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I put coconut oil on my roots overnight before I bleach and then apply the bleach right on top my hair. or I would do coconut oil mask after dying. it helps my scalp a lot sometimes I add some jojoba just to scalp

bless u I’ll buy some tomorrow probably

My hair is wet but I’m clean and it feels so good. I was absolutely caked in mud today and I spent a good hour or so poking through carcasses to see what I could harvest and what still needed time (I have neither the stomach, room, or tools for decomposing specimens). One of the scalped deer skulls is almost ready, so I tied it to a branch with my jawbone and it’s stewing in the creek closest to the cabin until I come back after finals.

That’s one piece I refuse to let go. I’m so disgusted that we lost two bucks to poachers on our land and had their remains dumped into our other creek. I want the animal to know that it won’t be wasted, that one part will at least be cared for and enjoyed. I don’t care that the antlers were chopped off or that the crown has a gaping hole in it. Skulls are rare for me (this will be my fourth one, the second that wasn’t a gift) and it is no less valuable than my own bucks. I might use it to hold supplies like some kind of bowl. Organic material, what was once alive, is the best anchor for servitors in the world. Nothing can beat it. Out of all organic material, the skull and/or head is prime. Hence why my bone servitors all use skulls as anchors.

The coyote skulls should be almost ready by then, as well. There’s still tissue on the bodies holding them together, so I won’t even touch it. I can’t stand touching dead things that aren’t mostly bone or freshly dead. The smell is terrible, though that’s to be expected of scavengers. I’ve never made a servitor with bones from a carnivore. Im excited to see the differences.

There were signs that something had been turning over the earth and leaves in an unnatural pattern. Fresh. It could be coincidence, but there’s no longer the excuse of rutting. I’m keeping an eye on it because I’m going to be furious if we lose more animals to poachers. This summer we’re upping security more. More fence posts near the gates, more trail cameras, closer looks at the trails themselves. A new one is going to be opened up, so that’s exciting. One of the older ones was blocked by a fallen Beech so that should be reopened in a few weeks.

The creek near the cabin is still muddy and the earth is still obviously scarred from where an electric company came in and cut down trees with complete disregard to anything but putting up a pole. I saw that they had even torn up a hillside recently. Terrible.

They both finally arrived! My custom painted amiibos from Saludos Amiibos came in juat beforw I got home from work and they look even better than I thought. I got Megaman styled to look like his appearance in Captain N and Sonic wearing his secret costume from vanilla -Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. Between this, getting the splatoon 3 pack and me getting a refund for the scalped set that I bought on eBay, everything is coming up Milhouse

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About you hair not holding curl, put mousse in it then blow dry it, after you curl each piece roll it up and clip it to your scalp so that they set without being weighed down and hairspray the crap out of it. Unfortunately your hair is so long that the weight will still pull out some of the curl though, but doing all that may help if you haven't tried it that way already. I'm a cosmetologist so if you have any questions I'd be happy to help, hopefully that does! :)

Yep, I’ve tried just about every form of product and technique and just.. nope!;o; My hair is SO stubborn lol. The only thin it will hold is a tight crimp, and MAYBE a deep wave if the weather doesn’t disturb it at all lol.

Thanks so much though! My hair is just beyond helping.:’)


you have a smile like the taste of wine
and your thoughts hate my thoughts
the stuff that’s clearly visible around eyes
its not a mask. a fuck face worn daily
looks like its been warned everyday
unclean and wrinkly. what’s young
when you thieved the happiness from
people and its so fucked for your heart
like covering your kidney with towels
soaked in alcohol then lit. their heart
you fucked it too in the hotel room.
you remember the belt you undone
then redone like a clinic with stitches
like those on your scalp unmarked
with a number to register your number
on your social security counting down.

you look at her a thousand times
but you never see her
see her for who she truly is
you only see her pearly flesh and her
perfect teeth in her
delicate smile and her
flowing brown hair with the highlights that
bring out the gold in her eyes

but you never see the cracks near her
eyes and
the crumbling flesh
that breaks off at the slightest touch
you never see her
chipped teeth from falling too hard for
a boy,
the one that
cut her heart too deep for it to
beat again
you never see her faltering smile and
her hair fall to the ground as she
tears it out of her scalp
you never see the
patches of missing hair
and how the highlights are gone because they
faded long ago
or how her eyes don’t glimmer like it once did
how they barely mask her

you never see her for who she is
you try so hard to see her past
to see her old self
but now her real self is showing through the
and you still won’t believe her
when she says she can’t do it

h.z.// why are we so invisible?

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Hi I'm having problems with my scalp I was wondering if you had any advice? I've gone all natural about a year ago, I've been co washing, shampooing once a month. Oil treatments and hair masks every week but I'm getting scabs and dandruff. I have no idea why because my hair is the best condition but my scalp is not. Do you know what I can do?? Absolutely love your blog 😊

Thank you! :) .

  FAQ On Dry Scalp

She Loves Me Not

Yank the flowers from my skin,
Pluck their petals one by one
Until they tell you that I don’t love you anymore.

You fed the grass that grew on me
With your honeyed words that stung like the bees
That pollinate me.

Irises bloom in my eyes, 
Gentle ferns sprout from my scalp,
Branches grow from me like limbs,
Sunlight emanates from every inch of me.

You bring frost and darkness to this world,
And you held me so that I wouldn’t feel it.

She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me…

She loves you not.

every time I dye my roots blonde again my scalp gets so dry and itchy does anyone know what’ll help w that? thanks

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'Brush' Ciel had snuck up behind the demon in the kitchen, the Phantomhive a tall teenager now, his fingers going through the soft threads of the raven hair, gently probing at the scalp of the devil.

The butler was startled by it and put the icing pouch down, “you ruined the surprise, Master.” He murmured, unable to helping the closing of his eyes at how good Ciel’s touch felt as a small purr escaped his throat.