Kimheenim’s Instagram update (141001) with Park Minwoo and Lee hongki.

They went shopping tgt. :)

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WINNER - EMPTY @ 140817 SBS Inkigayo [DEBUT STAGE]!

Car accident expert presumes Seungri's collision is a result of sleeping behind the wheel


Last week on the 12th, we reported that BIGBANG’s Seungri had been involved in an immense 2-car collision, the cause unknown. Today, a car accident expert has predicated that the accident was due to Seungri’s falling sleep behind the wheel.

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Lee Sora & Song Ga Yeon simultaneously leave SBS Roommate following Park Bom’s departure!

According to multiple broadcasting affiliates on August 20, Lee Sora recently expressed her desire to leave the show to the production team of SBS’s Roommates and is preparing to part with the members she spent the last three months with.

One affiliate said, “Lee Sora recently expressed her intention to leave due to conflicts in her schedule. The production team was sad to hear this but they decided to respect each member’s decision. It seems like the final decision will be made soon for her to step off the show.”


On August 27, Park Sang Hyuk PD of Roommates told Newsen, "Song Ga Yeon will be leaving Roommates. She wants to focus on her sport.”

With Song Ga Yeon′s exit from the program, which followed 2NE1′s Park Bom and Lee So Ra′s leaving, Room Number One will now be empty. 

Park Sang Hyuk PD continued, “There′s still some footage left, and their stories will air until mid-September.”

With all the members of Room Number One out, new roommates will be moving in. Park Sang Hyuk PD stated, “We′ll be casting new female roommates. We haven′t decided anything yet.” 

Source & Translated by: MWAVE 1 & 2