SbtB Reviewed Episode 59: No Hope With Dope

This is your brain…this is your brain on Saved by the Bell

That’s right, it’s time for the Very Specialist of all the SbtB Very Special episodes, as Johnny Dakota rolls into Bayside with an important message about drugs, purple jackets and age-inappropriate relationships.

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Pacific Palisades; an upscale neighborhood located on the west side of Los Angeles where the weather is always warm and the sun is always shining. Right next door to the ocean, the beach is a popular hang-out spot for the residents of this community–especially for the students of Bayside High School.

Loosely based on the hit TV show, Saved by the Bell.


My opinion on Saved By The Bell movie

My opinion on saved by the bell unauthorized movie.
*before you watch the movie I suggest doing your research on Dustin diamond (screech), watch saved by the bell, and look at the key word here “UNAUTHORIZED” *

Ok so first off no hate to the cast! I’ve loved Dylan Everett since 2013 and they all did a good job for the most part. Also the cast was just doing there job, they didn’t really wanna ruin SBTB. Also the real cast had a lot to say about Dustin and the movie.

So, a lot of there lies where based off Dustin Diamond and his book “behind the bell” something like that. And there’s more things that Dustin had said about the cast but a lot of it wasn’t true. Dustin was the youngest of the cast and always felt left out as you can see in the movie the guy playing Dustin describes it.

So basically the movie is about how saved by the bell came to be and how they all got casted. All of that stuff was true. But the fighting 24/7 and drugs we’re not true. If you look at a behind the scenes interview with the original cats from 1989 they’re all friends and laughing. Mark Paul always said how much fun they all had together and that Dustin was always “strange” and he also says/comments on dustins book. He says that he never remembers or did any of the bad stuff that Dustin claimed was true. He always remembered the positive stuff. Mario Lopez says that he was cool with Dustin and never had a problem with him. Idk about what the SBTB girls had to say about Dustin but they seemed cool with him. I also heard that Dustin was the executive producer of the movie. So in the movie Mark Paul played by Dylan Everett ( who I adore so much! ) acted a lot different from what he really acts like. From what I’ve seen Mark is such a sweet guy. Mark in the movie was very stubborn and bitchy.. In my opinion. Now I get the movie was supposed to show how teenagers acted in the lime like but if you wanted to make a movie about that then don’t take a tv show and twist the truth around.. The whole movie was based on the drama witch took the characters into a different direction then how they really were and acted. Just to put a point across witch in my opinion is dumb. What’s also dumb is that they made it look so modern even though it took place in the 90s. Also if your gonna make mark blonde and Mario with his normal hair and Liz with her curls, please make Tiffany with her fluffed bangs and big hair. Why make very one else look like there character and not her?! When you think of the 90s you think of colorful clothing and big hair!! Duhh!!
Most of the stuff in this movie was lies and fake.. The movie didn’t even get good reviews. Also what I hate is that people who haven’t seen SBTB and watch this believe it or don’t understand. Now idk if the whole “people hated SBTB at first” is true or not and maybe that’s the way Dustin really acted. Who know but they exaggerated a lot. And mark and lark weren’t dating at that time.. Apparently Dustin claimed in his book that everyone dated everyone except Dustin and that he never got girls and that the SBTB girls who never date him in a million years. But in conclusion this movie really was a let down for me and ruined the way I look at the cast (but I know they’re all good people and I love them!) it probably ruined people’s child hood. But moral of the story is if you wanna judge it for yourself the movie is on and even YouTube. I think people should just leave things alone. Like something’s should just not be remade. For example, the outsiders should never be remade at all!!! And plus, never take something so pure and turn it into evil. If you guys have a different thought on this or wanna add or comment to this feel free to inbox me because I’d love to hear what your opinion is on this.

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I shipped Cory and Topanga too but not nearly as hard as I shipped Zack and Kelly from SBTB. I never knew heartache until Kelly cheated on Zack with Jeff. Seriously sobbed for weeks. I still get PTSD whenever Michael Bolton's "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" unexpectedly comes on.

I was never a huge Zack and Kelly fan. But Boy Meets World (and Sabrina too!) was so more my show than SBTB.

Zack Morris Imagine: New Girl at Bayside

You’re new at school, and you’ll be staying with your cousin Samuel. Everybody you’ve seen so far calls him Screech, which cracks you up. You’ve only been here for one day, but you’ve already developed a crush on a boy named Zack Morris. He was sleeping over Samuel’s house, along with a sweetie named A.C. Slater. 

It was about 1 am, and you heard the boys hooting and hollering, so you crawled out of bed and stuck your head out the doorframe. There was Zack, Slater, and Screech all in their underwear, dancing up and down and in circles, making all kinds of wild noises. 

“Umm, Slater,” Screech asked, “What exactly are we doing again?" 

Slater winked in Zack’s direction as he said, "It’s a voodoo dance. It will bring all kinds of beautiful women to us!”

“Okay!” Screech replied, contentedly.

A few minutes later, you walked past the boys in the living room. 

“Hey, it worked! The dance really worked!” Slater exclaimed. (You’d met Zack only once before, but hadn’t been acquainted with Slater yet.)

 Zack walked right up to you and said, “Hi, cutie. I used to think all this voodoo stuff was garbage, but you’ve changed that - because you’re certainly not garbage… Care to kiss me?" 

You knew right then and there that the crazy kid named Zack Morris was the thing that made moving it with Screech (Samuel) totally worth it.