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Lived long enough to become the villain... ((Dragon-scale-tales! *i changed my url*))

>Kankri had been gone for days. He left right after someone took Lileth and Kareth. When you finally see him again he is holding his sword tightly in one hand, a crazed look in his eyes as they darted around wildly. Blood is dripping off sword as he stumbls toward you cackling insanely

Kira~ Kiirraa~ Ahahaha~! I did it~ I finally SNAPPED~! They t99k them and n9w I’m gunna fiiiind them~ Ahahaha~!!! And I’m gunna KILL them~! But n9t right away~ I’m gunna find their little la6 and chase them ar9und 6ef9re I kill them like the did my little 9nes~

>He cackles loudly, as he keeps stumbling, leaving a large trail of blood, on the verge of collapse from blood loss. He is is completely missing his right arm as is barely staying up right.

so my friend Steve and I were having a pony grudgematch with purposefully terrible decks last week and I had to make a custom hot blacksmith mane to play with because of reasons and it printed REALLY GIGANTIC for reasons I am still not clear on and it’s just. every time I look at it I just start laughing, how did my life get to a point where this is what’s happening