Watch and look out. 

the first 1:43 of the video is about scammers around the internet.

Please stay safe around the internet.
There are a lot of scammers and hijackers out there!

don’t click on anything! It is still the number one rule of the internet:
“Don’t trust anyone.”

it is sad to say but it is for your own safety!

ALERT: Scammer moving around on tumblr!

I received multiple fan-mail letters on tumblr saying the same things from different accounts about how you should go see their site on their page. They mention that they’re “sorry for the ugly url” & how they “can’t post the regular one”. DO NOT CLICK ON THEIR PAGE OR THE URL! Since I got the same messages from different people, I’m assuming they’re hacking into accounts to continue the spam.

Reblog to help your fellow tumbloggers from getting hacked.

You’ve seen those “Make money from home!” banner ads or comments from spammers promising the same. Those are scams, as you can guess, but sometimes, well, they’re sort of cults. Kind of like if you stripped the Xenu stuff out of Scientology and just left the part where you pay to be a member.

Amway is probably the most widely used of the “sell our products out of the comfort of your own home and be your own boss!” services, the ones that appeal to the unemployed with promises they’ll get rich quick (and also encourages them to relentlessly recruit new members). And on the surface it looks fairly plausible, especially when you look at how much money Amway rakes in every year: in 2014 Amway sold $10.8 billion worth of products, so why shouldn’t you try to break off a piece of that action?

Because it’s pretty much a scam, and a creepy one at that. Angelos Kyritsis got wrapped up in the Amway pyramid scheme, and he’s here to shed some light on the ugly – and downright weird – truth…

Amway: 5 Realities Of The Multi-Billion-Dollar Scam

Guys Beck is up to his old scamming tricks again

 Do not trust this site this is information you can get free and he is not a licensed therapist and I doubt he is a licensed life coach. This is not the first scam he has run and his affiliation with underworks is one of the reasons I switched to GC2B. Please look out and PLEASE BE SAFE.


College Conspiracy (Full Length)

“College education is the biggest scam in American history.”


I tap on the glass, pointing to the fish I want. A pound of the cod I say to the man on the other side. He holds up a long piece of fish like a heavy snake in his hand. How’s this? he asks. I don’t know I say, because I don’t, and can’t possibly. It’s not my hand holding the fish, feeling its weight pull down through my thumb and forefinger. Seems big I say. He huffs away and lays the long white flesh hard on the scale. The numbers glow green and land on more than a pound and a half. Is that good? he asks. I stare at him like a Martian. No I say. It’s not good. It’s a pound I need. This happens so often I wonder if it’s policy. Do they bank on meekness, a willingness to accept anything? The fish goes back behind the glass. The man pulls a pen from under his cap, tucked away behind his ear. A knife blade flashes. He carves another tube of fish flesh. The numbers land somewhere nearer to the pound I need. But he leaves it an ounce or two over just to show me who’s boss. The store is up a long flight of stairs, suspended over an empty parking lot full of dark shadows. Waiting for my fish, I feel the building sway beneath my feet.

[Painting: The Fish and the Moon by Mordecai Ardon, 1946]

PSA to all Apple users!

There’s been REALLY REALLY well faked emails by scammers being sent out saying their iCloud is being reduced to try and get you to click on their site and enter your information. (I’m sure they have other methods as well)

I knew something was wrong because I never requested a “reduction.”

They have the logo there and everything, it’s even sent by an email that comes up under “iCloud.”


Calling apple directly is the safest route at 1800-676-2775 (US)

Stay safe.

Wellness guru Belle Gibson faked having cancer and said she cured herself using “nutrition and holistic medicine", giving people false hope and making money off of them. 
She may have endangered peoples lives, taking advantage of people and encouraging them to stop chemotherapy. She also said her heath issues were related to the Gardasil HPV vaccine.
She raised over $300,000 in donations in the name of five different charities, and kept it for herself. 

Here is a link to a petition to charge her with fraud.

SORRY to anyone who clicked my last (now deleted) post! I had no idea that it even posted to this account (as it’s not my primary, or even secondary, account). Yeah I’ve totally neglected this place :( :( :(

anyway if you did click that Myers Briggs post, go to your settings > apps > REMOVE Myers Briggs personality test as an app

and then change your password

Thanks ~tuggywuggy for the heads up ❤️

New Hotel Scam

I feel this scam is relevant to my fellow anime con goers. The scam is someone will call your hotel room posing as the front desk and say for some reason your card didn’t process and can you verify your card number. Of course, this is not the hotel calling but fraudsters phishing for your credit card number.

Remember, unless you initiate the call, don’t give out your information.

(If there truly is a problem, head down to the front desk)


Emails have been going around, claiming that Accounts are breaking the ToS—varying from selling your account, modding your games, etc.

These are the work of phishing attempts trying to get your password, having hacked Blizzard to get your email, then sending a bogus alert and sending you to a fake log-in screen.

Do NOT click the links on these emails, log in to the App or the site itself and check your account. If there’s no alert from Blizzard, you’re being tricked. Blizzard NEVER asks for passwords.