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We got fed up with umbrella strollers too but decided to give the Jeep brand umbrella stroller a try, it’s ‘fancier’ and has a basket, cup holders and a tray for the child, and nice durable treaded wheels, we love it! about 50 dollars at walmart.

ive been looking at those. theyre a little bulkier than we wanted but oh well. Do the wheels steer ok? Our main problem is that the wheels on our stroller are always going the wrong way or like almost get stuck sometimes

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I’ve been on the mini pill for a long time, I’ve never liked it at all D: What are your reasons for not liking it? Mine are it makes it hard to maintain my weight, causes headaches and can make me moody. What birth control do you prefer?

I wasnt on it for very long cause i hated it so much but I bled all day every day and was bloated and cramping all day every day without break. So it was like literally being on my period constantly. it made me feel violent and gave me migraines that were so bad i couldnt function 

Its been a long time but I think I was on a low estrogen pill, I dont recall the name though.. ithink it came in a square green box.. I think it might have been loestrin. I feel like it started with an L. But basically it was the kind where you had the one week of fake pills for a period and it made my period really average. I had mine on time and only lasted 4 days and was mild in all aspects. It didnt affect my weight or skin and helped to even out my mood. Im bipolar and I felt like it helped even keep manic moments at bay. It was just nice.

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Firstly, I tried to find a faq to be sure this doesn't get asked all the time but I couldn't, so forgive me! I adored Gold Tinted Spectacles, have you ever written a sequel for it? I just finished reading it last night and I am clamoring for more! ALSO I wanted to ask, in one chapter harry mentions he, ron and hermione are animagus, but nothing more was ever said about it! What animals were they and what was the story behind it? Thank you so so much! You rock!

I’m afraid I never did get around to finishing the sequel - it is still languishing on my hard drive about half done. I poke at it every now and then, but nothing so far. As for the animagi - I don’t think I decided :). I was planning on using it as part of the sequel, but didn’t write that yet. Sorry to be such a disappointment. I’m so very glad you enjoyed GTS.

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Logan gets them every day, and he doesn’t seem to notice, that or it doesn’t bother him. Not sure if being intact or circ’ed has anything to do with discomfort though, logan is intact. He absolutely delights in playing with it any chance he gets xD

I heard its circed boys find discomfort more because the foreskin protects it. Judah isnt intact cause I didnt know any better at the time. I think thats why he gets all uncomfortable. I dont think it hurts him its just the sensation is strange and then it rubs on his diaper or whatever and is uncomfortable without foreskin protecting it.

Judah likes to play with his too, proudly tugging it and walking around the house saying “PEEPEE PEEPEE!” XD 

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I lived on the army base fort lewis, my dad is a vet! I suppose it’s not RIGHT at the base, but it was very very close. I miss WA, I was just a little kid when we left.

oh yeah thats not far! I mean I live in lakewood so im right by the base, our whole apartment complex is military people. Its only a short drive and you are far enough from it to have a nice view :) Thats awesome I didnt know you lived here at one point!

I remember when I was in 9th grade I went to school in the fife valley and where our buses came in was all clear and flat and you could watch the sun come up by the mountain, it was amazing. 

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I’ve always loved mochi! But I agree on chocolate flavored things that aren’t really chocolate. Also I can NOT stand milk chocolate, it’s disgusting. Maybe I’m weird? I dunno.

i hate milk chocolate too. The only time I can tolerate it is if its a small amount of decent quality milk chocolate over something like nuts or something. but its dark only for me. 

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thank you for this, my dad was not only in desert storm but the war in iraq as well, and he has EXTREME ptsd, he has been in and out of veteran hospitals/rehab, he has horrible night terrors and depression, its no joke.

yeah jon has PTSD and night terrors (and some other issues) from non-military traumas (pretty serious ones) and while im sure its not as severe its a big part of our lives and its not funny at all, I couldnt imagine making a joke of that kind of thing.

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The first time he ever heard me blow my nose he started scream-crying, I did not expect it to frighten him so badly but it did, I wanted to cry with him haha.

aww! Poor baby! The first time I brushed my teeth in front of judah (I have a battery operated tooth brush) he freaked out and wouldnt come anywhere near me, he just cried and tried to get away (now he loves my toothbrush). I felt so bad though that I just hugged and cuddled him the entire day