Well this is irritating. That stupid personality test thing, if you haven’t already guessed, is a virus/malware/spam thing.

Further more, and if you are anything like me this is important to note, you don’t need to click the actual link to get it, just trying to enlarge the image because you have a compulsive urge to read any and all Pie Charts placed in front of you, will also activate the Re-blog/virus thing.

Don’t click, and if you know some one who has it on their blog, let them know to scan their PC and delete their post.

Sorry for the break in art!

More sketches and a painting soon will be up over the next day or two!



NSFW Art Scam Commissioner

So I’m gonna make a post so people can be warned about a dude who scammed me out of 50 bucks. You know last week when I was doing emergency commissions for a friend? I took on a big handful of commissions, miscounted the payments, and did everyone’s pictures when only 7 of the 8 people had paid. Normally I double check before working, but this person evaded me this time because of my mistake - and the picture was a speedpaint to be done as quickly as possible so I could get back to my work. That was a week ago.

The scammer’s email is

if you get an email from this person inquiring about a commission, PLEASE get payment upfront. Be adamant. Someone else approached me and said he’s going by “pon ho”, he was going by “kinky hooves” when he sent the email to me. But his email is still

The subject matter he tried to get from the other person (and the same material he scammed out of me) was a Mightyena anthro, by the name of “Alice” - but be wary if anyone by another email asks you for a Mightyena anthro with big boobs!

He tried to get another picture out of me before I realized his payment didn’t go through — this time because there were no other emails received from Paypal, so I checked to find he hadn’t paid at all. So I requested payment. It “didn’t send” - we “found out” it was because of a typo. So I asked him to send it again. It didn’t arrive. I asked to see the receipt 3 different times and he didn’t send it or would ignore me until I sent another email asking something else. The other artist who told me about this guy trying to scam her said that as soon as she asked for payment, he stopped replying.

The guy tried to claim paypal “was taking its time” but as someone who sends and receives international money, I knew this was bogus (since he said he was trying to pay in a foreign currency). He also didn’t want to forward the receipt, and instead wanted to screencap it because it “had personal info” - but we all know that Paypal receipts are the same for both parties.. but he didn’t even screencap it. It was all bogus.

A week later, he still hasn’t paid it. And is going around trying to “Commission” (scam) other people, who ended up talking to me because they saw my post on my NSFW blog and were wary.

So please take caution and always remember to take money up front! Either 50/50 or 100% if you have a good reputation for finishing them with no issue. Learn from my blunder!

even after i released a base code specifically so they would stop using my themes as a base, senpiez (now robotic-themes) is still stealing codes for their own themes. i wasn’t gonna bother saying anything until i saw that they use adfly to collect money for the knockoff codes they’re distributing. don’t fucking click on their theme links. unless you’re happy letting someone that pathetic use you to make money.


'Get me off your fucking mailing list' may be the easiest scientific paper you'll ever read

It’s just seven words over and over — “Get me off your fucking mailing list” — spread across headings, body text and charts, but it was just accepted and could have been published in the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology.

Despite its immaturity and repetition, the paper proves an important point. The journal that accepted it, and lots more like it, are low-quality scams that will post anything for a profit.


alright i rarely make any post on this site but i think that this is an important one

you see this shit right here


this is a new virus blog that has been running around tumblr lately. earlier this morning i recieved a message in my inbox and upon opening i saw this shit right here. 

upon further research via post-limit-checker i found this



wow i cant believe that tumblr existed in 1969; wtf do you take me for erica you son of a bitch

there are other instances where others got the same message, or a highly similar one, and they all use the same icon regardless of the url; since that url changes from ask to ask




Since everyone has been sending me asks about it, I figured I might as well make a post.

Any of you who have circuited the eating disorder groups/the spoonie tags on Instagram probably know who Sarah smith/xblueeyedbarbie is. For those who don’t here is a quick intro:

Sarah smith is a 26 year old woman from Arizona. She’s been apart of the eating disordered forums and sites for years, and she’s also been claiming she suffers from cystic fibrosis.

For those of you who don’t know, cystic fibrosis is a lethal disease that effects the lung tissue. Without a lung transplant most people suffering from it don’t make it passed their mid to late 20s. You know of you’ve ever watched 65redroses.

Anyways, this girl managed to get 10,000 followers on instagram. She constantly did paypal scams asking for money for treatment. She had pictures of her in hospitals, medical equipment, etc. She scammed thousands of dollars out of people.

However a lot of fellow CF sufferers started to get suspicious. Her terminology was off, her equipment was never hooked up, and whenever she has sick she would make herself look even sicker with make up.

Eventually all her lies caught up with her. Reverse image searches found her images, stolen from other, REAL sick people. She claimed she had an entire lung removed and in a few days was up drinking with friends. All of her spoonie friends that came to visit her noticed her charts never said anything about CF and she was always healthy and chipper and never on oxygen.

Everything came together when her best friend came forward. She at first defended Sarah, updated her own personal Instagram with Sarah’s condition, etc.

Then out of nowhere she joined the Facebook community and spilled the beans. She realized Sarah was lying to her, Sarah flipped on her, and she went to Sarah’s mom and then the best friend deleted her Instagram. At around this time Sarah was hospitalized.

Well she’s out now, has a new Instagram, and is still trying to stick with her lies.

All the info can be found here:

Or on the Facebook page or even the Instagram page.

emperor-ing asked:

Did that "personality types" app really give you an accurate Meyers-Briggs personality type? Is this app safe to use? Trying to be cautious here.

I had to stare at this message for a long time because I was like “what the hell are you talking about?” but then I realized that, since I didn’t reblog anything - it reblogged itself.

I accidentally clicked on it, and this was clearly the mistake.




HERE’s more info:

So, I JUST saw this on another person’s blog “new virus thing!If you see a post about personality traits based on your blog, DO NOT CLICK IT!I’m currently resetting my security stuff, but I don’t know if that will fix it. I didn’t even download anything, I just clicked the link. Don’t do that!” Not sure if it’s true, but when I saw your post about the test, just wanted to let you know in case.

I didn’t download anything, because that seemed fishy. If you don’t download anything nothing should get in, but the first thing you click after it takes you out-of-screen will be a permission request to reblog the damned thing. (It’s a good idea to check everything as you said.)

BE CAREFUL ABOUT THE PERSONALITY THING!!! I’ve seen people talking about how it might be a virus, and that people who do click it should go to their settings—>apps and delete it, just to be safe.

Please be aware and spread this around so that people stop this.

Thank you for those of you who alerted me so quick!

A PSA for anyone looking to buy costumes/props (or, really, pretty much anything, especially custom) online: PLEASE make sure the seller is legit.

This is a message a fan of mine received yesterday, who’s looking to commission someone for a Captain Marvel costume. Thankfully, she knew something was fishy before continuing forward with a transaction, and approached me about it. However, I’ve heard dozens of unfortunate horror stories of people who have given money to a seller, expecting a beautiful product, only to be swindled and be out of money, or receive an inferior product.

A legit seller should have a portfolio showing off what they have created. In a time where you can image search ( to find the origin of a photo, you should be able to find the owner of the image, or the person wearing the costume, to ask if the seller is legit AND if they were pleased with the interaction. Or, you could ask the seller to give some reference testimonials. One of these things should happen before you lay down a single penny, or you could just be waving goodbye to your hard-earned cash. Once you know the seller is legit, be sure to keep file of EVERYTHING in writing, just in case.

The Replica Prop Forum and the Superhero Costuming Forum also have threads of Blacklisted ‘sellers’, so please also check that out before making a transaction.

Since it bears repeating: I MAKE ALL MY OWN COSTUMES. If I don’t make an item (typically cowls), I will say so in the pic description and link to the person who did make the item. I have been making costumes for 12 years for theater, stage, and cosplay; this is my passion, my life, and my business. I will not tolerate people using my images to scam other people.

That said, yes, I do take commissions. However, my schedule is currently full. I will be re-opening commissions after NYCC, so be on the lookout, if you’re interested!

(NOTE: I am NOT looking for this man to be lynched. Please DO NOT harass him. I am ONLY leaving his name on here so people know to avoid him.)

I’m so so over finding #fakeaccounts using my photos to #scam people. Here’s me, just a plain girl with a plain life working a plain job. Not some sexed up nympho who can’t wait for you guys to send them money for a “plane ticket” to visit you!

Take me off your F**KING mailing list

Academics: Tired of getting all those emails from all those random journals  wanting you to submit your manuscript to their “prestigious” journal? Why not take them up on the offer?

This blog post describes a fed-up researcher who did just that. Submitted a “paper” to one of these journals, the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology and GOT IT ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION.

It is clear that there are predatory journals out there who will publish anything for a buck (or a bunch of bucks) and you can read some of my thoughts about that here. I’ve also noted that the “International Journal” prefix for a journal may be a sign of problems. Also there have been cases of computer-generated papers being accepted into conference proceedings.

But this? This is pretty exceptional and indicates that NOT ONE ACTUAL PERSON LOOKED AT THIS PAPER.

This starts out well:


Figure 1 kind of gets to the heart of the matter:


Figure 2 shows the culmination of years of hard work and effort:


The only problem is that after reading through the paper I’m really not sure what the authors overall point was? I mean, couldn’t they be more explicit about the bottom line?