“It was not really so strange, so unprecedented, though voices deep within me boomed, For shame! For shame! that I should be so abruptly, so hideously entangled with a boy; what was strange was that this was but one tiny aspect of the dreadful human tangle occurring everywhere, without end, forever.
—James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

The Bakery Fan Fiction

Is anybody out there?

To anyone in the Tumblrverse who cares, I write The Bakery, a Scandal fan fiction under the pen name BytesTheDust. I’ve decided to move my writings to Tumblr for a couple of reasons. Though I really enjoy the community at FF.net, I find Tumblr to be much easier to use and far less restrictive in terms of content. I’ve used Tumblr for non Scandal related writing on and off in the past and have quite enjoyed it. Though my previous Tumblr account is largely inactive, I hope to have a fresh start with this blog. It will only host my Scandal fics. 

So within the next few days, I will delete my story from FF.net and move it to Tumblr. If you follow, have favorited or reviewed my story on FF, and happen to find this post, thank you so much for the support. I hope you’ll continue to read it on this site and spread the word of it’s move. 

And as a pretty obvious disclaimer, I don’t own Scandal or it’s characters. That honor goes to Shonda Rhimes/Disney ABC Television Group. 


SCANDAL; “I’d Turned 23” blogpost by RINA☆

Thank you for the blissful day! The band’s day of formation, birthday, to receive many congratulatory greetings means to receive strength that’ll help me work hard again. I’m really, really happy!

And then, the 10th Anniversary of Otodama. It’s fantastic isn’t it. To have a live house lined up standing on the beach, with a huge crowd gathered to just bathe in the music. There’s a limitation to the volume of the sound, but we continue doing this every year in midst of all kinds of such hurdles…yes, it’s wonderful. I want to stay as a fun band for always. I want to be a wonderful person.

Lastly, thank you to those who’s got my personal book in your hands! Also to the people who’ll be getting it. If you’ve read it, please let me hear your thoughts☺︎


Yoake no Ryuuseigun making movie

(watch it on youtube + dl link in description)


TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) - Coming This Fall to ABC!


Wait now! Is this my imagination? But isn’t this the same out fit that kerry is wearing for the ice challenge that she wore wth the grant tee-shirt on scandal when she was reminiscing wth her Fitz memoir box! If so then mayb they were shooting a flashback scene! Jus a observation theory.