Chris Evans honestly needs an oil scalping and lots of Jamaican castor oil because his hairline is moonwalking to the middle of his skull.

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what are your thoughts on the Mariotehplumber guy and what do you could be done to make scalping like that stop?

Stores are really starting to help out with stopping the scalping now.  The Nintendo Online Store in the UK is only allowing 1 of an amiibo per purchase, stores like GameStop were cancelling preorders of Majora’s Mask special editions over 2 copies of the new 3DS to stop the scalping.  Retailers are noticing what is going on and trying to help people get the amiibo they want.

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What's your to drawing Jake's hair? I always have trouble drawing short hair like that

This is going to feature Jake, Stephen, and Clay! Because they all have short hair, except uniquely different hairstyles. I’m sure that no one minds. ;3

First up is Jake! He has curly-ish hair, so it seems like his hair has more volume. Remember that, when drawing the hairline, it shouldn’t be even. Hair doesn’t grow in even lines from the scalp. His hair tends to curl all over the place, so really the curls go all over the place. Short hair doesn’t part like long hair; there’s a small spot on the back of the head (that I labeled “the Swirly McSwirl thing”) where the hair radiates out. :U

How ‘bout Stephen? Stephen’s hair isn’t quite straight but isn’t quite curly either. His hair could be divided into sections by the direction it flows (before it grows out and turns into a weird afro thing). I think he might have a widow’s peak (not quite sure, just trying to figure out via vlog). Hair volume-wise, Stephen’s hair should have around the same volume in comparison to Jake’s because he has poofy hair as opposed to Jake’s curly hair.

And Clay. What is there to say about Clay? He’s a really sweet guy with an awesome personality—but that’s not the point. Let’s talk hair. Clay’s hair is pretty straight compared to Jake’s and Stephen’s. He tends to have his hair very, very short—which means that there is little volume to his hair. Since it’s just so short, it doesn’t really bend or move or anything. (Of course, I would draw him with a little more hair than he really does…But you get the gist of it, right?! D:)

"you who dare end my lovers life, you best be running, for i am coming for you, 

“I’ll cut that neck of yours like the trunk of a tree… leave the stump whistling air. Leave your face wide eyed and gasping for a breath that won’t ever come”

“Your scalp will decorate my armour Your teeth will dangle around my throat”

“your knuckle bones will make excellent dice and I will make quick work of your clumsy hide”

“ill rip out your tongue and feed it too you, the rest of your bones scattered, i will let the dust claim you..”

"your body beaten to a pulp,. and then ill crush the pulp"

“for i am not one for fancy words, but I am fluent in death”

I will dead lick the sides of his exposed scalp while yall screamin from behind the fences of our mansion that u dont like this new cut…….

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How long did it take you to grow you're hair out? And do you have any tips or anything on how to make it grow faster?

so it’s probably taken me about 4-5 years to grow my hair out to the length its at now. it was shoulder length when i entered high school :) 

i have a few tips to steady hair growth :) 

  • trim it regularly (sounds weird but by removing the dead ends your hair will look/feel healthier and its proven to make hair grow faster
  • only wash it every 2-4 days, washing it every day will strip your hairs natural oils, if your hair gets really greasy though you can use a dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash it 
  • put conditioner only on the ends of your hair, your roots don’t need it 
  • get any kind of natural oil (macadamia nut, coconut, olive) and massage it into your scalp, coconut is my favorite oil to use (side note, you may have to wash your 2-3x after doing this to get all the oil out) it will make your hair feel amazing though
  • my favorite tip is to make a hair mask, now the ingredients are going to sound awful, especially put together, just use what you have on hand and mash/Mix everything together to form a paste, massage it into your scalp and all over your hair. let it sit for 30 mins at least or longer, heat will intensify it. then wash it out in the shower! use these ingredients below :) 

          - avocado, raw egg yolk its disgusting i know but i promise it works,   coconut oil, olive oil, honey, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, mashed banana, and mayonnaise. 

I’ve been scratching my scalp a lot lately for no reason because I have so much anxiety and now my head hurts :(

The cold took my bones, stripped me down to rust and wire;
in the ice and wind I am numb, erased, white static noise
and television haze. I open a drink, I turn the channel.
I can be anything I want, as long as the adverts keep
telling me so. Another day, bleeding into night
where I stare at light-streaked ceiling and think
of all the cold, all the rain, all the nights just like this
where I am dead and gone.

The devils took my skin, scalped down to pulsing throat;
in the brilliant gold I am brutal, bursting through a body
burned with tender coals. I am closed fists, I am warm.
I can be more than anything, made of iron and furnaces.
All the days smeared into one happy mess where
I torch naked forms against bruising sky and think
of gods swelling inside me, all the gods and mortal men
that I killed and freed.

—  Harbouring Mania - Chris Lees

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Do you recommend hairfinity? The hair dresser cut my hair way too short and my hair grows slowly, now I want to beat ha ass, like why don't they listen to what you want done instead of going off of their "professional instincts"

i don’t, your hair grows as it grows, there’s a lot of things that can convince us our hair is growing faster but having long hair is way more about what is going on at the ends (preserving it from breakage) rather than what is going on at your scalp.

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-jumps back on grumpy one's head- I'm staying here for now~ Anyway, my two moms here are just the cutest, k? OTP, everyone needs to know this.

-{✖️}- “Tohru!” Hatori called over his shoulder, growing immensely frustrated as the cat climbed back onto his head. Where was she? She knew Hatori was helpless without her, and he had no idea how this cat had even gotten into their home anyway. She was much better with animals than he was.

Turning on his heel, he saw his wife standing in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room. He scowled, motioning towards the feline currently digging it’s claw into his scalp. “Tohru, please… Help.”


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Tbh I love chicken strips. Oh boy do I love them. Sometimes, when I’m home alone, I’ll take some chicken strips fresh out of the oven and rub them in my scalp. It doesn’t do much for my hair health, but I like the way they feel running through my strands of hair. The flakey coating, smooth white meat, and warmth. Yum

When you’re sitting on arxcia's man's face while she's out, thinking about how she's going to scalp you and your future children when she finds out.