NSFW Art Scam Commissioner

So I’m gonna make a post so people can be warned about a dude who scammed me out of 50 bucks. You know last week when I was doing emergency commissions for a friend? I took on a big handful of commissions, miscounted the payments, and did everyone’s pictures when only 7 of the 8 people had paid. Normally I double check before working, but this person evaded me this time because of my mistake - and the picture was a speedpaint to be done as quickly as possible so I could get back to my work. That was a week ago.

The scammer’s email is kinkypone@gmail.com

if you get an email from this person inquiring about a commission, PLEASE get payment upfront. Be adamant. Someone else approached me and said he’s going by “pon ho”, he was going by “kinky hooves” when he sent the email to me. But his email is still kinkypone@gmail.com

The subject matter he tried to get from the other person (and the same material he scammed out of me) was a Mightyena anthro, by the name of “Alice” - but be wary if anyone by another email asks you for a Mightyena anthro with big boobs!

He tried to get another picture out of me before I realized his payment didn’t go through — this time because there were no other emails received from Paypal, so I checked to find he hadn’t paid at all. So I requested payment. It “didn’t send” - we “found out” it was because of a typo. So I asked him to send it again. It didn’t arrive. I asked to see the receipt 3 different times and he didn’t send it or would ignore me until I sent another email asking something else. The other artist who told me about this guy trying to scam her said that as soon as she asked for payment, he stopped replying.

The guy tried to claim paypal “was taking its time” but as someone who sends and receives international money, I knew this was bogus (since he said he was trying to pay in a foreign currency). He also didn’t want to forward the receipt, and instead wanted to screencap it because it “had personal info” - but we all know that Paypal receipts are the same for both parties.. but he didn’t even screencap it. It was all bogus.

A week later, he still hasn’t paid it. And is going around trying to “Commission” (scam) other people, who ended up talking to me because they saw my post on my NSFW blog and were wary.

So please take caution and always remember to take money up front! Either 50/50 or 100% if you have a good reputation for finishing them with no issue. Learn from my blunder!

even after i released a base code specifically so they would stop using my themes as a base, senpiez is still stealing codes for their own themes. i wasn’t gonna bother saying anything until i saw that they use adfly to collect money for the knockoff codes they’re distributing. don’t fucking click on their theme links. unless you’re happy letting someone that pathetic use you to make money.

A PSA for anyone looking to buy costumes/props (or, really, pretty much anything, especially custom) online: PLEASE make sure the seller is legit.

This is a message a fan of mine received yesterday, who’s looking to commission someone for a Captain Marvel costume. Thankfully, she knew something was fishy before continuing forward with a transaction, and approached me about it. However, I’ve heard dozens of unfortunate horror stories of people who have given money to a seller, expecting a beautiful product, only to be swindled and be out of money, or receive an inferior product.

A legit seller should have a portfolio showing off what they have created. In a time where you can image search (http://tineye.com/) to find the origin of a photo, you should be able to find the owner of the image, or the person wearing the costume, to ask if the seller is legit AND if they were pleased with the interaction. Or, you could ask the seller to give some reference testimonials. One of these things should happen before you lay down a single penny, or you could just be waving goodbye to your hard-earned cash. Once you know the seller is legit, be sure to keep file of EVERYTHING in writing, just in case.

The Replica Prop Forum and the Superhero Costuming Forum also have threads of Blacklisted ‘sellers’, so please also check that out before making a transaction.

Since it bears repeating: I MAKE ALL MY OWN COSTUMES. If I don’t make an item (typically cowls), I will say so in the pic description and link to the person who did make the item. I have been making costumes for 12 years for theater, stage, and cosplay; this is my passion, my life, and my business. I will not tolerate people using my images to scam other people.

That said, yes, I do take commissions. However, my schedule is currently full. I will be re-opening commissions after NYCC, so be on the lookout, if you’re interested!

(NOTE: I am NOT looking for this man to be lynched. Please DO NOT harass him. I am ONLY leaving his name on here so people know to avoid him.)

I’m so so over finding #fakeaccounts using my photos to #scam people. Here’s me, just a plain girl with a plain life working a plain job. Not some sexed up nympho who can’t wait for you guys to send them money for a “plane ticket” to visit you!

Word of caution to all of you:

Just now, I received a message I felt was pretty sketchy.


Upon further investigation via Google, I found two results with this exact same wording, but with different company names and abbreviations in the place of ‘PlayMag’ (which refers to, as far as I could tell, Playstation Magazine’s UK website). ‘Game manager’ and ‘game developer’ also seem to be interchangeable. Please take caution if you receive this message. Don’t respond to it, don’t go to any pages unless you’re 100% certain it’s safe to do so.


I doubt there are many criminals out there wise enough to deploy this type of scam, but it is an interesting use of simple iPhone technology.

kibugames said:

Hi, I am Paul. I am a game developer at 4Tech. Can you make me a favour and test one new game called Stormfall? It is the best new online game coming soon. Play it on my tumblr blog. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know how it was, we can have a chat. Paul

If anyone get’s this message in their inbox, don’t click on the link in his page, I’ve checked it out, dodgy as fuck.

He says he’s from ‘4tech’ which according to Google is a company that makes things like plastic…The closest I can find is a company called A4tech, who make things like gaming mouses and keyboards. Not games. Especially not Stormfall, who is made by Plarium, and has been around since 2010! Wow, so new. Cheers for that Google.

Also, hovering over the button on his page, shows that the link wouldn’t even take you to the Stormfall website. Hrm, suspicious.

‘Very cool that you are interested! Let my know how was it!’ 

No, I will not let you know, ‘Paul’. That sentence doesn’t even make sense.




PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN CHANGING URLS THIS HALLOWEEN AND MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR ORIGINAL URL AS A COPY! Within hours of changing my url it was claimed by some bank scamming service. You may not expect for your personal urls to be stolen, and I’ve had pumacatrun2 for over two years now, but after some searching I managed to find six other blogs affected by this! Please boost this around as I don’t want anyone else to be affected, and if you’ve had your url stolen you’re not alone.