Why my third Bluetooth headset is #Sony_SBH-52...

Why my third Bluetooth headset is #Sony_SBH-52…


I just lost my previous Bluetooth  headset which was “Amkette Trubeats Slix Bluetooth“. SBH-52 is my 3rd Bluetooth headset. I don’t have luck with the Bluetooth devices. The first one(Beats S750) got broken from the charging point on its second charge; the second got stolen from the house by the A/C repair guy and now this is…

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Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition(C6806)のお得セット発見(ただし在庫僅少)

ExpansysでSony Z Ultra Google Play Edition(C6806)が販売され始めてからしばらく経ちますが、よーく見るとお得なセットものがあることに気づきました。

Sony Z Ultra C6806 LTE 16GB, Google Play Edition (With Sony SBH52 Headset + Screen Protector)

Sony Z Ultra Google Play Editon(C6806)と液晶保護フィルムと、Sony純正BluetoothヘッドセットSBH52のセットがあるんです。


Sony Z Ultra C6806 LTE 16GB, Google Play Edition (With DK30 Charging Dock + Screen Protector)

こちらはSony Z Ultra…

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Sony SBH52 Bluetooth Handset

Sony have in the past been guilty (like most electronic manufacturers) of making vast amounts of proprietary accessories for their products.  Even worse than this, they were generally always model specific, meaning everytime you upgraded your camera, TV, phone etc, you always had to purchase new accessories all over again.

Well, it turns out in recent years that they are finally shedding this mentality and producing some great accessories that have compatibility with various other devices.  Case in point, the new SBH52.


This little beauty serves as a secondary handset to your smartphone, enabling you to take calls directly on the device.  So there is no need to pull your phone out of your pocket or bag.  This is especially handy if you have one of the larger phones with a 5 inch LCD, or an even larger phablet.  It OLED display will allow you to see who is calling and return a missed call if you need to.

For the less tech savvy, setting up bluetooth connections can often be a daunting experience.  However, most devices are starting to come with a NFC wireless technology.  This technology allows pairing of devices using proximity as the authentication.  So by simply touching the back of the handset to the NFC enables device, and Bob’s your freaking uncle, you’re connected!  If you don’t have an NFC enabled device, don’t stress as standard bluetooth pairing can still be used.


Moreover, the device supports standard bluetooth audio streaming using the A2DP protocol.  That’s nerd speak for saying if your device stream audio over bluetooth using this common standard, this will work on ANY compatible device, including other brands of smartphone, tablets and computers

You want even more good news?  It has a built in FM radio with RDS. RDS means that the device will actually display the radio stations broadcast name, and not just the numeric frequency.  

Being smart app enabled, there are further extension possbilities for the handset via the Goolgle Play store.

If you are the active sort or scared of a little rain ruining your new acquisition, fear not!  Like most of Sony’s recent smartphone device, this too is splash-proof.  Note I didn’t say water-proof.  There is a difference.

  • Souce & Images: Sony


HTC may have its Mini Bluetooth handset, but Sony thinks such implementation works best as a big clip without the numeric pad. Dubbed the SBH52, this splashproof device comes with FM radio, a headphone jack plus a small OLED display to show caller ID and text messages, so in a way it’s similar to its predecessor

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Sony SBH52 Bluetooth handheld device

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Phones are just getting bigger and bigger, but your hands aren’t. For most people, a device like a Nexus 4 or HTC One are comfortable to hold and use, often with one hand. Get into the Note 2 category, though, and things become a little more cumbersome. On the other hand (bad pun, I…


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The new Xperia™ Z Ultra: The world’s slimmest and largest Full HD smartphone display (Video)

Sony today launched a strong competitor in the phablet space that came out the gates swinging and is ready to set the pace against its competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy Note III, HTC Butterfly S, Huawei Media Pad 7, and many more unannounced…

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智慧手錶 Sony SmartWatch 3 應該會在 IFA 大展亮相,相關規格配置也在稍早曝光。

Sony 即將在 IFA 展前活動中發表 Xperia Z3 以外,還有電視、平板電腦及穿戴裝置會亮相,而稍早消息確認,該品牌將發表 SmartWatch 3。

(圖片為 Sony SmartWatch 2 與 SBH52)

消息指出,Sony SmartWatch 3 會維持上一代的方正設計,且同樣會採用穿透反射式 LCD 螢幕,但解析度會明顯提昇,而介面將與以往不同,且系統能獨立運作,透過 Wi-Fi 網路下載應用程式。

另外,這款智慧手錶將支援無線充電,維持原有的防水、防塵能力。 不過,Sony Mobile 不打算在這款產品中,搭載 Android Wear 作業系統,雖然這是一大挑戰,但 Sony Mobile 的自主性更高,且若要搶攻中國市場也簡單許多。


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