It’s safe to say the ‘90s remain a particularly beloved decade in people’s minds. But, what exactly is it about those years that kicks the nostalgic feelings into overdrive? Was it the Macarena, Beanie Babies, Britney Spears à la “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” or all of the above? Of course,

SbtB Reviewed Episode 54: All in the Mall

As the title suggests, this week’s episode is set entirely at the mall, as the producers sure as heck didn’t shell out the money for a new set to not use it to its fullest! The end result is an episode that plays like a commercial for a U2 concert exclusively for foot fetishists and/or a statement on the Orwellian nature of modern celebrity. So join the Aluminum Four, plus special guest Gary Butterfield of the Watch Out For Fireballs podcast, as we discuss the Golden Six, minus Jessie, running from the mob while trying to be good capitalists. 

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I rather enjoy that SBTB managed to often show differing points of view from each character. This way, it’s Lisa thinking it’s romantic, and Jessie thinking it’s sexist, rather than just one female character representing all women. Of course, in order to do this, you need a series with a diverse cast, something SBTB did better than most shows in TV have done, EVER.

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how are saved by the bell and sabrina the teenage witch both from the same decade but their styles look so different from each other? like i understand one's from the early 90s and the other ones from the late but they're so different.

saved by the bell ran from 1989-1993 and sabrina ran from 1996-2003. so theres 3 years inbetween the start and end of the shows. which really isn’t that much of a drastic change in fashion… but from the start of sbtb to the end of sabrina theres 14 years difference. its like us now wearing what we wore on 2001.

This card makes me laugh, his voice and facial expression is so vivid mama!

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