.

K: So are you only caught up with season 4, or…
E: No, sah, me go back and watch from di beginning.

K: So, what do you love about the show? Who’s your favorite character?
E: My girl! A weh she name?

K: You mean Olivia
E: Yes, mi love har [smiles brightly]. Mi just love how she move [makes very Elizabeth-an gesticulations]. Bwai, har fadah wicked, eeehn? She did set fi him dis time doe. Him no want har with the President. But them so in love, mi sistah.

K: But if you think they are in love, what about that other guy, Jake?
E: Me nuh know. Me tink say she jussah pass time wid him. Me tink say she *really* [her emphasis] in love with the President. Don’t you tink so? She jus passing time with dat boy.
K: Yeah, I think she’s in love with the President.

K: Ok, what about the President’s wife, Mellie?
E: Oh lawd, she’s a mess. She is a total likkle ol’ mess. You see she sleeping around with… wha him name?

K: Andrew. Yes, and you know there are people rooting for that relationship even though Mellie had feelings for Andrew long before…
E: Yessss!
K: long before the President even met Olivia
E: Mmmhmmm. Yes, she is. She’s a piece a work. She’s a character deh.

K: [laughing]
E: I watch it! You think I don’t know what I’m talking about.
K: No, I’m like, oh she knows what’s going on.
E: You watch it ovah deh [in England], too?

Oh, Elizabeth, do I ever watch Scandal O_o.

Maybe I’ll interview her about specifics tomorrow. She was running out the house when I sprung these questions on her. She’s so cute, though ^_^. She made my whole life when she un self consciously referred to Grey’s Anatomy as Grace Anomaly, of which she’s been a long time fan. Apparently. I had no idea. She was trying to show her Shondaland creds. Lmao.

anonymous asked:

could you please explain to me what was that all about zayn cheating on perrie? i mean did this really happened?? sorry I'm kinda new so it's all still very confusing to me tbh

I am never able to find good Ziam masterposts when I look for them, irritating. But here are a few to check out: Link, Link

And this tag generally: Link

Personally, I don’t think Zayn and Perrie were ever in a committed relationship, so whatever happened with that waitress, I wouldn’t consider it cheating.

Given that the Sun broke the story, and the girl’s story was completely inconsistent (almost to the point of incoherency), and she somehow didn’t bother to include herself in any of the pictures, my inclination is to say that the whole thing is bullshit.

Golly, it sure did bring a lot of attention to Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, whose new single Change Your Life was released less than a week later though! What a funny coincidence.